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  1. The only SF I've heard was just brilliant and 10k. The Olympica Nova 3. NO idea what the one you are looking at sounds like. I believe Kef has a house sound and it's one I like. I'd take the Kef R7 over lots of speakers in a similar price range. I much prefer them over a B&W or PMC. BMW too warm for me and PMC too cold. Just like Goldilocks and the three bears. Others in that price range for me would be a Q Acoustic Concept 300 and a Dynaudio Special 40. Maybe the Evoke 30 as well, but the R7 has more bass than all of those.
  2. I can't decide what anyone can like unless I am well acquainted with what they construe as "good sound." I can only advise people based on what they have initially told me (written) and, of course, whether or not I have relevant experience with the kit in question. This is why I don't chime in on every post about amps and speakers. Amplifier and DAC measurements mean exactly zero to me. I wish I could read the 3D speaker graph better and understand how this parlays itself into listening on and off axis and if I might like that speaker.. Even If I could, I would not substitute anything for hearing, speakers especially, in my own room. The level at which most of my peers are at on this Forum means I'm always surprised when people buy components without hearing them at home. We can help steer people in a particular direction but because we don't have their ears, or tastes or rooms.......Everything is simply our personal opinion.
  3. I'm happy to help. Good luck with the decision.
  4. We are on the same page. It was a Christmas playlist and I took some heat from mommy when one particularly loud number woke up the little man.
  5. Happy festive season all, I'm curious to know if anyone has found a way to make the replay-gain work on either of the streaming services. I've run every experiment I can think of and the difference in loudness continues to be problematic when using Tidal and Qobuz. It doesn't really matter what I choose: track, album, smart gain. I've investigated everything possible on the web and no one has a solution outside of going back to the computer and using Tidal's loudness normalization, which is rather pointless since that's why I bought the Bluesound -- to get away from the computer. I was the recipient of some "constructive criticism" from my little boy's other parent last night. Ouch. Any ideas or successes?
  6. good enough. thanks. Makes sense of course. They are so nasty tasting though. Ick
  7. A genuine question: Why "mince?" Honest to goodness, I've never understood this bit. For years, I was under the impression mince pies were savory -- Cornish pasties and the like. Or those little meat filled ones that you might find in former British colonies like Malaysia or Nigeria. (lived in both) No joke, just two years ago, I was in the British store here in Brussels needing a Turkey for Thanksgiving or Xmas and I spied mince pies and without looking closely bought a small box and took them home. Not what I was expecting is about as diplomatic as it gets. It's supposed to be like filled butter cookies or something of this nature? I'd like to know.
  8. Same. I tried it on both systems, two separate versions. Good to go. Same thing happened to me two nights ago with Til Bronner's trumpet.
  9. Better living through modern chemistry?
  10. And............ the Meta wins? I'll sell you my LS50s right now for €500. PS. I like those Darko videos. Comparison is important to me.
  11. Come on man, just choose something already. Santa's not bringing you jack this xmas so no sense waiting any longer. I really do empathise with the leader of the opposition.
  12. ChemMan

    Kef R3

    I've heard it more than once. It's very nice with a distinctly Kef sound and as much bass as anyone needs in a room that size. For €1600 versus €1200 for the LS50, I'd say the imaging is quite similar and the bass much fuller. Maybe there is some magic about the LS50 I don't get from the R3, but it's made up for with the low-end response. Full disclosure, I've not heard the R3 with my amp in my room.
  13. It won't be long. Soon enough some all-knowing master of just about nothing will be along to expound on how the rest of us have brought forth a veritable cornucopia full of logical fallacies all the while pontificating in the anonymous guise of the Third Person. The Three Stooges are good for a laugh, but I wonder where Shemp is hiding.
  14. What I can't quite get my head around is why people join a HiFi and Music forum and then spend most of their time posting in the "off topic" forums. There are all sorts of people out there with no meaningful life outside of "argument" often phrased as discussion. It's terribly sad and so often true, even three times over.
  15. I bought my used Jolida based on the guys here without hearing it. Mind you, I didn't think €500 was expensive so I took the plunge. I bought my LS50s five years back without hearing them, based on reputation and advice rather than measurements. I was and am still fond of them. I also bought my Arcam A39 without hearing it based on the fact I had owned an A75 and liked it and some advice from WHF. @Nopiano + @CnoEvil With all that said, I'd never buy anything new again without hearing it first. I would buy used Revel speakers without hearing them based on measurements and reputation.