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  1. yes Im considering getting a higher tier class d since im considering selling my rotel amp to get a bigger monitor and therefor want some higher tier class d amp so im not stock with only a very good entry level class d amp except for me being unlucky with the smsl 24 volt 6.75 power supply that gave me coilwhine thru my speakers (i could use it with a good power cord i have from isotek) it does what i need but as a main amp for a longer time i wouldn't mind a little higher sq and a little more power (current), some say the infineon MA12070 ansd Ma 12070p is very good for less than 200 euros. I can get for my rotel amp what a bigger monitor costs and selling my current monitor i can get a higher tier class d amp or the nad 3020i have i written about The amp and class d is that good i could live without my rotel amp
  2. Who or what is Techmoan ? Techmoan on youtube ?
  3. I can get a nad 3020i amp but not for as little as £79
  4. yes can't get a 3020i for as little as £79
  5. I never tried the original but have heard it as an amplifer i think it was, with big horning speakers The 3020i you can't get for as as little as £79 in mint condition and the 3020i in good condition is also more I wanna have one so i can try something diffrent if i feel like it, i don't have many spakers but amps i often have a couple Mint condtion replace, caps, nice shiort rca,preamp cable (for the preout,main), it's hard to beat, not even shure the pioneer a-400 is better
  6. No pop noise from the amp when turning it on/off from my fosi audio amp Many small class d amps do have pop noise when you tun it on/off
  7. I can get one for around 220 euros Im just not shure if it is a recapped amp, when i had one i never godt it recapped since it coste alomost 200 euros in uk capasitors only cost for a set 50 euros, but it cost to get somone to replace capacitors As much as i love the high power and the dynamic sound of my Rotel A11 Triubute i feel my fosi amp does something my rotel amp can't do
  8. Wouldn't mind one in a mint recapped version, with low ohm and fairly sensitive speaker's it's all you need Personally i have more fun with,my Fosi Audio amp and current spakers than i have had when i hgas Marantz PM8005 i think it was, i don't have any less fun than when i had Dynaudio emit M10, infact the highs are to my more pleasant,less bright from my current spakers than dynaudio and i can easily buy 3 pair or Argon alto 5 mk 2 and still have money left for speaker cable
  9. My favorite budget amp is the Nad 3020i from the 90's Slightly dark sound but lovely amp, can handle just about any speaker load and for the money more power that the rated spec When using super inefficient spakers og 2 ohm speakers you can connect a more powerfull amp to it or active speakers
  10. Low budget hifi isn't that bad Recent perchause Fosi Audio BT20a Class d amp with Dual TPA3116 chips, 2x50 watt in 4 ohm, Argon alto 5 mk2 free shipping, free return, 30 day return periode, cheaper than a pair of dali Spektor 1, no holes, screws,magnetic grills, 4 ohm 86 db ALOT better than spektor 1, cordial cfu interconnects, canare 4s11, topping e30 No pop noise from the amp when turning it on/off and the second you turn it on there sound (when theres sound from the source), no static noise adjusting the sound,no hiss,distortion do to class d, it's very low, flawless bluetooth, on my Rotel A11 Tribute it's either no sound or max volume, my fosi amp make it possible to adjust the volume using bluetooth, reversed tonecontrols (why ?) treble then bass, not neutral at 12 o'clcok but managed to make it sound neutral Sound is impressive, wide soundstage, good depth, lot's of power, impressed of how much it has, many say 88 db is low sensitivity but you will be surprised of how many don't come close to have the rated sensitivity,especially some of the klipsch rp, with 4 ohm i do have a fair amount of power, highs that are not loud intrusive and fatuging, neutral bass that are well controlled, midranghe that don't get shouty at high levels, high power handling, so fare i haven't had to exceed the amps power, the speakers limit, i never had such a cheap amp,speaker combo that sounds that good, i don't miss my using my 2x 100 watt in 4 ohm rotel a11 tribute
  11. Try this for android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamebasic.decibel&hl=da&gl=US I have used soundmeter that couldn't get above 89 or 90 db Lydmåler can 50db someone has stated, that's way to low for me. Disney+ mash 4077 min 42db avarage 62db and 87 db peak (mabye my keyboard) i find it in no way loud, just enought Music (same volume on my amp 44) average is 66-68db and peak is 88db, phone less than 1 feet from right speaker, dave bruebeck take five can be aorund 60db min 70db avarage 75db max avarage in the mid 80's is okay for me Don't know how much off it is but i feel typing on my mechanical keyboard max is around 88-90db BUT as metioned it can show higher db than 90db, with that tolerance it can peak at 95-100db, peaking at 105-110db is possible and have listen to music at 85 db from a high end system (leben tube amp and expensive elac floor stand speakers), at a distance of aprox 6 meter, 85db vas okay loud, i can't remember if it was avarage or peak
  12. No, i was just curious if the IOTAVX is better
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