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  1. I have to agree with your findings. My Clearer Audio cables has better space and definition than the Puritan ones. For the money, I personally think the Puritan represents excellent value for money. I got my pair on my second bedroom system and has improved the performance.
  2. I'm thick skinned you see, unless it results to personal attacks, I ignore.
  3. The Puritan must be doing something right, cause I can play must louder with them in place.
  4. So I've been listening to music with the Puritan classic cables plugged into my OPPO 105EU doing streaming duties and also into my Sbooster for my RME ADI-2DAC. The Puritan classic replaced two Clearer Audio mains cables attached to same as above. I must say there is a marked difference between the Puritan classic and my Clearer Audio mains cables. The Puritan mains has a little more warmth as compared to the Clearer Audio ones. The Clearer Audio has a little more air around instruments, as to which is better will be system dependent. I'm keeping my pair cause I like em. Expectation
  5. Really love this Album.. Timeless music.
  6. That's a question for you to answer?
  7. I promise no more mention of COVID. Now let's get back to cables please.
  8. I choose what I put in my body, I choose the option of keeping my body healthy. Don't brush everyone with the same brush, and as far as COVID vaccines are concerned yes surely saved lives. Pharmaceutical companies haven't got a good track record either. The reason mortality rates were so high is due to bad health choices, we are living longer sicker, with 70% of the population on one type of medication or another. The question no one is asking' is why governments around the world not using COVID as an opportunity to educate it's citizens about leading a healthy life style. COVID Vaccine
  9. I agree with everything apart from the reference to COVID. They are not experts they just choose to not take a drug developed under 8months. Ok seems this thread is on fire and surely derailed now.
  10. The cables just arrived, they smell of tight bass, brilliant mid-range and sparkly clear treble.
  11. Seems this thread has got all the white and copper classic Puritan mains cables sold out. Anyway settled for a pair of black ones, confirmed delivery tomorrow. After few days of listening I'd surely try to relay my findings here, be it good, bad, better same or just different in SQ.
  12. The differences in SQ will mostly depend on your setup
  13. Just ordered a pair of the classic mains. That's it, I'm getting off this forum.
  14. Oh well nothing has changed then.. " is it a religion or a disease"
  15. This one too cheap I need some thing more expensive...
  16. Recorded with life Orchestra, love the arrangements.
  17. I'm actually interested in the Sa-01 amp. I wouldn't mind doing a test demo, but got a few questions. Firstly can this be incorporated into a home cinema system. I'm guessing RCA and XLR inputs run different select inputs. For example... From DAC XLR TO XLR, then preout from AV to RCA on the SA-01.
  18. I have to bow to you...
  19. Surely @Jules_S you could pick up a Class D amp for nxt to nothing that will out perform the A-400.
  20. All I'll say is that you may need to exploit certain genre of music extensively before making blanket statements. Just as much as we have rubbish pop same can be said for rap, but not all rap. Having said that music is very subjective and an art form. Just to name a few rap music with melody. 1 Ronny Jordan 2 Jason Rebello.. Summertime 3 Bill Evan: Escape 4 US3 5 The band ... Outside 6 Young disciples 7 Disable Planet 8 The Fugees 9 Groove Collective. 10 Peter Rock & C.L. Smooth. Just to name a few. May not be your style of music,
  21. This is what I call.... Minds stuck in the pass syndrome
  22. Your very mistaken.
  23. If anything heavy metal is as bad as it gets in my opinion
  24. I strongly disagree with this generalized statement
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