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  1. Can stand Mr. Anstead. I find him dreadfully arrogant, and using a tag of "Master Mechanic" is an insult to all other top menchanics and car designers: Jimmy De Ville, Edd China, Elvis Priestly (current WD mechanic)... all better than him IMHO. Only seen 3 episodes of WDs with Anstead. Give me Edd any day. Any time WDs is on with Ant I refuse to watch it.
  2. I like a bit of top end "bite" so the Sugden A21SE with P3s could work a treat. Fair play, though, I understand what you say.
  3. Can I interject briefly on this one. I know I'm a relative novice with Harbeth -- only had the P3s on home demo for a week last summer (2020). On my amp they sounded beautifully balanced throughout all frequencies. I certainly didn't find them hard to drive/control, also excellent at low volumes which is important to me as usually play late at night. I've not heard any Sugdens so can't directly comment, but for everyday usage (looking at specs and previous threads), I would suggest, unless you play at club levels, should be fine. Re cables IMO any good quality copper should suffice whatever brands you have. I love my Atlas Equators.
  4. The irony is since its been washed it hasn't stopped raining. Typical.
  5. I did...several times. Apart from the initial call all subsequent ones went straight to answer phone. If I was unhappy with my bundles I would have persisted, but I'm not. One day perhaps.
  6. Cheers. Yes, for a car that's done nearly 100k miles, hasn't missed a beat engine wise in the 4 years of ownership. No signs of rust either.
  7. For the last few days, when not working, I wondered, which I have off and on about my Triumph Dolly Sprint I owned for about 3 years until 1990. Absolutely loved that car. Checked on the DLVA and entered the reg VGK 15W and it was SORN in January 2020. After help from the Triumph Dolomite forum they traced back to someone who owned it up until 2015. I found the owners telephone number and cheekily called. I'm sure he initially thought I was a crank or some sort of scam call: "Sorry to trouble you", I said. "Did you used to own a Inca yellow Dolomite Sprint? after a few seconds he said yes, after I remembered the registration number. Anyway, he said he changed the rear dampers in 2014. I said, "were they Spax adjustable shocks?" yes, why? I replied "I fitted Spax on the rears in 1988." They look like it, he said. He continued by saying it had a very bad respray and the engine was a bit rattly. After the phone call ended we exchanged messages and he kindly sent a load of photos through to me. He lives 10 miles away from me. Spooky. Here's the only photo I retained when I owned it. It was first reg in Sept 1980. Triumph stopped production of all Dolomites in Sept. 1980
  8. Last week I put the Alfa through the car wash. First time it's been cleaned for months. For a unmolested, totally original car it looks stunning. Next time I'll have to polish it.
  9. Nope. Not interested in the Masterclass. Anyway, I'm so content with my current bundles, they tick most boxes and some...
  10. I was wondering about Sugden. Are they in trouble? The A21 just isn't available from the factory, so it seems anyway. Certainly local dealers are struggling with stocks.
  11. Yup, I had the Tucana MK2. fantastic amp. Oodles of power, very rythmically cohesive and musical. However, you might find it a little too neutral compared to NAD. That said, it has lovely richness to instruments and vocals
  12. Still having supply problems with the A21. Strangely he has no issues with the Masterclass range.
  13. I'm sure I will. I've yet to hear a less than good modern amp. The issue will be if I can make work with rest of my system, and, of course, it has to justify the asking price. Clearly, I won't have any of these answers until I hear it. Certainly will enjoy the experience.
  14. Yesterday, spoke to a local dealer (not Guildford Audio) about the Sugden A21a. Hopefully I'm going to demo one in a fortnight. I say hopefully because the dealer said, due to the pandemic, stocks of the A21 is low, but he's hopeful in a couple of weeks. So I'm going to 'ping' him an email in 2 weeks and take it from there.
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