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  1. I will be using a minidsp SHD as a crossover between the speakers and the sub to start with. Even I wanted to start with 12 inchers only, but my friend who designed the cabs for me insisted on going to either 15 or 18 icnhers. So I went with 15 inchers, as I need to keep the overall foot print between 350x440 mm, which is the top dimensions of my speakers.Will share my listening impressions once done
  2. Congrats sir I should be receiving my CNC"ed MDF panels tomorrow. External dimensions are 350 x 440 mm for a twin 15 inch build. I have been advised to just clamp them in place and give it a try, as apparently it is a very different sound. The idea being that if I don't like it, then I can easily repurpose them in a alternative build. The front slot area is close to 1/3rd of the SD of both the drivers. And back slot is close to 1/2 the SD. The ratio's have been kept as close as possible to below mentioned build : https://jazzman-esl-page.blogspot.com/2011/01/ripole-subs-are-underway.html
  3. Exactly sir And below is his water fall graph from his measurements. @ChemManI fondly hope iam not looking like a PITA ever since you started this thread
  4. Hello sir As per ChemMan"s rew measurements, he had bass modes at 47.5 hz, then close to 60hz, and also 80 hz. The reverb times are close to 1.6 secs at 47.5 z, dropping from there. This is causing bass boom that he is trying to address by passive room treatment.
  5. https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/143911-dspeaker-antimode-20holy-cow/#comment-2592115
  6. I very much remembered that he has the LS50, and also possibly his arcam amp too But I really want to prod him into trying dsp for once He loved the present spendor D 7 speakers after an extensive audition. And the VTL microwave is also a result of extensive auditioning. Both very expensive components. So why relegate them to the back ground, when a cheap dsp device can fix the present issues . Especially when his source is all digital, and correction is so easy these days in the digital domain
  7. I can fully understand sir. Absolutely no worries. Best to stop treating at the moment with the 35 kgs stuff, as it won't achieve anything, except eating up precious real estate. I believe you have a sub at your disposal. Please get a DRC system like the minidsp SHD. Use it to correct the main speakers first, and please don't connect the sub at this stage. This will chop off the bass peaks and the boom. Now please run a room measurement to see the new frequency response. There will still be the nulls that you presently see. Now please place the umik at your listening position, and keep moving the sub to all possible locations. And keep measuring just the sub now. The idea is to find that location in the room, where the sub will fill the nulls, to even out our frequency response curve. Once you find that position, leave the sub here. Now plug up the speakers as well as sub, and run dirac correction only upto 200 hz. In my opinion this is possibly the easiest fix. All the best sir
  8. Beautiful addition of colours and a lovely looking system sir Glad you are really pleased with the marantz TT15S1. It is indeed a looker. I will wait for pics of it pimped with LED lights
  9. Both your setups are beautiful sir cheers and enjoy
  10. I checked the gik site sir. But with the qouted shipping charges, it was way too expensive for my small wallet. Secondly, I didnt want to stick tens of panels and make my room look like a studio. So I went diy. Bass needs surface area and density. And I could throw both at it sir. And I didn't want to mount multiple bass traps from gik, as that would ruin the look
  11. Very true sir The measurements are always only a starting point. As REW Is not considering the furniture or the carpets in the room, so it is only a starting point, from where one has to work by ear to his liking
  12. Hi Rothwell If your system is sounding fine to your good ears, then please don't bother to measure your room. Will only leave you with a lot more nagging doubts, than cures. And even when your system sounds great on certain tracks, the saw tooth curve we see will always haunt us
  13. Thanks a ton sir But this is only theory and software, and is not absolute until @ChemMantries it and confirms
  14. This is the normal latest version of rew sir If you have rew already, then next to file is a menu called tools. Please click on it. You will find room simulator here
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