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  1. Wow! That's because I didn't know he'd purchased Buckley's guitar. Great piece of trivia. I'm off to have a wipe down with a vintage copy of NME.
  2. \o/ Well done. Yup, saw Cooper Temple Clause and Muse at the Brixton Academy back in 2000. i mentioned "showbizzy" refers to their album Showbiz. And Matt Bellamy IMO is the British Jeff Buckley.
  3. Nope. If this doesn't give it away, not sure what will.
  4. So they weren't a constant frustration?
  5. I've always wondered this usage of a so-called true Class A. Dunno about you it looks like Arcam designers have been down the pub for too long: The new models are fugly.
  6. Certainly Cyrus would contrast well against the Sugden sound. I would also look at Leema Elements CD Player.
  7. Nope. I could imagine if Jeff Buckley was still alive he would appreciate this group.
  8. Nah, although you are getting warmer. They are a little less showbizzy than the ...Chilli Peppers
  9. Dug out another CD I've forgotten about, until now. Fabulous IMO.
  10. Nope. Never seen the Stones. but this group is one bad a##e sounding. They're fantastic.
  11. Let's have a go: Twenty years ago I went to a concert where the support band was 'Cooper Temple Clause'. Which famous rock band were they supporting?
  12. I would never have got that in a million years. It's Pink Floyd. All I know is one of the bods - Roger Waters IIRC - was born and grew up in my village.
  13. Sorry. Couldn't resist it. To answer your question. No idea.