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  1. Nice, looking again at the Pic of the SP's I posted (not mine), mine have there original drivers but with new surrounds - the one in the pic has had replacement drivers fitted with the metal speaker frames removed. Youtube of similar SP's to mine below with original metal driver frames. Note on my 508's (which I brought new), I have replaced the bass/mid driver (after only 3 years of use) with Vifa units (still have a spare set of Vifa's lol), as the Wharefdales units had aluminium voicecoils which had corrision problems and got scratchy - a known problem with the 508/708 Wharefdales...
  2. I prefer older Wharfedales from back in the day when they were a preeminent speaker manufacturer Have my refurbished Dovedales SP's (granted they have a lot of Leak Tech) but sounds awesome) on my main system and a pair of Wharfedale 508's (from they last garps before the become just Diamond makers of renown), on my second system. Dovedales SP's
  3. I used to use Quad core Linear Crystal speaker cable, it looked like I had hooked up some welding cable and was very bad on the Amp posts (in danger of pulling them out). Still got the cables lying around some where here- stopped using them many years ago- too many damaged binding posts. No I wasn't bi-amping either just doubled the quad cores into 2 connectors
  4. Not the Spectrum I know https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectrum_(band)
  5. ^ Next they will have to stop exhaling to be carbon free
  6. https://www.crystalcable.com/products/crystal-cables/cable-types/digital-cables/future-dream/
  7. Lets see what happens in 12 month hence, I say particularly now not much- there will be continued construction of solar and wind but no real development of hydrogen has they has not been for the last 30 years- It will remain like the Tesla a car for the rich and foolish and a toy for the lab and rocket scientists .............. As for "UK that can't grow crops" - take a look a the bigger picture Ag in the UK is never going to do much more than provide food for your domestic market- and provide room for Peasant hunting PS also as for Solar and Wind- my objection to the current constructions going on - its all about foreign capital (usually Euro's), coming into places like Australia and creating unsustainable infrastructure that 1. Does not fit into existing transmission systems, 2 is unreliable (mechanically) and 3. not economically viable without subsidy. So basically in the end taxpayers are left making income for foreign interests. And before you say I don't know what I'm taking about- I'm a Civil Engineer, who has worked us such bastard projects. As I say, you have Project I'll deliver, as long as someone pays
  8. Looks too f@ckin cold for me....................
  9. Have you tried using crystal filters ..............
  10. True but with fuels like Hydrogen it is an issue, energy hungry to produce - i.e. electricity which needs to be produced from coal/ hydrocarbon/ nuclear- and no solar is not a base load electricity producer (so don't say solar as it can't meet all our energy needs, even with wind). Ethanol is a more viable alternative to traditional fossil fuels than Hydrogen "there is not enough cheap clean electricity (renewable and nuclear) for this hydrogen to become a significant part of the low-carbon economy, and carbon dioxide is a by-product of the SMR process" SMR - is an overall endothermic process in which the methane (natural gas) reacts with super-heated steam in the presence of a nickel-based catalyst to produce hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Hydrogen is no silver bullet.................