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  1. I agree, having heard the A-S 2100. In some respects it was better than my Pulse but there's things Leema does which is unmatched in that price bracket. In terms of looks alone, Yamaha certainly ticks all my boxes (Oh er missus).
  2. Agree with @Nopiano there is a burn in period, or perhaps until your ears adjust to the sound. Unfortunately, hi-fi has a nasty habit of what it gives with one hand, takes away with the other. Or in plain English you gain in some areas but can lose in other areas of the presentation. This hobby is equally frustrating and interesting in (almost) all cases.
  3. I shall wait with interest. Be interesting to read how they compare to the others.
  4. Fair enough. Can't advise you on any tube Dacs. Sorry.
  5. Easier said than done, especially when it's flapping in the eye.
  6. I certainly did when I read some of the scary rubbish on the internet.
  7. These pesky little s###s move with the eyeball movement. Also if I look at a bright screen such as the PC - cover the other eye - I can see with little faint dots. And there's flashes in that eye in artificial light. Both the optician and the hospital said that's normal. Someone who's never had them before they are very disconcerting.
  8. Very good reason for not being here over recent days. On Sunday morning woke up and my left eye was strange. The same thing Monday morning I was so concerned I phoned NHS 111. Basically it looks like I have, can only describe as cobwebs in my vision, although the vision isn't impaired. NHS 111 said get to a hospital immediately but the only snag is I wasn't allowed to drive. No one around to drive me. Yesterday morning called the opticians and they said come straight away. In the meantime I looked on the internet and was scared witless. Went to the opticians by train - my daughter came with me and she is brilliant giving support. I was pooing myself dreading the worst.y After having drops put in my eye to dilate the pupils she couldn't find anything wrong other than a slight bleed behind the eye - she reassured me it's not unusual for someone to get this who's short sighted. To be on the safe side made an appointment for me to go to the hospital... the same day. Just in case I might get or have a detached retina. Got to the hospital by cab, which cost me a fortune. The hospital put more drops in my eye. The second time in one day I've been blinded. These knacker your vision. Anyway, after a 2 hour wait I saw the consultant who stuck his thumb in my eye a couple of times.... Nothing wrong. He said I have what's known as "Floaters". Quite normal for a middle-aged person with bad eyesight.. He ran off reams of floaters are. The good news is it's nothing permanent or dangerous and I can drive as it isn't impacting on my overall vision. They will go eventually , but time scale varies from person to person. The only thing to avoid is lifting heavy stuff until they go. As as consequence I won't on any forum too much until it's either subsided or gone. .
  9. Electrocompaniet CD player. IMO wasn't worth the s/hand price, much less the new price of £1100.
  10. Have an optician's appointment tomorrow at 9.30. They are going to dilate the pupil. Keeping my fingers crossed it's nothing serious.
  11. Pleased your mum likes it. I recommended it because my ma-in-law has one, which she purchased a few years ago. She tried out the Marantz 603 but decided that size does matter.
  12. I did hear Cyrus 8 with Dyn 52s, although can't remember whether they were the basic model or the SE version. In isolation with Cyrus PSX box and it sounded really good. However, more recently heard a Naim XS with Dynaudio Contour S1.4 and that was quite impressive. That said, the new Dyns tend to be more amp friendly. I would also suggest Leema Elements - similar in size to Cyrus - should also not be ignored.