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  1. I don't doubt any of this. The Auralic app really bugs me though and is a possible deal breaker. Sounds quite good however. So far it's my favorite sound wise in a Streaming-DAC all in one box in the ~€2000 range.
  2. It's got one feature my wife really wants: Air Play. I've read for and against the sound quality thing as well. No idea myself as I've not heard it, but since it is just such good value for money, I'd gladly sell the current one and get the new one.
  3. I've not heard your speakers, but I have heard the 30.2 and SHL5+ with your amplifier. The bass lite thing is not going away even with those "bigger" Harb speakers. If you want to stay with standmount speakers, I can highly recommend the Dynaudio Special 40 with your amplifier. Twenty months ago, I heard 37 different speakers and many of them with your amp. I settled on floorstanders as I have a big room and needed scale. The 40s are a very modern sounding speaker however. Very different than the Harbs I've heard, which are very authentic with acoustic instruments. And, I was very close to purchasing the SHL5+. Lots of fellows on this Forum swear by their subwoofers. Me, not so much as I really wanted to get away from the one I had, and getting it right with integrating and crossover frequency, phase button..... I just couldn't be bothered. This Forum and these fellows, myself included, will gladly spend all of your remaining money for you. I've been going at this hard for about two years (I made some mistakes) and on my third amp and third set of speakers. (two speakers really, long story) My point is, this place is fantastic for advice; many of these guys live and breathe it. It is possible to learn a lot if you have some free time, but if you are not able to do all the research, you have to rely on dealers so don't beat yourself up about that bit. And remember, the law of diminishing returns ALWAYS applies.
  4. There is a lot of truth to this. And this fellow is getting some bad advice from somewhere. I have experience with most of these products in this thread. Someone said he needs a more transparent amp? Nonsense. I've had that same McIntosh amp sitting here for 18 months. That's about as transparent as it gets for that money and it is overpriced in the UK. $3500 USD when new in the States is another story. Interestingly, when I compared the ND5 XS2 to a Chord Qutest with a SBooster and Node2 streamer I found the Naim to be bass light and much preferred the Chord. This combo comes in at the same price in Euros as does the Naim. And to your point, this Altair G1 has been sitting here running non-stop for nearly a month. I put the Node back into service yesterday out of curiosity. There is now a noticeable difference between the two sources when initially I was underwhelmed. I'm glad to have had this nice chance to sample a new source for so long, much as I did with the Spendors. Finally, as you mentioned @TheFlash, we have both found the Node2 to be a fabulous piece of kit. Does the Altair sound a bit better to me? Sure. Is it 4x better? No, but it is 4x the price. Will I pony up and buy the Altair? I don't know. Would I sell the Node2 and buy a Node2i? Yes, Tomorrow.
  5. I have it up loud now and testing the A/B/A with Node 2 v Altair. Altair: detail, good timing, quick. Better across the board integration of instrumentation. Node2: Warmer, less detail, slower. Switching between an Arcam A39 v VTL-IT 85 has a significantly greater effect on the overall presentation than does the digital switch. I'm leaning toward staying with the Node2. May be not.
  6. And I can tell you RIGHT now, this app stinks.
  7. You're not wrong. The streaming-DAC functionality seems to be it's forte.
  8. Not 100% certain, but I think it does not.
  9. Does this as well. USB connection in the rear.
  10. Yes, there is a protocol they publish with instructions and screenshots to access any files I'd like to play that are stored on my laptop. I would presume it would do the same from a desktop or existing NAS.
  11. I'm still sitting on this €2200 Auralic Altair G1. Sure it sounds good. 4X better than the Node 2? Nope. Even if you only use the Node2i for a streamer (it has optical out), I don't see how you could go wrong. I'm somehow missing the train of thought by spending more if you have your own happy DAC.
  12. Dude, seriously? You know full well the simple solution is the Node 2I. Streamer and DAC in one combo for 5 Franklins? Plus home delivery. Come on man.
  13. We are on the same page. If I could find a Akurate DS2 or 3 with Kat for about €3000-3500. I would get that for myself. A Hegel 390 with a Akurate DS Kat would be ince indeed. The Akurate adds a lot of air and separation to instrumentation that, to my ears, sounds realistic. Yes.
  14. Now you are narrowing the gap. I've heard the Akurate DSM and it sounds pretty damn good. I also heard the Akurate DS/Kat with the Linn 2200 here in my house on the Spendors. I would say the H390 with my Spendors and my Node 2 was more to my liking. I love the Special 40s and think that a H390 with Special 40s might be one of top systems under €9k that one could find.