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  1. Update on my side, i had the 607 s1 bought for 3000 of my currency sold for 2500 after 3½ month to upgrade to better speakers First pair sounded good but has alot of air from the front bassport playing electronic music loud nearfield, a little big and mabye to smooth sound (borring ?), almost twice the price of the 607 s1 Second pair almost between the price of the 607 s1 and 607 s2 anniversary edition, they are good, good sensitivity, but a little slim on the bass at low levels and they can't handle the same volume on my amp as the the 607 s1 even when they are a little more sensi
  2. No thanks They are rated at 83 db and 50 watt power handling = not much dynamic headroom, spl, it starts to show it's limit (when i read a review i can 't remember where) at levels under 85db
  3. Best B&O are normal sized speakers with a traditional cabinet like B&O S45 and the bigger versions
  4. They are not that great,more design then sound
  5. For that amp he uses a pair of Ruark Talisman II NOT Ruark Sabre 3
  6. gasolin

    Topping E30

    Haven't change back to my power bank, still using my samsung phone charger
  7. I finally wanted to go away from the budget amps i have used for a longer time , second (the other amp i wanted) choice rotel a11 tribute (im now leaning more towards) I ordered a nad c268 since it's an amp i wanted to try,i want something above low budget but not €1500 and i like nad I totally missed the crosstalk measurements made buy asr Should i be worried about crosstalk ? https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/nad-c268-power-amplifier-review.14287/ (one of the very few if not the only reviews of the power amp version of the nad c368)
  8. I have no money i spend all i have on hifi
  9. Uniti Atom ? Or is it just an alternative to the Nad M33 if you have sensitive speakers
  10. NO that has nothing to do with high end, atleast the system for 2 grand, it's just a high PRICED system for that person earning 20 grand a year. Earning 50 grand and having a 10 grand system could be high end, if it's not some random 5 start unit's bought because they look good and cables for what ever is left over. High end is all about sound quality, not so much price, although a 2 grand system for it to be high end or close to high end, you have to buy used.
  11. gasolin

    Topping E30

    For power http://www.righto.com/2012/10/a-dozen-usb-chargers-in-lab-apple-is.html
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