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  1. Looks like all of the FLAC streams are working again. At least for me they are.
  2. The FLAC streams work fine, just not via Tunein. I also tried using a German VPN just to rule that out.
  3. The error is with the FLAC stream which seems to have stopped working via TuneIn. Any of the non FLAC streams are working.
  4. I had the FLAC working via a custom tunein URL too, but it stopped working a few days ago..
  5. Yes. If you have the TuneIn app on an apple or android device you should see the 'add custom url' option at the bottom of your favourites list. I think this is only available on the app and not the website.
  6. The official link in Tunein does not work - Try adding a custom URL to -
  7. Shame, it looks to just be the FLAC streams that have stopped working via Tunein. Any of the non FLAC streams are fine. "FLAC playback is only supported by some players. If your player requires you to go through TuneIn or vTuner to add stations, then our links will not work. They will also not work in iTunes. Player limitations like those are entirely out of our hands."
  8. If you have access to another PC/Laptop, try that. A reinstall of Konfig will probably not clear out all of the local files. If you're running Windows 7 or above, SO v1 relies on local files in \Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Linn\Konfig You could uninstall Konfig and then check that the above directory has been deleted. If not, make a backup of it and then delete. Reinstall Konfig and try again.
  9. Posted this over in 2 channel, but thought it would be more useful here. If anyone has been thinking of trying Tidal (as I had) should take a look at the following link: It's basically signing up to Tidal with a Turkish VPN service and being billed in Turkish Lira. I already have access to a VPN service and can confirm that this works. I am getting Tidal HIFI for £2.91 per month!
  10. Post deleted by moderators
  11. Well yes, if you don't need to worry about a budget then just buy whichever suits your requirement.
  12. All comes down to finances. A renew ds/1 can be picked up for £1700 on a good day, but the akurate with katalyst for £3>4000 depending on the route taken. This thread should help:
  13. I completely agree with Timster's logic here, but after 20+ years in the IT world you can never rule anything out until the developers confirm either way. As for an A/B test of Konfig, the Linn archive is here -
  14. Don't forget the three Linn stations. Linn Radio, Linn Classic and Linn Jazz. All 320 kbps and available via TuneIn.