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  1. Last time I was setting up my system I was really short of time, due to a small vacation and pressing family commitments. This time will do it proper with REW measurements in different possible speaker and seating locations. But definitely broad band absorption on the rear wall is defintiely necessary, as I always end up sitting close to it, as it is a small room
  2. ( Very long post warning ) I have my system in my daughter's bed room of 11.5 x 15 feet. The walls are bare solid concrete. So acoustically it is atrocious with highly reflective surfaces. I have a huge sound stage, because the speakers are huge. But imaging is nil, nada, zilch because of the bare reflective parallel sides concrete walls. And untreated ceiling too. Iam a proper bass head, and have a very deep null between 45 Hz or 60 Hz depending on where I place my speakers. Especially the null at 60 Hz with my speakers in their present position has robbed off the punch in the bass that is so dear to me. I have a dspeaker antimode 2.0 doing bass correction below 250hz. Although it has tamed all bass peaks I previously had, and tremendously increased bass coheremce and over all clarity of the system. Sadly since the null is because of room induced cancellation, it cannot be amalgamated. So after some reading, looks like the only option is to push my speakers as close to the back wall as possible, so that I can raise the frequency of the room cancellation null, till it comes to about 125 Hz, where it is easier to absorb it with bass traps on the rear wall behind my listening positioning, than trying to absorb a bass note at 60hz. I will be throwing the kitchen sink at all possible corners where feasable to add bass absorption. Will be starting with corner bass traps behind the speakers, and will be building a aesthetically pleasing floor to ceiling bass trap on the wall behind my listening position. Now the trouble is, since bass traps are wide band absorbers, there is a danger that I might absorb too much of mid and high frequencies, robbing the music off its energy. And since Iam a lot into high energy music like EDM etc, that will be a disaster. I have seen bass traps with wooden baffles with slats. That will reflect back mid and high frequencies, and will only absorb bass energy. These would have been perfect for me on the rear wall, except that they will never get past my wife or daughter aesthetically, as they are butt ugly to look at. Same applies to QRD or skyline diffusers, not to mention they are super expensive too I will be taking REW measurements continously as I keep adding absorption, to monitor RT30 times , or reverb times to make sure it doesn't dip below 2.5, where I've read there is a danger of the room sounding dead. After I've tamed the bass to get a flat bass response with both bass absorption, as well as EQ / DSP, I will next add ceiling absorption with wide band absorbers at the first reflection point. Only after this I plan to start treating the first reflection points on the wall, as wether I use diffusion or absorption will depend on how live or dead the room is sounding. But I've read that diffusion is useless unless the diffuser to listener is atleast 10 ft. So it is more likely to be absorption since the room is small, this will again rob mid and high frequency energy in the music I guess it's enough ranting for one morning So out with my question then Since passive speakers have a balance that is set by the maker, robbing off mid and high frequencies can make the sound dead. But since I will be running a active setup, I can keep increasing the volumes on the mids and highs to try to add more energy here which is being absorbed. Will this help by any chance to recover the balance in the sound that I so cherish, or is this going to be a futile and expensive experiment that is bound to fail even before i started. If anyone has any pointers or experience, I will be most grateful to know them. P.S : Adding and placing a sub strategically to fill that 60hz null, would have been an option. But Iam very tight on floor space. But if my above experiment is going to be futile , might as well try this cheaper trick first. So what do you all think Thanks for your time
  3. Any further findings on extended usage will be very helpful
  4. Looks lovely Iam going to wet myself with all that chrome
