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  1. Anyone who has the shelf can you confirm what screws you used to hang it? Looking to hang it into a thick brick wall. Thanks in advance
  2. They look better when you see them in person than they do in the photo.
  3. They have some great speakers there as well, including these beauties: https://kudosaudio.com/product/titan-808/ I listened to my LP12 on them when it was built and set-up.
  4. Not this one again Quite a long read but no mention of the loudness wars which negated the technical ability for a CD to be more dynamic than a record.
  5. I demo'd the Focal Aria 936 when I purchased my r700s. The r700s have a much wider soundstage. Admittedly it was in a richer sounds demo room that wasn't ideal whereas the r700s where in a purpose built demo room at audio t. In the richer sounds demo room I much preferred the dali opticon 6s which were a fun listen YMMV.
  6. I can second this. Love my r700s and have cno to thank for pointing me in that direction back in the old WHF days.
  7. My 33 is also analogue productions. So either the 33 has the grooves too close together (unlikely as it is 19 minutes a side) or there is an issue on the tape that was corrected when the 45 mastering was done. I can only assume the latter. It is a small issue so not going to lose sleep over it and still able to enjoy the record
  8. I assume that yes they must have corrected it for the 45. It sounds great just unfortunately has a few brief periods of this but hey records aren't perfect so not going to worry about it. Definitely not just me though as it has been mentioned on several other forums.
  9. Don't think it is a pressing fault think someone pushed tape saturation too far. Heard the same effect on an original copy of zeppelin 3 where you hear the intro of immigrant song before the main song actually starts. On this you hear the vocal low before she sings it. Think it is called pre-echo and can be caused by grooves being too close together, which isn't the case on this one, or it is present on the tape. Edit: Just seen online that pre-echo is present on all versions. So looks like it is the tape. Apart from that it is a wonderful recording so not going to bother w
  10. It's the 33. Has your 45 got a weird reverb on the vocals on track 1? It sounds like a tape fault.
  11. This arrived today. Only listened to side 1 but it is definitely not remastered rubbish😃
  12. Thanks for letting me know about Moorgate. Managed to order Shelby Lynne and Pet sounds AP 1 disc version at a good price
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