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  1. It was compared to the original because i don't think all on wish are the real deal, the nakamichi plugs works fine but i don't think they are original nakamichi plugs
  2. I have nakamichi banana plugs from wish and was wondering how different they are, the price is actually about the same as the original but guess the original is better Does banana,bfa pluges matter or is it just don't buy these and you will be fine (last picture) wish Original plugs 1 euro/pound each
  3. Labtest of your tannoys ? horrible frequency repsonce above 2khz
  4. gasolin

    Amp for B&W

    I didn't have to buy a new (different ) amp, i choose to buy one since i found one within my budget. I have often found something without buying it (and then it's gone), for me need it's about as good as it can get within my budget. It's still a nad, it has more power, should have better bass and most important, it's possible to upgrade to a power amp since it has pre out , no excuse for me not having an amp or preamp with preout if i want to try a different power amp, some youtubers i follow like Thomas & stereo have many amps, i don't, so when i want to try something differenet (just because i can) i often sell what i have to get a new amp.
  5. gasolin

    Amp for B&W

    I just wanted to let you know i found a nad c352 for just under £100 Best amp of the year 2005 My c316bee i still want to keep and use it for my tv and mabye sell my Nad c717 Reason for buying a different amp is bass (nad 3020 vs c316bee) Quote The most explicit revelation occurred during the intro of Keith Emerson’s “Ignition” from his recent Keith Emerson Band. Where the 3020 reproduces the low organ notes, all is silence when played through the C316 BEE. The extra power is just a nice bonus. Another nice to have feature from the nad c352 is pre out,main in for future upgrades either a rotel amp or bi amping Quote from the review similar verdict is reached listening to Tone Loc’s “Funky Cold Medina.” The C316 BEE just doesn’t have the grunt. I of course tried the song and the review is kind of right
  6. gasolin

    Amp for B&W

    have you seen this review
  7. gasolin

    Amp for B&W

    You still have a arcam a85 ? The difference is a couple of capsistors (or what ever they are called) and something in the tweeter 607 s1 vs s2 anniversary edition Yesterday i tested the bass and it's clearly going down to 40hz, pretty good from a 5" woofer
  8. gasolin

    Amp for B&W

    no matter wht it's easy to hear the 607,606 and 603's sound better than the 686,685 and 683's
  9. gasolin

    Amp for B&W
  10. gasolin

    Amp for B&W

    And definitive technology + Denon or marantz and nad and psb
  11. gasolin

    Amp for B&W

    There is new Dali Opticon MK2, you might want to listen to them if they are not to expensive
  12. gasolin

    Amp for B&W

    To me in the bristol video, the 686 sounds uneven in the frequency responce, 685 better, wonder if the little 607 sounds better than the 685 Even when i only have the 607 s1 im really impressed how good the midrange and bass is, on the good song i don't have any complaints from the highs The 606 should sound even better, hifinut go for it, the biggeste diffrence between the 607 and s2 anniversary edition is the crossover an tweeter but is not noticeable (i have heard), i don't think it's worth 50% over the 607 s1, the money you save with the 607 s1 could go for a better amp if you need one or more music.