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  1. Buy a pair of thses and your done
  2. Futureshop uk
  3. You say your broke but want Atlas Hyper 3.5 right? That's not a cheap cable (try reading the comments)
  4. You can't expect the cable you want to be compared to alot of other cables, on what hifi they don't make reviews of cables where they test something like 10 cables against each other
  5. Havn't tried atlas cable
  6. gasolin


    I switch between my denon and Nad C355Bee, i thought my nad amp was a little to dark sounding lacking a little air, openess so i switched back to my denon amp Desided to try it agan since i found a pair of Short rca jumpers i wanted to try instead of the original audioquest rca jumpers I tried it and to my surprice i did turn out to to give my amp a little more brightness,little more openess and airiness which was a nice surprice since i really didn't find any difference when i use the audioquest rca jumpers. It's not a huge diffrence it's a subtle but noticeable difference Normally i feel it takes half an hour for the amp to warm up and sound best, now i don't notice it, it sound good all the time, still neutral highs compared to denon,still more bass full bodied sound + added airiness,openess in the midrange,highs Couldn't i just raise, enhance the highs a little, shure but it won't be the same, it's like if you need more bass you could turn the bass up by a few db or move the spakers closer to a corner and have more bass without the max spl being lower do to raising the bass and only can turn the volume up to 11 o'clcok instead for 12 o'clock What cable was it ? I trired looking for it and found a mail when i bought it almost 2½ years ago Short 15cm RCA Van Damme Silver Cable Pair Black Sleeved Jumper Amp Interconnect Have you ever had such a wauw woow ,(van) damm experience just by doing a little tweak that surprised you (since it made a diffrence and didn't cost anything or only a few buck) ?
  7. How does a high current amp relate to an amp with alot of wattage for small inefficient speakers (High current vs watt for inefficient speakers) I have many times been recommended to buy a not so power full but a high current amp, i don't think i ever had a really high current amp
  8. That's what most want although many don't have big speaker Both give the impression of limitless power into any speaker without audible distortion and provide undistorted sound up to live music listening levels . The most striking sound features are realistic dynamics combined with an effortless sound and the absolute preservation of transients allowing the crystal clear decay of individual notes to be heard without smearing at any power level .
  9. Look at this thread in that they talk alot bout the quad 909, page 2 #35 they sort of start talking about the Quad 909 and continous for some pages