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  1. If you order the base table at £1770, it comes with the sub platter, main platter, karousel, top plate and plinth. You then need to pick an arm, a cartridge, power supply, baseboard and sub chassis. Lingo4 is a complete kit and comes with an updated 12v ac motor over the majik. Peter at cymbiosis sourced a second hand tramoplin and cirkus sub-chasis for me to complete the build.
  2. If your dealer is able to fit non-linn arms, the Roksan Nima is great and costs slightly more than a new Majik arm. I find it a great match for an LP12 as it is on my deck.😃 I picked it partly on dealer recommendation and due to the fact Jelco had folded. I am running a MM in the form of a goldring g1042 but I believe that a Nima is capable of using MC designs as well. Personally, on reviewing potential arms for my deck I came to the conclusion that the Akito seemed expensive given the level of competition in that price category, whereas the Nima deemed to offer good value for money. The nima is a unipivot so different design to your basik and the Majik. http://www.roksan.com/en/product-ranges/nima/nima-tonearm/
  3. I can second the recommendation with regards Peter at cymbiosis. He recently just built my deck and it sounds awesome.
  4. Good work, looks great👍
  5. He has sure done a great job. Sounds amazing👍
  6. Would match your new preamp
  7. Thanks. The great thing is the photo doesn't even do the plinth justice!
  8. Well I picked it up yesterday and it is a beauty. Sounds great as well.
  9. I started off quite modest just before lockdown commenced and got myself a Audiolab 6000CDT and a goldring1042 for my, then, Planar 3. Then recently went completely mental as the lack of ability to spend on nights out, restaurants, weekend trips away etc left me with some spare cash, and got this yesterday
  10. I'm obvs too far behind as I thought he was still happily using Arcam amps.
  11. This is good to hear as I have a LP12 on order with the Karousel and lingo4. Sounds like I'm in for a treat.
  12. I assume you mean monitor audio?
  13. Has anyone got any experience/impressions on this. Having a nima fitted to an LP12 and wonder if the stock cable will be bettered by the one used on the Sara? Already at pretty much my peak budget on the spec I'm getting built: Lingo4 Nima Karousel Trampoline Cirkus sub chassis and arm board Will be using a goldring1042 into my amps phono stage. My thinking in the future (fair few years😀) would to be look at the kore and Sara as an upgrade. So thinking I can get the upgraded cable then. Thanks