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  1. Sorry its was me, I posted 4'33" on heavy rotation and the site couldn't take it
  2. I always turn up Varese just for the neighbours enjoyment
  3. For F#cks sake Volvo Cars is a Chinese own company - get over it. Hopefully they don't have asbestos firewalls and gaskets like some other Chinese cars....................
  4. “Corn’t we all just get along?” “Here today, corn tomorrow.” and “It’s all corn pear-shaped.” and “Corn, but not forgotten.”
  5. Any excuse to play Confessions Of A Psychopathic Cowpoke
  6. Another old Oz LP recommendation this time from Ariel A Strange Fantastic Dream from 1973, notably it has the same lead guitarist-Tim Gaze (Ex Tamam Shud, Kahvas Jute, Rose Tattoo & Hoochie Coochie Men with Bob Daisley & Jon Lord) on it same as my previous pick Open Wide by Kahvas Jute but this is Prog and not Heavy Rock. Doesn't have Bob Daisley on bass like Kahvas Jute but has wonderful Keyboards and Synth. Made No 12 on the Oz charts and had three banned songs from OZ airwaves- had a release in the UK and a follow up LP was even recorded at Abbey Rd "The Jellabad Mutant" but was rejected by EMI. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariel_(Australian_band)
  7. I thought it was musical shrubbery Or are plants more effective than cable upgrades ?
  8. Sh!t, I'll stick to my Mantra Manticore, she my be old but she just keeps on keeping on
  9. Maybe a Beer in Christchurch then
  10. Did you know "Foster's is not vegetarian or vegan" and the yeast used to make it came from Denmark in 1923.............. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foster's_Lager
  11. Think I should test those Fosters
  12. Let here it for the tape, deck versatile and fun I've got 2 my Nak RX202 and a Teac V700. the Nak is the one I use and works a charm and still flips tapes - great for recording of Utube too
  13. I've got my Denon 103 on my Mantra Manticore with LC arm and sounds great
  14. If you want an old under the Radar relatively unknown Album (that was played as background music at early 70's Led Zep live Shows). Try this Kahvas Jute - Wide Open - was re-release on CD on few years ago. Original Vinyls sell for $500 plus.
  15. back to trimming again briefly, just have to post this old favourite
  16. Think its still a toss off for me out off Lucille or Doctor Johnson but you could need this
  17. Well riding the Valkyries is easy
  18. Klassik, welcome on Board, although I'm just another classical music forum escapee too and originally came here to escape the Nazi's on a Oz hi fi site that made Mussolini seem like Che Guevara . I like the choice of Emojis here almost never ending but was shocked to find we do in fact have a Penetrating Wagner's Ring Thread and in more surprised that there is a book of the same name- I'm sure Krummhorn would approve
  19. Best not carry anything funny in the boot, that sort of caper didn't go well first time round for John
  20. Just as long a they don;t get the Apple pie and Hot Dogs mixed up
  21. Nice, you've pick two Toyota's and a Nissan this is what most Aussie would prefer to remember
  22. Welcome back Klassik - Looks like Guinness to me, well at least I hope it is The Divinyls would have to practice there socially distancing a lot more in this day and age