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  1. kukulec

    SACD player

    A lot of good suggestions. Thank you a lot! I decided to not try to rip SACD-s, so it will not be a factor. I still try to find the best option. I am also checking Hifishark for a good used SACD player
  2. kukulec

    SACD player

    I don't know, somehow I like the fact that I own something. Option B is not bad. It could be a Pro-Ject CD Box DS2. It is a DAC + CD player with a correct price. The Marantz is also a good idea. Or I continue buying my CDs and then I rip. Is it possible to create dsd files from SACD directly with a regular dvd/blu-ray reader? P.s.: please don't get me wrong, but in this hobby I do not care a lot about green ideas (altough in case of my Primare it was a big +). My carbon footprint is way below of the EU citizens' average.
  3. kukulec

    SACD player

    Hi all. I have around 50 CDs and I buy ~6 in a year. Recently, I have decided to buy a few SACDs (Beethoven, Dvorak, Vivaldi). At the moment I have only blu-ray players which are not compatible with SACD. I was wondering what to do. The most simple would be the Sony X700 which is a blasphemy on this nice forum and I know nothing about its sound quality. Another option would be to buy a used Primare CD 22 (oh, I see it does not play SACD) or Yamaha which could be compatible with my remote controls too (I know, I am lazy). As more expensive options I saw Sony UBP-X1100ES and Pioneer UDP LX500 which could be used for UHD movies too. Again, no idea about the sound. So: Should I buy a CD only player? An UHD player would be much worse? Can I buy used ones or it would be better to buy new ones? What is the lowest price range where a dedicated player could show the benetifs of a well recorded SACD? (I know it also depends on other elements in the chain.)
  4. Yes, just it is very rare that someone wants to sell a few years old Luxman amp
  5. Currently I only have the 147. Even those speakers can benefit from better amplification (heard them with i32), sound like more expensive speakers. This gave me the idea, that I could buy a better amplifier. After your suggestions, maybe I just save up for a 507. The price is between 5-6.000 euros (god ), so perhaps I should go first for an Elac 4 series (used 407 round 2k, Vela 3k). The 505 ux II would be around 4k.
  6. I appretiate your suggestion, but I am not really into valve amps. I can believe they would be a few percent better, altough I had a very instructive lesson with an old Focal Utopia pairing with an Audio Analogue velve pre and power amp then with my i22 (cabling + dac were very good). The velve was a bit more airy and riche, but really not much of a difference. However in bass, it could not regulate the speakers, while the little Primare did a pretty decent job. So I can imagine a better amp than Luxman 505, but cannot imagine a situation where it would be put to shame. I also heard a direct comparison between 505 and a stronger Mastersound velve amp. I prefered the 505 (with Elac Vela 407).
  7. Thank you all for the the info, I skip ebay then! I live in the EU, so I cannot buy easily from the UK anymore I heard and loved the 505. Have no experience with 507, but wanted to listen it, just covid happened and the shops closed. Also I am not sure if I really need its power, as I would pair the amp with 2,5 ways foorstanders and would not use it above 24 sqm.
  8. Hey, I am thinking about buying a Luxman 505 ux II from Japan on ebay. Does anyone have experience of purchasing an intergrated amplifier like that? Good/bad experience? Thanks, Adam
  9. kukulec

    USB cable

    This is exactly what I think. My dac has an ESS Sabre ESS9038 which is not bad. I would like to get out the most of it. And as I heard my i22 in different setup, I know it has reserves.
  10. kukulec

    USB cable

    Massive thanks to all of you. 1 meter can be short for me, so it would be 2 meters. I am on the old continent, so no more futureshop (or other british one :( ). My source is a pc (no hdd), which is connected to the Project dac box, which is linked to the i22. I was thinking also on a dedicated streaming device, but I do not want another box and spend a fortune on a good one. Regarding the price I will not go over 150 euros. Someone mentioned the Supra. It is around the same level as my QED now. Cno: which Vertere u heard? Iceman: it looks great, but I would never pay US$350 for a digital cable. I need to save up for a Luxman and a bigger Elac :)
  11. kukulec

    USB cable

    Hey, I am about to change my QED Performance Graphite USB to QED New Reference High-Resolution USB or maybe to Vertere d-fi (however I do not like the fact that they don't specify the measured performance). Do you think I would be able to detect any difference in sound quality?
  12. Thank you. I live in the EU, and I found for 30 euros this: AstroAI TRMS 6000. Is it up for the job?
  13. Hey all, I have just bought a Zoom H1n to record a few tracks with my stereo systems. I would mix the i22 and A-S801 with FS 147 and QA 3030i and Vertere/QED/Supra cables. To me the real issue is how to match the db levels of the amplifiers? Could you please advise on that? Thx.
  14. had vertere d-fi, klotz, qed graphite and now wireworld chroma 8. to be honest, while I can hear a small difference between DACs, not that much between cables. you cannot go wrong with either of the reliable companies. the qed is now 25 pound for 2m, the wireworld is 38, the supra is 42,5. a few weeks ago I bought the wireworld, and it is great. the jitter bug is like placebo. don't waste your money on that.
  15. kukulec

    Burning time

    The fact that you have not experienced it does not mean it does not exist. My system is after 50 hours. From a very bright and dry presentation it went to a warm, round sound. I can distinguish that.
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