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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Not to take anything away from the Oldius, but I've been searching to upsample to my RME ADI-2 DAC in nos mode, and seems like just the right ticket. Manufactured in-house products.
  2. I thought I was alone with this problem but seems not, hence I returned mine.
  3. I've never met Joolz, but seems like a nice person. RIP Joolz. Condolences to family and friends.
  4. I thought as much that a kind of computing power was needed to complete setup. I'm surprised lack of availability of upsampling hardware.
  5. Had to compress mine to 2mb. Loads of compression software online
  6. Actually why didn't think of @tuga.
  7. Could well be a case of Audiolab found a new way to filter on the cheap. I never dismiss anything till I try.
  8. Could this be the answer to HQplayer without using Mac/PC. Forgive my ignorance if there's other hardware with built-in HQplayer software. Was always looking to upsample to my RME ADI-2 in Nos mode. Edit: from further digging it seems an operating system is still needed in the chain
  9. I loved music right from when I was a teenager when my dad bought our first proper hi-fi JVC system complete with amp cassette tape player and turntable. The amp had 4 channels with big meter thingy. Still remember the first records played on the system. One track was from The Beatles other Brass Construction. I just totally fell in love with music hearing the sound come out those 4 speakers placed in four corners of the house. Seems once music awakes something inside you, you never can let go. Similar at work place so many colleagues who still talk about music production and sound systems. Many do ask for advice in the age range of say 30 to their 50s. Being I'm a train driver in london we got over 280 drivers on my line alone, so you get to meet a lot of people. During the summer this year I happened to have my windows open as you do, and my neighbour happened to hear my music and was eager to find out what I was playing. Anyway we talked a lot about music and seem to have very similar taste in music. He said he thought he heard music from time to time but could not tell where it was coming from. Cut long story short, I invited him in to have a listen and he was mesmerized. Now his hooked on hifi. His got him self a few second hand speakers and a amp and other bits and looking to upgrade soon. Yes the bug has beaten. He only turned 30 3-months ago.
  10. In that case 'accuracy' can never be achieved in the true sense of the word. The Mastering producer/engineer choice of monitors will affect the final result of the muzic material. I know you mean accurate to the finished muzic file, but absolute accuracy bears no meaningful importance to listening become its impossible to achieve.
  11. What the manufacturer says about their product may be right in most cases but that's besides the point. Everything is build to a budget. Moreover many may want to tweak sound to their liking. That's just what me thinks...
  12. Of course not all DACS have substandard preamp sections including mine (RME).. May be the word 'most' DACS would better describe the situation.
  13. There is a video from the you tuber Darko about the importance of putting a good preamp between DAC and power amp/powered speakers. Can't seem to fine the video, but if I remember correctly he did emphasise that DACS perform best as just DACS and not as preamps. He further explained that the pre amp sections of dacs do not have the dynamics and dimensionality as a dedicated preamp. From my experience I tend to agree.
  14. I experienced deep deep ( dwn to 28HZ) toneful bass in my16 ×11 feet room with Totem tribe tower speakers. Of course the tribes had weaknesses in other areas.
  15. The purpose of getting something like the Totem tribe towers is due to limited space of 16 × 11 feet. The Cornwall 3's way too big me thinks.
  16. Isn't this hi-fi thing a bit of a bother. Had a pair of Totem tribe towers for home demo for about a week.. Now that's what I call imaging of a speaker. This speaker is a marvel when it comes to bass punch and definition... an absolute knockout. Then imaging is the best I've heard yet. But there is a problem... The tribes sound very big but vocals sound small and distant. I suppose the 4inch woofers fine it hard to disperse the sound over a wide area. It's hard to describe. A big soundstage with instruments and voices sounding small within the mix. That's as best I can describe the sound. You could pick out every instrument in the sound stage... easily!. But for 5k I thought the sound was a bit laid back. The tribes sound rich with loads of bass punch and rhythmic with it, and can play really loud. Not given up on them just yet, would try with different amp to see if the sound opens up a bit.
  17. Poor Linn, hope sales don't become lean as a result. Give it a few weeks or so another brand will get picked on.
  18. Just because you like the sound does not mean everyone would. Had a listen to ATC passive/ action systems. The last time was at Audio Lounge in London( about 2weeks ago) and happened to be the ATC active SCM40A.. Not really to my liking. The upper mids can sound too clean and artificial to my ears.
  19. Hifi authenticity can be very hard to evaluate/quantify. Many of the big companies have disposable cash for advertisement and promotional propaganda. Reputation and track record used to be a thing, but that is quickly fading away these days. I personally believe most hi-fi brands are being associated with reputation from the past, and properly has nothing to do with performances, thus taking into account well built/quality components which may not in some cases always translate to good sound quality. The same question asked about Linn could be asked about any other company be it hifi or other Ventures. Whether we like it or not, appearances of a product can greatly sway ones decision about its performance and many hifi companies use this as an advantage point. I happen to listen to a full Linn system last year at the hi-fi department at Harrods London. It comprised of a 19k active speakers and streamer/pre and I was really impressed, but if I had disposable income of 28k which was the sum total of the system I'll probably spend it elsewhere.
  20. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUsAfjeqTRr/?utm_medium=share_sheet
  21. Speakers placement in room can be a very complicated affair. Always better to try at home in listening room before buying. I personally feel bigger rooms are difficult to deal with cause of delay time reflection of sound which can cause smearing and timing issues. Then there is issue of some speakers needing bass reinforcement and placing them much closer to the front listen wall. May affect speaker imaging. If you happen to be unlucky like a friend of mine, putting his speakers in a position to reinforced bass, happens to be the same position his room decides to cancel out certain bass frequencies. Unless you do the right work from word go to get right speaker for room, it can become a real tricky game to get a good stereo imaging. I've tried a lot of speakers over the last 3to4 months in my room, some good some very bad. My nxt venture is a pair of Totem tribe Towers.
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