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  1. Well, I seem to have the dubious honour of dropping below that standard, with my offering from yesterday.
  2. I would just like to highlight at this point - that the one thing you mustn't ever do, EVER - is listen! Why? If you hear a good difference - You are wrong. If you don't hear a difference - You are wrong. Either way - You are wrong. The answer: Take up Cheese Rolling; or Bog Snorkelling; or Tiddlywinks...or indeed anything that doesn't involve a Power Supply. It saves a lot of arguments. Edit. If you take up Tiddlywinks - the Yellow Squidgers are clearly superior.
  3. Now you lot have got my gander up - you can take this:
  4. Goodness knows....but it was expensive.
  5. I'm getting Me one of these Bad Boys :
  6. For those kind enough to follow this thread, here is his second release:
  7. Since you like the K20, you could try their K200, which is what I use (with soldered Linn Knekt plugs). I also use Linn Silver I/Cs (all copper).
  8. Hopefully didn't have to be hospitalised, though.
  9. I agree.....though "Floating" and "Fixing" are different approaches. I'm increasingly of the view that the former yields the best results - but to do it well, can be expensive. Auralex is a cheaper way into it - but doesn't yield as good results as IsoAcoustics and Townshend.
  10. Except - there is an approach which floats the speaker on springs (Townshend)....which also works exceedingly well.
  11. I have more air at the bottom - and it has an isolating effect - but not in a good way.
  12. Then there is the Financial Side: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/18/taliban-face-financial-crisis-without-access-to-foreign-reserves https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/22/afghans-face-economic-ruin-as-prices-rise-and-cash-runs-low
  13. This is as unbelievable as it is disgraceful: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/taliban-afghanistan-us-military-equipment-b1905470.html
  14. All good advice, Peeps - So thank you for that.
  15. The problem is - this is an area I know nothing about. I see no reason to dispute your assertion that the artist should have decent input....so let's just say that I don't have enough knowledge/experience to give good advice.
  16. He will be taking the advice of the recording studio - and I don't feel qualified enough/in touch enough with his target audience, to say otherwise
  17. Just embrace your inner Old Person and the décor will be fine.
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