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  1. I never said there was no difference, just saying this test was done in isolation. Anyway you quoted me before I added more to my post.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't seem like this test was done under real world ( in a system with other hifi components) conditions with different systems in different locations. Would be interesting to see a test as complex as having an all smps or an all linear power supply system then take measurements at different locations using either power supply systems. Some thing tells me it's more complex than test like the one above, but it's a start.
  3. One could make just about any speaker sound great at this rate... You are very very very... Did I mention VERY?, you are very patient. I'd throw in the towel at stage two... You must be at stage 50 now.
  4. Why does sound have to be sooooo sensitive
  5. Just done a quick search very similar to the problem you're having
  6. Yes I may need to try other software.
  7. Unless something is wrong with my phone or the software I'm using, the listening figures given here so far are just way to low.. In my quiet room I'm getting readings of 20 to 22db. Anything below 60db ( when playing music) is way too low to make any sense of scale, depth, projection and dynamics of the music.. I'm I missing something?
  8. Seen this graph before and made no sense what so ever, but in relation to my question.... Bingo!!.
  9. I listen around 70 to 80.. Peaks at 85db. That's the loudest I listen. The question is... Perceived loudness as suppose real loudness. Also do certain frequencies read louder than others, or a combination of all frequencies.
  10. There is truth beyond what the mind can comprehend.
  11. I've tried to upgrade with 3 different speakers in my room but I just keep coming back to my IPL acoustic speakers. Not because they are the best speakers, but because the IPL'S work best in my room. I'm still on the search for speakers, but requires time, effort and patience. Putting in a rave review/popular speaker in the wrong room, just causes more problems dwn the line. Can't agree with you more @DomT.
  12. Are we politically correct?.
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