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  1. What a considerate and helpful bunch you are over here - thank you. It was reasonably intuitive, so figured it out.
  2. I'm not technical enough to give a definitive answer.......all I will say, is 20W (into 8 Ohms?/How much into 4 Ohms?) is enough to drive your Kefs to reasonable volumes.
  3. @plasticpenguin They are very big....and Mrs. Cno says she is going to bury me in them, when I shuffle off this mortal coil. On the Amp front, I'm at the Research Stage. Then I will go to the Demo Stage. It will be a while before I get to the Affording Stage.
  4. I can only speak personally, but the only brand of AV Amp that I like for 2 Channel, is Arcam. I've heard expensive offerings from the likes of Anthem, Yamaha and Pioneer and just didn't get on with them for music. I have the Arcam AVR600, which I preferred (in Stereo Direct) to some quite expensive 2 channel amps, like Coda CSi, Moon i7 and MF M6i....I either didn't like the way the amps sounded with my speakers (Moon), or felt the expenditure didn't justify the performance gain (Coda). It took the MF AMS 35i to totally outclass it. That said, there are many people quite happy with the 2 Channel performance from their AV Amp (that isn't Arcam). I find Pioneer too forward, so would prefer Yamaha, Denon, Anthem and Marantz...with Anthem probably being my second choice. I recently helped sort my Brother In Law with a starter system, that consisted of a Marantz NR 1608 + Kef E305 5.1. It cost less than £1200 and sounds amazing for the money....but it wouldn't be my choice for a high percentage of 2 Channel. I'm spoilt and I'm fussy....and I find it hard to speak for anyone else.
  5. @TheFlash IME. The Class G Arcams have a life to them that previous models didn't....hence the comment. I have always liked the Arcam Sound - I can remember choosing the A&R A60 over the first Naim Nait, which I found tiring to listen to - So now it is both "musical" and lively. The A49 was the closest Non Class A Amp that I heard (at half sensible money), when compared to my 35i.
  6. Thank you NP. I'll have to see if I can figure this pm lark out as well.
  7. @AlmaAtaKZ Hello my friend, it's good to see you - I missed your Photography when you left WHF....and somebody to talk skiing with. Yes it's a very big change. I spent so much time trying to get the Kefs to sound more like Harbeth, that when the opportunity presented itself, I thought I better go for the real thing. I'm more of a Valve/Class A sort of person, so the Harbeths play right into that.....it was a very close thing though vs Ref 3 + 35i....which was detailed in a long thread over on WHF (Out with the New, In with the Old).
  8. I agree with all that. It has certainly shaken off that safe "Pipe and Slippers" sound of many older Arcams. Have you heard it vs a Hegel H360?
  9. Thank you, I really appreciate that. If I was closer, I'd take you up on the offer. I am quite familiar with the A49, but driving Kef Refs. Let's hope the new model doesn't lose what made it sound so well. From what I've read, the new Arcams are not getting quite as good a reception as the older ones...which may be that the competition has moved on.
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  11. Good to see you in the Teepee, my friend. I'm carpet bombing the site at the moment. I was told to make myself at home, so am doing just that.
  12. This is what I had until recently: And this is what I have now.
  13. When I get something I like, I can stay with it for a few years...so what makes me scratch? 1 The Pollen from Greener Grass 2. My dealer saying "I just have this new product in, so come round for a coffee and have a listen. No pressure" Anyone else have a dealer that doesn't do the hard sell, but quietly plants seeds. and lets you do the selling to yourself? From little Acorns do mighty Oaks grow. 3. Hifi "What Iffery". What if I changed to that; what if the model up is much better; what if I had better cables; what if Streaming is much better than a CDP. 4. Somebody on a Forum who makes a good case for something I hadn't thought of before.I keep meaning to stay away from places like this. Maybe tomorrow. 5. A "once in a lifetime" bargain.. The secret to fighting these urges, is to have immense self control and a strict Leader of the Opposition, who is also Chief Whip.....sometimes I've needed a 3 line whip, or we'd be living on beans and rice for the foreseeable.
  14. I still have an A&R A60 kicking about and a DV79. I like what Arcam has done with Class G, which makes my AVR600 a decent 2 Channel performer. Since selling my AMS35i, the A49, or its replacement (when it comes out), will be on my checklist.
  15. It is - sometime this month. The new owner's website doesn't support a Forum -- so their loss is now your loss.
  16. This Linn thread seems to have lost a bit love, so thought I'd bump it into 2018. I have a sort of Love/Hate relationship with Linn. I had an LP12/Ittok/Asak back in the 80s, which combined with Naim 42/110/Snaps + MA MD 852 sounded wonderful. It just seemed to work really well with Naim, in a way that I never achieved with anything else I'd heard. I liked the midrange bloom of the Linn and the Naim gave it the bit of excitement it might otherwise have lacked. I sold the LP12/Naim in the early 90s and went with a more child friendly Linn Karik/Numerik + Kairn/LK100. This did me for many years until my kids grew up. I'm a big fan of the Linn DS (own the Majik), but don't get on with their current amps (imo the more expensive they get, the less I like them); or their speakers, which are imo a bit "Meh" and there are better options for the money. Their Active stuff sounds better, but is so expensive, that I think there are better options for the Money.
  17. I'm posting on this thread under slightly false pretences. Up to very recently, I was a Ref owner for 7 or 8 years, with the 205/2s.....and was very nearly an owner of Ref 3s, which were unexpectedly usurped by some big Harbeths, at the very last minute. The current Refs are a surprisingly big step up from what I had, with a sweeter, more refined sound, yet even more detailed.
  18. I was a MF owner up to very recently, with the AMS 35i. What a good amp that was and for my taste, heard nothing I'd taker over it under 10k. I reluctantly let it go when I got some big Harbeths, which didn't play to its strengths (it likes high efficiency speakers with plummeting Impedance - the opposite of my Harbeths). Now on the search for another amp, I'm looking at the current Nu Vista range - I will need to see how close the 600 gets to the 800, in terms of performance eg. do you get 80% of the performance for 60% of the cost?
  19. Have any of you good people heard this interesting looking amp, or better still, own it. I am compiling a list of powerful integrated amps (with HT Bypass) that might work well with my Harbeths and this one crossed my path recently. If you own it, what is the rest of your system, what other amps did it beat to top spot and what is it about the way it sounds that drew you to it. Many thanks in advance for any insight. Edit. I see there is a Gato Audio specific thread in the Owners Club section...so if the owners see this thread, it would be great to get further input.
  20. I'm afraid I can't give brilliant insight. I kind of stumble about and sometimes (to my surprise) it actually works..
  21. Another keen skier here. First trip was in 1972. This year went in search of snow to Colorado in Jan - trouble is, all the snow was in Europe. Hi Alma...good to see you here!
  22. Thank you for the reply. I am limited to what I can dem locally (NI). I don't really have room for Pre/Power, so am shortlisting powerful Integrated Amps. So far I have shortlisted Gato Audio DIA-250/400; MF Nu Vista 600/800; Arcam A49 (or its replacement); Densen B175; Perreaux Eloquence 250i/255i; Hegel H360; Devialet. If I can't find something here, I will have to look at brands on the mainland, like Luxman, Mc Intosh and Electrocompaniet.
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