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  1. It's true the E series wasn't great in the LFs, but considering I've owned them since 1982, and still in the attic and very usable, think I know more about how they sound than most. And that's bigger than my PMCs which are 6.9 inches, and still bigger than the average modern monitor.
  2. Yes, matey, the Tucana was sensational. It ticked every sonic box you could reasonably ask for. Of course there are better but you'd have to spend far more than £3500 new price of the MKII to better it. The down side is I would have factor in for a good phono stage... and the size is nearly double that of the Pulse. If I purchased another Tucana I wouldn't need a sub, as the presentation, although, taut and agile, is also bigger and gives far better 3D than the Pulse. But that's the easy option. I want to challenge myself and system. And yes, the Pulse has Pre Outs for a power amp.
  3. They were very good in many aspects... in their day. You have to bear in mind the E series was first produced in the 1970s, when the E90s were first used in cinemas. After that they started producing domestic monitors such as the E70, 50, 30 and 20, I purchased mine from Comet in 1982. At the end of the day, one has to move on.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Problem is the speakers need to sound good at lower volumes, so speakers around the 4 ohms such as those Neats probably need a ballsy amp to hear at their best. ProAcs, so I've been told, sound best with a valve amp or a smooth SS amp. Heard the PMC Twenty 23 -- very good but hate the look of them. My list for so, which will be shortened no doubt: Dynaudio 40s. Dali Rubicon 2 Monitor Audio Gold 100 (again might not excel at low levels) Active speaker of some description. Or may just plump for a Harbeth P3 with a sub, or some
  5. Not mentioned these speakers not because of secrecy but they are irrelevant to the thread and the current situation. They were (and still are) Wharfedale E20. They were good speakers, the 'E' stood for efficiency, and were better suited to affordable valve amps of the time.
  6. I've only ever used kettle leads. Years ago I asked one of my regular dealers about dedicated mains cables and he said (paraphrasing), "they are worthwhile if your mains current is clean. Otherwise I would stick with a basic kettle lead." Never really thought about electricity mains to the house can vary from area to area.
  7. A) Totally happy with the sound of the system 'as is'. No weak links I can find. Just want to improve what I have already. B) Whether it's a replacement amp or speakers it needs to appease Mrs. P. She thinks the PMCs on stands are fugly. So a nice small speaker with a sub -- she'll then think it's only half fugly. C) Can't go large as the room won't take it, and I don't want anything too imposing. Compact floorstanders or standmounts are the only solution. D) Whatever direction I end up going in must be more than a subtle improvement in terms of sound quality. That can only be
  8. Been having a scan through various active speakers. Richer Sounds supply a good range from entry-level models to well over 2k mark. The one that takes my fancy are the Acoustic Energy AE 1 actives, around the £1200 mark. Add a good sub and could be me sorted... assuming I can use the Leema as a preamp. I'm certainly moving towards smaller monitors with a sub, whether it's traditional passive or active.
  9. Could I please request you stop using graphs. I've never used them and have no interest in graphs. The best graph is my ears. If you want to start a new thread on graphs, please feel free.
  10. Having owned speakers of 96 db their bass was as limp as a damp sock. Very good speakers for the money let down by the LFs. IMV a punchy amp doesn't have a problem with bass depth or punch. If you want to p##s the neighbours off then I would use my old 96db speakers, which could entertain the neighbourhood. So no, I don't agree with you.
  11. That's true, Doug, but the main criticism was the dynamics weren't as prominent and of course a slight downfall of bass extension.. But the P3s edged out the PMCs for realism, whereas the PMC were little more exciting. As always with hi-fi it's finding that balance between the two.
  12. Don't expect it to be cheaper, but having demoed the P3s last summer I'm more confident of buying without demoing. I know the synergy is fab.
  13. Have heard the original PL100 at SSAV years ago. Can't remember what amp was being used in the showroom. I knew someone from the other forum who loved his PL100s with his Tucana. The cheaper RS6s sound pukka on the Pulse, still not convinced about matching Pulse with PL100s
  14. Yup, used Unilet a few times. I used to deal with Joe, not sure if he's still there. Purchased my Arcam A65+ and years later PMCs in their Blue Murder Sale they had every April. Good guys. (Also purchased a replacement remote for my old Arcam CD73)
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