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  1. This explains how Starquad cables differ from standard XLR cables. https://www.designacable.com/van-damme-starquad-balanced-cable-best-neutrik-gold-xlr-to-xlr-microphone-leads.html I use these and they are fantastic value and superb build quality, they are also custom made to order .
  2. When the time comes I have a nice spare Electrocompaniet AW120 DMB power amp that I can bring that could be powered by a pre out from one of the OP's amps. I could bring my EC 4.8 pre amp along also, but that wouldn't be fair.
  3. Electrocompaniet amps are tonally quite neutral , what you put in you get out . Some people describe them as tonally on the warm side but they are not! What they are hearing is a lack of transient distortion that makes many other amplifiers sound sharp (over detailed) or harsh . I was listening to music for over six hours yesterday with only a short dinner break, I kept saying ' just another track, just another track ----------- it was just so hard to tear myself away , the sense of listening to live music with real people playing music was utterly addictive and so hard to stop listening and getting those spine tingles. A harsh word from the wife brought me back to reality with a bump! .
  4. I also use Van Damme 4 MM. cable as pictured , I have never heard any better !
  5. Have you thought about listening to one of these ? If the brand is good enough for Multiple Grammy award winner recording engineer Bruce Swedian it might push all your buttons . https://www.mackenziehifi.com/electrocompaniet-eci-6-integrated-amplifier-4218-p.asp https://www.gearslutz.com/board/q-a-with-bruce-swedien/82970-monitoring-levels.html A review . https://headmania.org/2018/03/04/electrocompaniet-eci-6-integrated-speaker-amplifier-review/ If we weren't in lockdown I would offer you a demo of what Electrocompaniet amps are capable of but when it's over you are welcome to visit for a listen !
  6. I have often thought that plants might act as very good acoustic diffusers especially yuccas or palms , but I've never tried them .
  7. Meshell Ndegeocello -- Bitter https://open.spotify.com/album/3acZy0MqbDAet78jYKYOyR?si=vJOleRgiS4OQtnC5cl08nw
  8. Jim James - Regions of light and sound of God https://open.spotify.com/album/4x05RwSTXnyfKSDuHD1SzO?si=W5ScNP4JTUqjBiuu1Ds-bA The live version followed by the official version.
  9. High current amps don't just benefit larger speakers , I connected my mates tiny PMC DB1i's to my amps and the sound produced by them was astonishingly huge and very dynamic .
  10. Keep and eye on the atmospheric pressure via the weather forecast . High pressure seems to improve imaging and the high frequencies but low pressure makes the bass more solid and deep ! Ideally somewhere in between is ideal unless you have room frequency problem !
  11. Electrocompaniet power amps are all designed to provide extremely high amounts of peak current delivery . My AW 180 monoblocks deliver 100 amps of peak power with 250 wpc into 8 ohms, 380 into 4 ohms, 625 into 2 ohms and 1,125 into 1 ohm and are completely stable into loads down to 0.5 of an ohm , they have a damping factor of 1000 and draw nearly 2 kilowatts from the mains at full power, with two 650 va toroids . The transient power seems almost limitless and spl peaks of 105db plus at the listening position are comfortably obtainable and don't 'sound' too loud, much more spl is available without audible distortion. On the other hand the dynamic contrast remains even and exiting at low listening levels . My old AW 120 stereo power amp also has 100 amps of current delivery but less wattage . Both give the impression of limitless power into any speaker without audible distortion and provide undistorted sound up to live music listening levels . The most striking sound features are realistic dynamics combined with an effortless sound and the absolute preservation of transients allowing the crystal clear decay of individual notes to be heard without smearing at any power level .
  12. I have been banging on for many years that the UK should become more self sufficient in food and fuel and critical home grown labour , but most people fell about laughing and a few just called me a racist, bigoted little Englander ( says more about them than me imo ). Anyway Globalization has come to a grinding halt and individual countries with borders are all the rage again now . I think we need to start growing and manufacturing to make ourselves as self sufficient as possible , we will never be able to rely on others for our own safety and wellbeing again so we had better get used to doing it for ourselves ! I for one am quite enjoying it !
  13. I have been digging holes and planting trees and bushes that I have been bringing on since last year . So far I have planted a Pear tree , a Magnolia and a Bullace plum bush , along with some lavender bushes and a couple of small oak trees grown from Acorns . I already have an established peach tree that provides a good harvest most years I have also fertilised my lawn with organic fertiliser . The next job is to dig a small vegetable patch . !
  14. My eldest son has been asked to sign a contract by the company he works for that says he agrees to be furloughed if necessary . If he refuses to sign they say they might make him redundant permanently if work dries up further . He asked me for advice as to what he should do and I said on balance he should sign it , but it makes me wonder if he should have refused and kept on working and took a chance on keeping his job . I can only hope I have advised him correctly , its a very difficult choice to make .
  15. Cloth - Cloth . Skip the first track ( if you like ) to get to the good stuff ! https://open.spotify.com/album/4WgE3JHr9fqzdoJcH5jDpd?si=3nWLeHxnSfSsZf1n2DTD9Q