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  1. Think, also, music is in the blood in my case. We never had a TV until the late 60s so it was music on the radiogram or nothing. Like an alcoholic needs his daily fix, I need music of some description.
  2. It's irrelevant if I own Harbeth or not. I've worked in the consumer industry all adult life, 25 years in sales and ran my own small, successful business selling everything from babies nappies to bikes to stationary supplies to heavy machinery. What's happened to the philosophy of the customer is always right? That doesn't appear to have happened with Mac's experience. If I was a manager at Harbeth I'd be walking over hot coals to rectify Mac's issue. I used my experience with the Leema to prove how appreciating your clients really works. Harbeth, based on my fairly recent demo of the P3s, make some wonderful speakers... no doubt about the SQ. When it comes to customer care that leaves a foul taste in my mouth. As a good will gesture, they could have given Mac a replacement pair while they were trying to fix the grilles. So yes I care about people in general, regardless of what kit they have. Two months is disgraceful.
  3. So you are saying two failed attempts to rectify Mac's grilles is to quote you "exceedingly good customer service". Two months to get the grilles fixed on a few grands worth of speakers? Sorry, but that's nonsense. That's why I used my experience to prove what rubbish that is: To test, re-loom the whole amp and change the headphone circuit board, and sent back in two weeks as opposed to two months to source and fix grilles. Can't even believe I'm having to explain this. If I sold you a used heavy grade electric drill, and charged you a couple of grand and it was faulty, would you stand for that? You would either demand a repair or ask for a refund. I would.That's Mac's only fault: He should have been harder and be more demanding. That is dreadful customer service from Harbeth.
  4. Not changed anything. The whole situation is farcical. I did state Mac purchased them discounted rate. Harbeth made two unsatisfactory attempts to solve the problem. A couple of half-hearted attempts. Crikey it was to source and replace two grilles... and failed. Are you for real? That's pathetic. How can you say that's exceedingly good customer service? Sometimes when you get a great deal it's usually too good to be true... as this demonstrates. You can't use the pandemic as an excuse. By August practically all restrictions were lifted by early May. The pubs opened on the 6th. When I first purchased the Leema I had the headphone socket issue. Phoned Leema Acoustics, and even though my Pulse was discontinued and replaced, they sent a carrier vehicle the next day, and two weeks later it was repaired FOC. And it only cost me £750 as an end of line product. That's real customer service from a Welsh company, as opposed to Harbeth who are no more than about 25 miles from Mac's house.
  5. Ok, this is my view, and I know many don't have a clue what I'm going on about, however... Normal price is about £12k, although I'm sure Mac had them discounted. They were purchased in August, now 3rd week of October. They were incomplete and only now is God almighty coming out with one of his lieutenants to hopefully complete the job -- two months plus after purchase. That's lunacy. It doesn't inspire me to purchase any of their models later down the line. For several thousand pounds I'd expect them to come with a red carpet... Loyalty only stretches so far. I would have slung them back long before now.
  6. Why does Mr. Shaw need a colleague? Is he not capable of setting up speakers by himself?
  7. If you want to listen to my Leema I'm more than happy to bring it up. PM me if it tugs your rug.
  8. Not saying get floorstanders, much less the RS6s. MA produce some great speakers, including the newer Silver 100s. Either that, which are a better combo than you have or buy the Leema which synergise great with Dyns. The choice is yours. I can't do anymore. But ignore valve amps with your current speakers. Valve amps are great, but on your budget you won't get better than the Pulse or MA standmounts with your A19.
  9. The main reason is because I cannot think of a worst combination. Living Voice speakers, from what I've read, are generally powered by expensive valve amps, or at least very smooth SS amps.
  10. @mr neds. Years ago I heard an Arcam A80 with older Dynaudio 52, and it sounded flat. Arcams in that price range are fabulous but not the gutsiest of amps, so speaker matching is crucial. IMHO Arcam and Monitor Audio Silvers are a fabulous match. They both bring the best out of each other. I know some people stick their noses up at Monitor Audio, but they are as good as any in their respective price bracket. Hi-fi is all about synergy, not just how they match tonally but how the amp drives the speakers. For years I had the A65+ with RS6s....
  11. Yeah, the MK3 version was a design nightmare. What Dyns do you use? The Pulse will have plenty oomph to drive your speakers.
  12. Blimey. Thought this thread had been consigned to the wheelie bin. Yup, the old front wheel drive 1300. My mate's dad had one. Good cars in the day and brave as it was Triumph's first FWD.
  13. Leema. Natural, taut and crisp. Will work a treat with your speakers. Nuff said.
  14. I actually started up thread about this last year, in which you participated in. My views have always been consistent. Clickety