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  1. Walking is one of the best way to exercise. As we get older it's better we do more aerobic exercises, (with air) or short bursts of intense exercise for 1-minute repeating 3 or 4 times with 30secs rest in between (without air) anaerobic. This way our bodies produces less of the stress hormone cortisol, which can cause havoc in the human body. Take the pet out for a long walk.
  2. Thanks for your input about your AP speakers. I wonder if the specs of yours are any different from the new AVANTI 35. Really looking forward to getting my pair. Elite Audio just update me this morning and to be delivered nxt week Monday. Absolutely brilliant service.
  3. Sure to give my opinion once I've had a good listen for a few days. Hopefully should have em in a few days. Only problem is the finish of Walnut which I prefer is currently not available till Feb.. Nxt year. However I've been given from now till then a trial period with the black finish. May just be a good enough period to make comparison With other speakers.
  4. Ok just a quick update. There really is no easy way round this hifi stuff, especially with speakers. Bit the bullet and ordered the AP AVANTI 35's. 30day home trial. Really looking forward to my new toy, or should I say present from you know who.
  5. I'm I ok that I remembered this from last year...
  6. Thanks for narrating your experience with the AP speaker. It's not easy these days auditioning items of hifi especially speakers. My room is 6 ×4.5 meters. From your elaborate description of the Q acoustic 500's seems I might just like em. The question is, will they be too big for my room. I may take up the offer to try the Avanti 35's at home. Just need to clarify a few things with the retailer. Decisions decisions.
  7. @ChemMan.I have no doubt about your findings, and we have to deal with so much variations when it comes to choosing hifi boxes. From personal objective/subjective choices and preferences to system synergy. Also like you've mentioned, room in which speakers to be used. I personally need speakers that would do 35 Hz and below, cause I listen to a very wide variety of music Styles. From Jazz to soul to hip-hop, jazz fusion, new age, alternative, Classical and World music. No I don't like boomy bass, reason why I've kept my IPL acoustic speakers for so long, cause the go really low without the bass boom. Unfortunately they beginning to sound a bit dull in the high frequencies.
  8. I get where you coming from, but one person's.....
  9. It could well be that the ATC'S I auditioned still needed breaking in. Mind you it was driven with an Arcam A49 not A39.
  10. Actually I'm seriously considering the QA Concept 500. The Kef R11's might be a little to large for my liking. ATC'S I do like the appearance of but not really keen on the sound presentation. I auditioned the ATC SCM40 twice driven by Arcam A49, but just thought the bass was lacking just a tad. I surely can understand why many love em due to the clean and pure midrange they produce. I've booked to audition a few pairs of ProAC speakers nxt week. Really lookingforward.
  11. Thanks Von, yes I gathered that about Mark speaking with him a couple of times, he is a pleasant chap indeed. Still deciding where to go from here, so much choice out there. A friend also adviced I should audition a pair Wharfedale Elysian 2 speakers. I suppose I'm under a substantial amount of pressure if taking advantage of the Black Friday deals. I better get listening asap then.
  12. Q Acoustics ProAc and Dynaudio seems more to my preference of music presentation. Never heard a Spendor before, and not really keen on the appearance. The Spendor's has to be out of this world good for me to even consider them. After the lockdwn looking to audition some ProACs.
  13. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. @Nopiano I had ATC'S demo'd in the pass but was not to my liking. And thanks for the info Nopiano, cause the offer was from Elite Audio. I do actually like the range of speakers from ProAc and already on my audition list.
  14. Hello all, looking to upgrade my speakers. Been given a really tempting BLACK FRIDAY offer for the Avanti 35 speakers. I remember listening to a pair of Audio physic floor standing speakers in the pass and was Totally blown away. Can't remember which model though. BF deal is for £4467 (6066rrp). Could I do better spending this on different pair of speakers?.. If so, what would you advice. This is just the beginning of upgrades to my system, and really looking forward to the journey. Oh... I also got offered a 30day home trial with the AVANTI SPEAKERS. 30% deposit and balanced prior to delivery.