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  1. This is good to hear as I have a LP12 on order with the Karousel and lingo4. Sounds like I'm in for a treat.
  2. I assume you mean monitor audio?
  3. Has anyone got any experience/impressions on this. Having a nima fitted to an LP12 and wonder if the stock cable will be bettered by the one used on the Sara? Already at pretty much my peak budget on the spec I'm getting built: Lingo4 Nima Karousel Trampoline Cirkus sub chassis and arm board Will be using a goldring1042 into my amps phono stage. My thinking in the future (fair few years😀) would to be look at the kore and Sara as an upgrade. So thinking I can get the upgraded cable then. Thanks
  4. On the Nima, Peter mentioned that the stock cable is the weak point and he could use the cable that the Sara uses which is better. I'm sure he is right but just wondering what level of difference would it make. Would it be worth it now or maybe look at it as a future upgrade at service time? Thanks
  5. Listening to this right now. Sounds like I'm at the gig!!!
  6. Wow those reviews are pretty scathing. Sounds like a right lunatic.
  7. I second this, even with new records I find they need at least one run through on my project VCS.
  8. Thanks for your advice to give him a ring👍
  9. He has knocked another 92 quid off for me. So £3680 with trade in😃
  10. So spoke to Peter this afternoon and got a deal that was too good to turn down. LP12 base in walnut with Karousel Nima arm Lingo4 Steel Cirkus subchassis and arm board Second hand trampoline including trade in of the rega for £3772. Order placed and fingers crossed be ready mid/end of July.
  11. Thanks, will keep you posted.
  12. So cymbiosis will do the same trade in price as Peter Tyson. They are going to look at pricing up based on some ex-dem/second hand parts though keep to base with Karousel Bearing, nima arm and lingo4. Fingers crossed but reckon going to get a nice price on a great deck.