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  1. This one too cheap I need some thing more expensive...
  2. Recorded with life Orchestra, love the arrangements.
  3. I'm actually interested in the Sa-01 amp. I wouldn't mind doing a test demo, but got a few questions. Firstly can this be incorporated into a home cinema system. I'm guessing RCA and XLR inputs run different select inputs. For example... From DAC XLR TO XLR, then preout from AV to RCA on the SA-01.
  4. I have to bow to you...
  5. Surely @Jules_S you could pick up a Class D amp for nxt to nothing that will out perform the A-400.
  6. All I'll say is that you may need to exploit certain genre of music extensively before making blanket statements. Just as much as we have rubbish pop same can be said for rap, but not all rap. Having said that music is very subjective and an art form. Just to name a few rap music with melody. 1 Ronny Jordan 2 Jason Rebello.. Summertime 3 Bill Evan: Escape 4 US3 5 The band ... Outside 6 Young disciples 7 Disable Planet 8 The Fugees 9 Groove Collective. 10 Peter Rock & C.L. Smooth. Just to name a few. May not be your style of music,
  7. This is what I call.... Minds stuck in the pass syndrome
  8. Your very mistaken.
  9. If anything heavy metal is as bad as it gets in my opinion
  10. I strongly disagree with this generalized statement
  11. Not sure if I should take you seriously either.
  12. One of the reasons I love the RME ADI-2 DAC, due to its variable output. Most modern hi-fi equipment should work well together, but the ability to adjust brings about better signal-to-noise ratio and dynamics.
  13. Definitions means Jack... Given by humans just like you and me.
  14. Well that's how I feel when people talk complex stuff and share bloody graphs
  15. May be we can all learn something from this Video.
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