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  1. What turntable do you have Beyond you ?
  2. Your rack,furniture for your hifi looks to big What about mounting it on the wall?
  3. I guees high quality (just under hifi) could be 1000kbps
  4. Of course it is, the give full refund and sell it cheaper than retail price but still enought to make a profit Do you really think they only make a profit by selling cables at there retail price?
  6. I don't know but it's surpose to be good and 40 euros for 2 cutting bords isn't expensive compared to hifi isolation,decoupling platforms Alot of things that can be used for improving hifi isn't expsenive
  8. Local danish shop, av connection 30 days, hififreaks 60 days online or not it's the same if you buy online or in the store, there are open for business
  9. Bought in a store you can have a 30 or even 60 days return period
  10. Im hi jacking this thread since i bought 2 of the big appetlig cutinng boards from ikea for my amp and turntable I would like to know hifi feet under or over the cutting board and if so what kind of feet ? I have seen some make small feet from the same material as the cutting boards (last picture in the first link)
  11. I don't notice any difference from my less than £15 and my qed performance optical cable (also digital ) I have inakustik reference,premium and qed performance usb cable which i don't think i can hear a difference BUT i can hear a difference between my qed performance graphite and performance 40i (which imho should be a reference cable)