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  1. This thread is so long I thought thank goodness, looks like the objective and subjective matter has been solved. By the look of things we need wrap speed rate to solve this one. 4 billion miles per second.
  2. Nativebon

    OPPO 205 price

    The Oppo players are really top quality players. My Oppo 105EU disc player failed about 3months ago. Cost me £170 for parts and labour, which in my opinion was well worth it. If I was to buy something new would've cost me much more than £170. The 205 is only going at that price due to the none availability of production of the players. I personally will not buy one at those prices. Even my older model (105EU) before the 205 still goes for anything between £750 to £900.
  3. Oh well tough luck.
  4. That's strange, cause someone has likes the picture. I can see from my end
  5. Just a picture. Seems your mind is working overtime.
  6. The problem is once your identity is shared online then you're most likely to have problems frequently with fraud.
  7. New interview with Nelson Pass posted yesterday, and he talks about distortion and measurements from 38.40 position.
  8. Reproduction of the human voice is were the real test lies. I can tell every time am walking into a music studio if it's the real thing or from monitors. Reproduction of music is not always about loudness and dynamic range. Gets close but not quite there yet.
  9. I personnel think it's impossible to measure every aspect of music, just like it's impossible to know everything about existence. They may come a day when dos, listening will do for now. Time and again everyone talks about blind testing and subjective listening but hardly about hearing actually distortion in an enjoyable playback system in a blind test. If an objectivist can't pick out a system with distortion in a blind test then the argument that distortion can be heard is not valid. If subjective listeners need to prove blindly so do objective listeners as regards hearing distortion in a blind test time and again. This may well go a long way to prove whether it's necessary to have precise accurate measurements when it comes to music reproduction and also at what level of distortion.
  10. 1 listen to what people say 2 Buy on their advice 3 Get home listen 4 Wait for things to settle or burn in 5 Two months later still sounds s**t 6 Yes I learnt the hard way..
  11. When does a product become vintage?. Would this apply to a certain period in time or more relative to how old the product is. Seems the penny just dropped for many. Apart from the abilities of playing loud and huge dynamic swings, most Well put together music systems from the past has all it takes to enjoy music.