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    Linn LP12 w/ Lingo4
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    Nima & Goldring1042
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    Built in to amp
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    Audiolab 6000CDT
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    Sony BDP-S4500
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    Roksan K3
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    Roksan K3
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    Kef R700
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    Sony wh-1000xm3
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  1. Alot of electronic music is every bit as complex as classical, jazz and prog.
  2. Have the same DAC and love it. Like you say the k-link is really good. Nothing wrong with too much Bassey, especially if she is singing this one
  3. emcc_3e

    Tonearm leak

    Sent the same photo to the dealer. He has installed a spacer on the Nima to allow for the Goldring 1042 to be setup properly. I had completely forgotten about this, so that is one issue easily resolved. The cue lever somehow lifted when the liquid dropped out. Can only guess this was the heat. Have confirmed by checks sent to me by the dealer that this is now set at the right height and in working order. Finally, he noticed that the VTA and tracking weight were slightly off so I have adjusted both these now as well. So everything is now working as expected and on the plus side I have learned how to full adjust my tonearm
  4. emcc_3e

    Tonearm leak

    Thanks In adjusting the arm height I have made sure the nut is tight. I have contacted the dealer for advice.
  5. emcc_3e

    Tonearm leak

    Managed to get a photo uploaded. As you can see the tonearm has lifted off the armboard. It seems stable now and I have reset the VTA and it is working but hardly ideal.
  6. emcc_3e

    Tonearm leak

    Not even remotely. It's in the corner of the room that never gets any sun.
  7. emcc_3e

    Tonearm leak

    Not sure how the hell this happened but the tonearm pillar somehow lifted and threw off the arm height. Proper random, I can only assume this is why there was liquid underneath. Can only put it down to the hot weather... Even more randomly managed to fix VTA perfectly just by eye as it sounds spot on.
  8. emcc_3e

    Tonearm leak

    Cannot upload a photo for some reason at the minute. But the Tonearm is no longer flush with the armboard.
  9. emcc_3e

    Tonearm leak

    Looks like the tonearm has pushed up on the armboard. Very weird.. Wondering if this is why it isn't lowering enough to play.
  10. emcc_3e

    Tonearm leak

    Just went to play a record and found a pool of oil/gel under the arm lever. The tonearm is now unable to play any records. It is like suddenly my collection has locked grooves on everyone. Tonearm is a roksan nima unipivot and only just over a year old. Anyone got any idea on what could have happened?
  11. Just went to play a record to find a pool of oil right under my tonearm lift. The tonearm is now unable to track or play any records... Anyone got an idea on what might have happened? It is only over a year old!!!
  12. If you think reissues cannot better the original you are buying the wrong records. The Tone poets, Acoustic sound series, Analog Productions, multiple remasters done by Kevin Gray and Ryan Smith prove the case. On the blue note side Rudy VanGelders original mastering have the highs and lows rolled off due to the limitations found in most peoples playback equipment at the time. The new AAA remasters by Kevin Gray for both MMJ and BN are a lot more dynamic than the originals.
  13. Thanks for the reassurance. An LP12 weighs about two thirds a space deck so should be 👌
  14. Sorry I may be missing something from your response. The shelf only has 4 fitting points, 2 each side. Will be using the full length of the bolt to fit.
  15. Just says heavy duty. They are going into a solid brick load bearing wall. Here's a link.to them: https://www.homebase.co.uk/plasplugs-projecting-anchor-m6-x-65mm/12813967.html
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