  5. From the description of your system, it would work a charm if your amp had a direct preamp input to bypass its inbuilt preamp section and act as power amp. In which case the antimode could be used as a preamp, with volume control via its remote. And also as a dac cum preamp being fed by the inmous. However, if the integrated amp doesn't have a preamp bypass input, then you can still feed the line level signal from your phone stage into the single RCA inputs, and then feed the output from the antimode to the line level inputs of the integrated amp. But you will have to keep the inbuilt volume control of the antimode in bypass mode, so that it's preamp section is bypassed. The above is from my memory as I haven't been home in 10 months. So my grey matter is a little vague at the moment But Iam 80% sure Iam right But please still read the online reviews on Google, where it's abilities are described in more detail. In my use case scenario, I use tubes to drive my mid range and above. And I use the 2nd preamp outputs of my preamp, to feed the antimode for bass correction. This corrected signal is fed to the high power SS power amps to drive just the bass drivers. With the bass corrected this way below 250hz. The improvement in over All clarity is stunning to my ears, as I have a small untreated room. And the previous bass boom that I had due to several peaks is completely gone. Fondly hope this helps, as I've been screaming about the merits of the antimode from the tree tops for some time now
  6. Trust me The improvements that the antimode brings by it's bass correction to the overall clarity of the sound, far outweigh any gains that can be had, by a dac with a higher sampling rate. I've been there and done that, and at 650 pounds too
  7. I have a esoteric K-01 sacd player which I bought second hand blind. I find it brutally honest, exceptionally detailed and in your face. Absolutely no warmth to speak off. Probably bang opposite of the marantz sound. Probably belongs in a recording studio than a hifi system in my opinion . If my first foray into TT works, i will sell the esoteric first of all my other gear to recuperate some funds
  8. Hi sir ...just had a small query. Are you using the inbuilt volume control of the Monacor, or is it via a pre amp feeding the Monacor. Thanks
  9. Really glad to hear this sir And thanks a ton for sharing your findings. Iam not sure if I could find a Monacor in India...but I plan on trying their 4 channel version. Will definitely revert back with my findings once Iam back home.
  10. I've never heard any of the contenders.. but there was a recent audition between luxman vs accuphase vs gryphon .It was close to a bake off actually. Everyone there felt that luxman and accuphase were holding some thing back. And not really letting loose...whatever that means, you can only find out in a audition sir
  11. Thanks all...got a tuner to my liking. Thread closed please
  12. Thanks sir Please dont mind, I think I will let all the offers come in and then start responding. Otherwise I will be wasting a lot of forum members time, all for nothing. Since I need only one tuner. Thanks for your kind understanding in this regard.
  13. Thanks a ton sir But will they accept PayPal payments by any chance please.
  14. Hi all After having missed out on the musical fidelity A5 tuner posted here, due to the uncertainty around my next UK trip, which has just got finalised. Got the courage to finally post a wanted thread Since iam a sailor, my purchase process can come across as weird. But I've bought tons of stuff from here, and will never break my promise once I confirm a purchase. So please make an offer with confidence And please note that my wierd buying process is as below : 1. Since I don't have a PayPal account, and sometimes broken net connectivity being at sea, my friends in the US west coast will make a PayPal transfer for the cost of purchase + shipping on my behalf. For reliable members, I have always done PayPal friends and family transfer to avoid deductions at their end. 2. Due to time difference between my present location (GMT+8), UK, and the US west coast ( GMT-07), please allow 72 hrs for the PayPal transfer, once I've confirmed my intention to purchase. 3. My good agents are based out of Felixstowe- postal code - IP 11 3QU. And items need to be shipped to them, and I collect them once I berth there. Iam looking for a FM tuner only in silver ( to match my all silver stack ). Preferably with remote and auto tune and frequency preset functions. If remote is not available, then definitely one of the nostalgic ones with VU meters or back-lit tuning meters please My budget is flexible, and will entirely depend on the condition ( both physical and working), and the quality of gear on offer. Thanks for reading my long post Thanks and best regards Y.Manohar
  15. Yes sir...from the blurb I've read, the minidsp SHD I have sitting at home, loaded with the latest version of dirac live, is still not inclusive of dirac bass management. And it is apparently as separately bought add on , to be bought and downloaded. So people are still using minidsp' s peq features to tame the bass, and then running dirac on top for the final impulse and FIR correction that dirac is famous for. Atleaat that is what I read on the net, as I still haven't run the system yet
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