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  1. The Tucanas don't have on-board Dac or phono stage. The MKIII Pulse, along with the MKIV and the Quasar have the on-board Dacs. Also when I heard Dynaudio Audience with an Arcam A80 the combo sounded mismatched... quite flat and uninteresting.
  2. If you're looking for a amp with grunt to get the best out of the Contours, neither Arcams will achieve this. The A85 is the choice for cohesive sound over the A90. IIRC the A90 was meant to have the P90 power amp which could be upgraded with a multi-channel module. Both these amps will be okay but I don't think they have the balls to really achieve what you're looking for. These Contour S1.4 are so demanding. Are they around 4 ohms with something like 84 or 85 dbs? I know I sound like a stuck record but a Tucana would be my choice. You can pick MK1 versions up for around £1000. How does the AVR 400 drive the Contours? This should be a good indicator given the 400 is around 130 watts with 2-channel. Hope this has helped a little.
  3. Indeed. I thought I'd lost it. Forgot all about until I stumbled across it earlier this evening.
  4. Wow. Had a rummage through my record collection and found this. Not played in years. Great album.
  5. Have this on CD. It has an bonus tracks with demo versions.Without doubt my favourite Jacko album.
  6. Today I made fresh bread, which peed off Mrs. P as she can't have any gluten. So I made her a polenta and pistachio cake. She was happy with that. BTW, is there a better smell than fresh bread proving? it wafts around the house. Absolutely mouth watering.
  7. I'm not really a big bass head. I'd much prefer a punchy, well defined bass than more low end stuff. I'm pretty sure it will be better given the new dealer prices. The SE model new is 3k, according to Guildford Hi-fi website. That's nearly 3 x the cost of the Leema when new. Then I'll have to factor in a phono stage. I know some have already been added, but they are few and far between.
  8. Certainly get round to hearing one at some point. I tried a couple of weeks ago to contact my local dealer... tried twice and went onto answer machine. I'll wait for a while as it's purely experimental reasons/comparisons. Love what my system offers, for VFM it's hard to better IME.
  9. I get a slight delay on the Leema volume, only with remote control. Use it manually there's no lag or delay. By contrast, when I had the Arcams if you turned it down really low it would veer slightly to emphasis one channel.
  10. I know you owned a PrimaLuna last year. What's the difference or benefits of the Sugden?
  11. Funny you should mention that. When I had the P3s on home demo last year, they were quite tricky to drive. As @Amormusic has PMC 23s, and likes the results, the Sugden should equally give as pleasing results with the TBs. The major fly in the ointment, as I see it, is the potential for the A21 to overheat, given the constant use.
  12. Having demoed Arros a couple of times, they so need a really ballsy amp. No real issues with mine but it does blunt the volume somewhat. I'd rather have the PMCs at 8 ohms and 90 dbs. Not only is it an easier load but better at idling levels. As always with hi-fis it's small margins.