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  1. More people should have latched onto this group. Loved it when I purchased the CD and still do. Influenced George Ezra? You decide.
  2. I'm sure there are better amps out there. However, they synergy/interaction between each component is spot on -- that's priceless and something I'm very aware of with any upgrade.
  3. I play old 60s Mono singles and albums on the current cart. Sounds fine to my ears.
  4. One of 3 or 4 great albums from Stevie Wonder.
  5. Unless I'm losing the plot, where is that phrase "The Sugden is out"? I've not dismissed any brand yet.
  6. Why did you ever sell them, if you loved them so much?
  7. Okay, I'm starting to build a picture of what the new amp needs: Parasound, Sugden, Krell, Lavardin and NAD I've no experience of any of these brands other than older NADs, such as the 352, 370 which, although powerful, lacked openness and transparency. They weren't to my taste. Leema Pulse. Sounds great with PMCs, Monitor Audio Silvers and Golds, Totems (Arros I've demoed), Harbeths; and someone I recommended the Pulse to years ago ran it with Dynaudio Exite (IIRC) Tucana. Great with PMCs, Monitor Audio RS6s (someone from another forum ran his Tucana with Monitor Audio PL100), Totems. Include Harbeth and no doubt Dynaudio Arcam SA30: Older Arcs were great with PMCs, Monitor Audio Silver or Gold, Totems; I think @hifinutt mentioned a few days ago he heard the A85 with Harbeth P3 and was impressed. There's a pattern slowly emerging which is good and bad. It's good because I know what I like and don't, but bad because I need to be wafted from the comfort zone into another sonic dimension. Most important, though, whatever amp I go for needs to be flexible with sources and speakers. This is why it takes me years (sometimes) to make a serious upgrade. I tend to dot all the Is and cross the Ts more than once. I know it may seems like I'm faffing, but every system I've had has been great and lasted me years.
  8. It's during that period I was a part of the Mod revival scene and had a huge dislike for the New Romantic stuff of the early 80s -- that just stuck with me, I suppose.
  9. Think your body needs to fully adjust to the vaccine, that's why they suggest about 28 days before you have sufficient protection. Mrs. P is on different meds and she was fine.
  10. Of course, main priority is the business. @Amormusic pairs his Sugden with PMC 23s and loves it. IME PMC works well with most makes.
  11. Not sure about Arcam SA30. It could be a real stunner or a sideways step, so if anyone has heard one, feedback would be gratefully received. I've dismissed Rega Elicit-R as it's too similar tonally to the Leema.
  12. This is one of those LPs I don't usually admit to owning. I only purchased it for the single Save A Prayer. Played for the first time in gawd knows how long and it's pretty good.
  13. So you are suggesting I tell her a bare-faced lie? Brilliant idea. '
  14. Hegel is a good call. They also seem to work well with a range of speakers.
  15. Think Mrs. P would lay an egg if I had a pre/power combo.
  16. Another very underrated artist from the late 1970s and 80s. Seen him twice in concert back in the dim and distant. It was two hours of a adrenaline. Great track. Should be on most playlists. This is one track I can play on the guitar. Not difficult but simplicity is best at times.
  17. @Nifkin Loved the Creek amp I was familiar with but the Voyage range at £4.5k will be too much. I have to think about upgrading the sources over a period and. no doubt, the speakers. Certainly the Arcam SA30 could be a contender. Initially I'm actively looking at taking myself out of the comfort zone. Good call though.
  18. Sure it's a fabulous amp but the aesthetics don't do anything for me.
  19. I owned the Tucana MKII before and still one of my fav amps at the price. No, not even thought about Denon stuff, but the list can only cover so many brands.
  20. Very sure. The initial choices are deliberate. I've had Leemas for 11 years and want to see what other presentation does it for me. I'll probably add in one of the higher end Yamahas as well as I've demoed the AS 2100 a few years ago, but found that was a sideways step rather than an improvement.