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  1. Thanks sir...I was just wondering if I can cut open the transparent music links, and use the inside cables for the internal wiring, as it will not entail any additional expenditure.
  2. newlash09

    Roon-why ?

    Iam ditching my entire roon setup and looking for a single box streamer that does the same thing. USD 129 every year didn't make sense for the limited local library I have, which I wasn't using much.
  3. Thanks sir The drivers and caps used are all of decent quality. Only the wiring used for the internal connection is off the shelf OFC. So was wondering if this was the weakest link in the speakers right now.
  4. Hi sir :) Iam presently using transparent music links z plus biwire cables for mids and treble. Bass is handled by a pair of highend masterclass cables. The designer of the speakers has also made DIY cables for the speakers, supposed to be the same material as internal wiring OFC copper, but construction it seems is different.
  5. Thanks for the above sir The speakers are presently being broken in by my friend, with the external crossovers in use, and with the cables that the speaker maker has also made for these speakers. I should be back home by the 10th of june all going well. And as suggested, will start up my chain in passive mode with the PMC speakers for a day or two to stabilize the amps. Will then start with the new speakers in passive mode for a few days till i get the positioning right. Then will start going active by removing the cross overs. Will initially start with biamping. And then will try triamping once the SET 300B's arrive . Will bear in mind to start the amps last as advised. Thanks
  6. Not to derail this thread. But Iam looking for utterly transparent cables for the internal wiring of my speakers. Iam thinking tellurium Q ultra black. Can anyone please suggest me a dealer whom I can pay via PayPal and get the cables shipped to felixstowe please. I will be ever grateful for any advice in this regard.
  7. Hi sir I must admit Iam completely dumb at Linn kit. But in my roon chain, I have set everything at pass through, or max gain as we call it. My roon core is on a Intel NUC. And I control the volume via the roon app on my android phone. Works a charm. I can't hear any loss of resolution as folks would like to have me believe.
  8. +1 I use a cheap Dayton DSP that costs 150 pounds, peanuts in comparison to the cables being used But the best improvement in sound I've ever had. I now have wet dreams, about something in the range and ability of a deqx. But that is probably for a separate thread
  9. Hi sir...I would personally remove the bungs first, and move the speakers a little away from the walls to let then breathe as intended . My experiments with bunging at 50% of the port and even 100% gave very bad results. I found the airiness and spaciousness completely gone. And speakers were sounding completely closed in. With a complete collapse of sound staging and imaging. So please give that a try. My next level upgrade would be to add isoacoustics gaia isolators to the base of the speakers stand. I've found miraculous results with the gaia3 under my floor standers. All the best sir
  10. Hi sir...I have a very thick carpet on which my entire kit sits. But I have about 30 kgs of marble slabs on which the speakers sit with gaia3. I've found that the gaia3 need a solid heavy foundation to work on. And they are probably as close to a speaker upgrade as I could suggest for probably 10% of the price.
  11. Iam sorry for calling you a lad. You seem to be older than me
  12. +1 And I just checked in today. And absolutely delighted with the change in mood on this thread. Please keep the good thing going sirs
  13. Thanks sir...that is scary again. But it will be a pure 2 channel system and I will wait till source and preamp have stabilised.
  14. Thanks sir...I have the details of the mid range drivers and the bass driver. Iam just checking regarding the tweeters. And will get back as soon as I have the details sir...Thanks again