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  1. Yes, I realise that....I was just musing on where things might be heading, as I think Israel are further into it, than we are.
  2. In which case, the amount of time they are ahead of us - "may" be the amount of time we have, before following suit (to the same degree).
  3. I think they were ahead of us re speed of vaccine rollout - but could be wrong.
  4. Israel, one of the most vaccinated populations in the world, is battling a 4th Wave. They put it down to the vaccine gradually losing its effectiveness over time - which I think they put at 6% per month, after 6 months. They are tackling the problem through booster shots. We should all take note.
  5. ....and I want to see if i can breathe through my backside (while talking out of it).
  6. Turtles' backsides and the history of razors....
  7. .....and a better cable in your laptop!
  8. You said this - "There are no proofs in science, only Theories. Science changes in the light of new evidence". This would mean there is no proof, only a theory based on what we can currently measure. You also said above, that just because it hasn't been measured, doesn't mean it doesn't exist......so this is why I have been saying, that there is no "Knowing" as there are no absolutes - as the situation changes when our understanding changes....and the situation could easily change.....especially in the light of the statistically significant number of people who believe they've heard a difference.
  9. Excuse me - I don't bleat like a Goat - I growl.....but politely......like a quizzical Tiger with manners.
  10. So are you of the view, that if it hasn't been measured, it cannot exist?
  11. Don't be ridiculous. You need to get your priorities right, Young Man.
  12. If I listen to a system that I like the sound of - using your logic - that could be labelled as wishful thinking, if that system didn't meet your approval. I don't have a "strong wish" for my beliefs to be real to anyone else - I'm only concerned about what I think. What I find odd, is the incessant need to tell someone else, that how they evaluate a component, leading to what they think, is deluded as it doesn't meet what you think they should do. Politely listing those areas which could mean they are mistaken, is fair enough.....but an insistence that it means they ARE mistaken, is unhelpful.
  13. I simply have a problem with, "If it hasn't been measured, it cannot exist". I have no problem with, "Until I see measurements that provide definitive evidence, I will be of the view that Mains Cables don't make a difference". I also think it reasonable to have the view, "Until I see definitive evidence that Mains Cables can't possibly make a difference, I will go with what I hear."
  14. I agree - somewhat. If listening doesn't match the measurements, that doesn't necessarily mean that what is heard, is wrong. It certainly can mean the listening is wrong; or it can mean you haven't found the measurements that explain it.
  15. In a previous post, you said "So-called subjectivists appear to believe they are infallible"...I went to considerable trouble (and length) to explain why I don't think this isn't the case. As a Subjectivist, without a Science background - I evaluate, in the same way that I do any component. If I hear a difference, that is worth the cost, I will make a decision based on that. That decision is personal to me - and I have never claimed that I can explain it, or that it provides definitive proof......This I believe, is the same with most Subjective evaluations. I do what is right for me. You do what is right for you. The problem comes when one group claims they have a monopoly on the truth. You can claim there is little proof, which is fair enough....but an absence of evidence is not in, and of itself, proof.
  16. I know that - which is why I respect your opinion. In order to understand the other side - you have to properly understand the other side....who think in a way that is totally alien to you. When someone has heard a difference, that is very real to them (and may well be really real), what is important is an acknowledgment, that what they are hearing could be real - not that what they are hearing is caused by something else.....or that you are a fool for trusting your ears. In most cases the view of the person hearing the difference, doesn't go beyond, "I hear a positive difference that is worth paying for". If you point out how they could be wrong - it depends on how you do that. There is an informative and encouraging way - and an arrogant, "I know better than you" kind of way.
  17. No. If there is an audible difference to the person trying a Mains Cable - then that difference only matters to the person who heard it....and most of the time, they couldn't care less what causes it. To me, this is the big difference between the so called 2 Groups. The Subjectivists just take the win, if the "improvement" is worth the money. Objectivists often won't accept it, if they can't define what causes it.
  18. I think I spotted him, brushing the dust off his clothes, having just climbed out of a deep Rabbit Hole.
  19. That has not been my experience. IMO. What happens, is any talk of an improvement is met "You can't hear a difference, as none exists, unless you can prove it (to my satisfaction)"....and the subsequent defence of what was heard, in the light of such a dismissive attitude, can easily come across like that, as they struggle to prove it. Now if the question was - "Have you considered the possibility that the perceived improvement may not exist" - most Subjectivists would imv admit it is a possibility. If any Subjectivist comes forward to say, that what they hear is always definitive proof that a change exists, I will revise my opinion. IME. Most are of the opinion, that what they hear is good enough for them personally to make a decision - ie. It is wrong to assume, that saying what works for them, is the same as the them saying that what they are hearing, provides absolute proof. There is however a small, but vocal group, who say that there definitely and unequivocally isn't the possibility of it making a difference.
  20. I said said some time back, that the argument put forward isn't the issue, but the language used to do so ie. Tone. An arrogantly dismissive post is generally designed to get the hackles up, of the person/people it was aimed at.
  21. I may be biased - but the barbs generally start, when somebody, who shares their experience of hearing a difference, is told they are an audiophool, or told that a fool and their money are easily parted, or they are fooling themselves etc....and they then react in kind. This then sets up a merry-go-round of insults. Respect for a different pov is the key......and I don't see that happening any time soon.
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