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  1. I took the title literally regarding budget. If so, isn’t £425 a bit steep?
  2. Our local newsagent is excellent. Andrex toilet roll and wipes, Fiesta kitchen rolls, corned beef, tinned pies, tinned beans (including with sausages), tiined spaghetti and ravioli, tinned custard, tinned fruit, rice pudding, evaporated milk, tinned soups, tinned veg, tinned steak and tinned hot dogs, spam, ham, instant noodles etc. Loads of cereals, biscuits (savoury and sweet) and a decent little range of frozen meals and ice creams. Plenty of bread - brown and white, crumpets, teacakes all sorts. Eggs and cheese and milk. Fair range of household cleaning products too. We are lucky to live a few doors away and can hear the delivery lorries turn up! He knows his customers and the ones that are vulnerable and he and his wife ensure they get basics delivered.
  3. Given up on Spooks. Every episode with a female actor in it turns into a full-on ‘snot fest’. Boring after the tenth time. Had the writers met any women?
  4. Lots of people enjoying themselves in the Welsh hills ... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-51994504 ... the same is going on at our parks and beaches, the lake district and the Yorkshire moors ... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-51995092 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-51988877 Insane, arrogant and destined to ensure we will have armed police enforcing lockdowns rather than relying on our good sense.
  5. Binge watching ‘Spooks’ on iPlayer. Not as good as I remember them seeming first time around (up to 18 years ago). Sadly the Americans have become so much better at this than we can ever be now.
  6. The key is in the 2nd photograph for each item ...
  7. Only the once here but he was on amazing form especially with “Johnny Too Bad”. It was a privilege to witness that live!
  8. I met him at a ‘folk’ gig in the Centre Hotel in Southsea around 1982. We bought him a beer afterwards in the residents lounge and chatted for a few minutes.
  9. chebby

    Johnny Darko

    Isnt there a traders section where two online dealers can argue? (Or at least PM each other). Okay, found it ... https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/forum/17-trade-news-reviews-advice-discussions/
  10. Linn LP12 is now 47 “years ish”.
  11. If it’s anything like our Wilko this morning, if anyone sneezes they’d get battered to death with plastic hand trolleys full of toilet roll! I went in for a stiff-bristled yard broom (their’s are excellent) and wild bird food. (The way things are going the birds will soon be competing with us for food!)
  12. You are on the cusp of frying those speakers every time you listen! I can solve this with a straight swap of your Luxman for my excellent Quad Vena (1st gen) amplifier and DAC.
  13. Okay but no head support and nothing to ‘catch’ your head when you drift off.
  14. I cannot recommend mine because it was a one-off sale item for £795 (instead of of £1595) reduced in order for my local JL branch to clear some space a couple of years ago ... https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-partners-claverdon-semi-aniline-leather-armchair-galveston-hide/p1443116 Well worth £795 but not worth full price. My wife loves our IKEA Strandmon armchairs (and matching footstools) ... https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/strandmon-wing-chair-nordvalla-red-10433244/ They are really well made and comfortable. I am too old (approaching ‘late fifties’) to buy uncomfortable design statements or ‘architect chairs’ and I prefer something with excellent head and neck support.
  15. You’d only need that if using as a transport with a separate DAC. I think the OP prefers a stand-alone unit.
  16. You don’t like ‘harsh’ so hold out for something in excellent condition (and serviced) with a Philips TDA-1541 DAC built in. Preferably something that is not modified or ‘upgraded’ but just serviced to the original specification. Rotel RCD-855 or RCD-955 are good choices but don’t come up often. There are many others from Philips and Marantz and Arcam but it’s not the brand as such, but condition that counts. You’ll know a good seller. Good feedback (obvs), remote sold with unit rather than separately, list of service tasks completed, components replaced, good quality photos, reasonable price etc. and good communication. One like that will sell quickly if you don’t like it. (And without losing money.)
  17. Given that this must be a lot cheaper than faffing around with fancy solid wood plinths, how much is the final product discounted for using a bit of painted MDF instead?
  18. My 35 year-old CD player has had a complete overhaul by an experienced engineer ... “Serviced / restored with attention to the usual issues :- ALL Griplets hard wired with through board links. Aged capacitors replaced. Load mech. stripped, cleaned, adjusted and new drive belt. - No loading issues. Nice bright display. Note - All service work is fully compliant with original spec. The only way this differs from the original spec. is that the original fixed Phono lead has been replaced with High quality gold R,C.A. sockets.” My CD player has a transport, loading mechanism (and case and chassis) made almost entirely of metal and it weighs 7kg. It cost me £165 for which I could have have bought something brand-new and discounted at Richer Sound made of recycled yoghurt cartons but I am loving the sound it makes and the sheer smooth chunkiness of operation as much as (more than?) any other CDP I have ever owned. It is also in incredibly good condition.
  19. It cost me £38 (inc VAT) to have a brand new (Apple supplied battery) fitted by an Apple approved tech at Carphone Warehouse. No point in giving money away when your existing kit can have a new lease of life for just over a tenth of your budget.
  20. I have been looking at some sites that write about wine tasting, food, whisky, perfumes, beer and ales etc. I used a Google search for some words that frequently pop up in audio descriptions ... silky woody metallic fluid dry grainy powdery organic earthy sharp vague ... and found sites about all those other subjects. This one lists 400 words for writers to describe texture. Remarkably, one or more words from every section (except possibly ‘y’) could easily be used for descriptions of hi-fi audio sound rather than touch. Strangely some people still don’t bat an eyelid when using terms like ‘warm’ for valves, or ‘metallic’ and ‘harsh’ to describe metal tweeters, or ‘silky’ and ‘smooth’ to describe silk domed tweeters, or ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ for speakers with wooden cabinets and paper cones. Do we just latch onto these (far too) obvious terms from some pre-existing bias? (Hi-tech materials vs traditional materials fans, or SS vs valves etc.)
  21. Keep them. I have many in Rymans CD storage boxes (still in their jewel cases) and some in big CD wallets/folders with their covers and notes etc. (But no jewel cases.) I thought for years that I would never get another CD player but then I did. Even without a CD player, they are the ‘last resort’ backup in case my other backups fail.
  22. It’s better English than ‘cannae’. (Also - in English - we capitalise the first letter of a sentence.) My OED states your ‘cannae’ is Scottish, not English ... (ii). With negative particle affixed. ME cannat, ME cannatte, ME cannouȝt, ME connat, ME connott, ME conot, ME conott, ME 16 cannote, ME–16 connot, ME–17 cannott, ME– cannot, 16 con't, 16–17 cann't, 16–17 canna, 16–17 canot, 16–17 (18– nonstandard) cant, 16– can't, 18– caan't (regional and nonstandard), 19– caunt(Welsh English); English regional 16–18 conno (west midlands and Lancashire), 16 18 connot (Lancashire and Cheshire), 18 caint, 18 canna', 18 cannut (northern), 18 conna (west midlands), 18 conna' (Derbyshire), 18 conner (Cheshire), 18 conno'(Lancashire), 18 connoh (Cheshire), 18 cornd (Lancashire), 18 kaint, 18– canna(chiefly northern), 19– caant; U.S. regional 18 cayn't, 18 kain't, 18– cain't, 18– caint, 19 keint; also Scottish pre-17 17– canna, 17– cannae, 19– cannie, 19– canno (Orkney), 19– canny; Irish English (northern) 18 canney, 19– canna, 19– cannae, 19– canny, 19– cawney. So cannae is about as English as a slice of deep-fried, battered Pizza.
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