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    Mantra Manitcore
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    Denon 103DL
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    Vincent & NAD
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    Hate Streaming & DAC
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    Nak 202RX tape
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    Nad 3155 & Cambridge
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    NAD 1020B
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    NAD 2140
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    W Dovedale SP & AR93
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    SenH which i don't use,
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. Lumpy Gravy - Nice 1972 UK pressing on the Mantra
  2. We have just gone Into our 5 lockdown here in Oz (state of Victoria) and a Delta outbreak is growing in Sydney, we have done ok so far but supplies of the vaccine have been very slow to happen - most here wont get shots until later this year.
  3. I'm still wearing a jumper at 30C , wont stop till its plus 40C here
  4. Original vinyl version nicely spinning around on my Mantra Manticore
  5. Ariel A Strange fantastic dream
  6. The review was almost as good as the ads for the ladies that popped up on the post images site
  7. My wife treats me like a God. That is, she takes no notice of my existence until she wants something.
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