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  1. Like you I wouldn't admit to my non-HIFI friends what I paid for my LP12. But without fail, though obvs ltd because of the lockdown, everyone of my non-HIFI friends and family have commented on how good my LP12 sounds when they have heard it. I had a sizable record collection of 150-200 prior to buying the LP12. Since then it has only grown at an alarming rate Enjoy the new deck it sounds like you made the right decison and got the best spec possible.
  2. I'm glad to say if we do i have never tried it😀
  3. Not sure why you would want to dip pizza, especially in bacon ranch dressing but hey ho each to their own.
  4. Yes got my LP12 from Peter at cymbiosis. They are extremely helpful and found Peter to really go above and beyond in making sure my deck was setup perfectly before I took it home. He has a great range of LP12s on display in his demo room as well. Pretty much any combo you can think of. Found the harben plinth decks, in particular, to look absolutely stunning when I was down there. Even better than the photos online would suggest.
  5. Got a response from my dealer. They agree the discolouration is very unusual and cannot see how it could have been caused by anything that I have done. They are going to send a replacement platter in the post and I will use the same packaging to send my platter back to them for them to send onto Linn. Can't argue you with that level of service😃
  6. To be honest both. Dealer is in Leicester which is a 3hr drive away. Have emailed him now to see how we go about sorting. Pretty certain he will be more than helpful from past experience.
  7. Linn are asking me to send back to them for inspection via the retailer. Not the easiest thing to do so will have to figure out to do it.
  8. Got an email from Linn yesterday. They have sent the photos onto their metal work team for comment. Will let you know the response.
  9. On that forum it is one individual who seems to hunt out anything that mentions an lp12 and then thread craps all over it saying a technics 1200g is better than every lp12. When you ask him he hasn't heard a new lp12 so his opinion, for want of a better word, is bollocks.
  10. I for one will be surprised if the Krane will work on the keel. From a business point of view why would you cannibalise sales of your top of the range arm in favour if you entry model? I could be proved wrong though...
  11. Got a project VCS2 as a Christmas present last year. Use it all the time and much better than the knosti I was using before.
  12. Thanks @Nopiano and @sktn77a. The side of the platter shows no discolouration. Later this week I will email Linn and ask them is this to be expected. After all this has only ever been cleaned with a lint free cloth as per their guidance.