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  1. Ella 100 live at the Apollo https://open.spotify.com/album/2VRdptw7pkrtQ0lqvWoigd?si=-1SqFP6hQ6GfDvzmwUMIwg
  2. Yes I remember those days , I've done the very same thing . Modern diesel has an anti waxing agent to keep the diesel Liquid during the winter months so it is very unlikely to have waxy diesel now unless it is several degrees below zero degrees C for a longish period of time . A small amount of petrol mixed with the diesel definitely helped in the old days but it is definitely not recommended for modern vehicles, in fact it could be the kiss of death ! Many modern diesel vehicles have automatic fuel heaters and some also have electronic coolant heaters that cut in if the temper
  3. Good luck to you, you're going to need it ! You do realise that the door will be locked after you rejoin so there will be no escape for you when the EU collapses into ruins . If you want to rejoin the EU then no Brexiteer would dream of stopping you , we are all about freedom of choice and democracy.
  4. Absolutely! There are many millions of us pawns all looking forward to building a new free and prosperous future for the UK . You are welcome to join us on this fantastic journey , we hold no grudges and will not judge you for your past mistaken views. All are welcome black , white , yellow , brown , left , right , middle, religious, atheists, rich , poor , disabled , every human being is welcome to join the new age of freedom by joining the new Reform party !
  5. I can smell you excitement from here . If they hadn't sacked him from LBC he would probably not be relaunching the Brexit Party . This is what happens in a democratic country when the left try to silence Normal ordinary people that dare to speak the truth , the left have shot themselves in the foot big time . You can't keep a good honest man of the people down in a free country , let's hope Nigel can help us all keep the whole of the UK free for the future ! Three cheers for the new Reform Party ! ( formerly called the Brexit Party)
  6. You're such an optimist ! Still don't worry Nigel Farage is about to relaunch the Brexit Party so all's well that ends well . https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-14/brexit-champion-farage-plans-party-relaunch-sunday-express-says https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1295440/nigel-farage-brexit-party-return-boris-johnson-EU-trade-deal
  7. And Brun -. Leave me Breathless - Live . Absolutely stunning ! I have wetness in my eyes ! https://open.spotify.com/album/52gC84AOPc07RAAF7Erw9E?si=6GwKbZcFQZewE7P_6Q66PQ
  8. The secret is to light a small fire under the sump to warm the oil up before starting it, they fire up quite easily with a bit of heat assistance . Some of the old Cummins diesels had a built in canister filled with Ether on the inlet manifold , you gave it 2 or 3 measured squirts before starting and it fired up with a crack and rattle and gave off a lovely smelling smoke .
  9. Thanks ! The 500 was years ahead of it's time and paved the way for the modern HSD that is fitted to millions of cars and commercial vehicles now. When you compare it to the Leyland 680 and AEC 760 that were the engines it had to compete with there was no contest the 500 had much more usable power and was far more economical on fuel . Saying that my heart was won by the old Gardner engines, they were a very old design but the engineering was superb , they were just run in at about 500,000 miles they were also the perfect marine diesel. The horizontally opposed two stroke
  10. The 500 was indeed a revolutionary engine but it was not without faults in fact its main strength ( the fixed head ) was also its main weakness . I was an apprentice when this engine first appeared and worked with the engineers when they were received back under warranty with cracks across the valve seats and the fixed top of the block . New valves and specially hardened valve seats could be fitted but it was a major job that involved lifting the engine block away from the crankcase , Pistons , and con rods using an overhead crane and working on the valves up inside the bores .
  11. I have never got around to fly fishing but it is definitely on my bucket list , I know little of the technique or tackle but I love the idea of it as the purest form of fishing . I am looking forward to June the 16th so I can get back onto the Thames and chase those Barbel and Chub , not to mention the odd monster carp , I sometimes pick up the occasional trout ! But that's another story !
  12. It is worth taking the lid off and cleaning the laser lens with Alchohol and a cotton bud . It is also worth cleaning the fluff build up from the laser sled that has stuck to the grease on it , you will be amazed at the amount that collects on it and stops the laser moving smoothly and in extreme cases jams it completely ! I have fixed many Cd and universal disc players this way !
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