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  1. That's a very nice looking corrected curve sir You must be able to make out the improvements easily with a listen. There seems to be a dip at 135 Hz which is probably room induced. So moving your speakers or your listening position might help mitigate that. Secondly I found best results by doing the correction till 300hz, instead of the default 150 Hz. I also felt the transition from bass to mid range was smoother at this frequency. So please try and see what sounds best in your room.
  2. +1 That was a lovely build album. Great looking speakers too...excellent wood working sir
  3. Yes sir The AMR dac has two chips, one optimised for red book playback, and an other optimised for hires upto 24/192. The Gemini engine as they call it is another chip that automatically swaps inputs to the chips depending on incoming sample rate. Though it can even be done manually. additional it does the timing input from its GMT master clock and also does the filtering. All these 3 chips are built into a single board. Which AMR says has developed a fault.
  4. Thanks sir...just got an email from AMR yesterday, that they are now trying to find if they can locate a spare HD dac board. Failing which they are willing to service it if I can ship it to UK. So fondly hoping that they manage to find a spare board to bring the dac back to life again
  5. Yes sir...that thought did occur. But they are no longer available new. Considering their age now, buying second hand again with non existent service support looks too dangerous. Once bitten twice shy I guess
  6. Wow..thanks a lot sir This one looks really interesting...Will check it out now
  7. Thanks for the suggestions so far My budget is around the USD 3000 mark, the lower the better of course . So that basically eliminates the aqua la and denafrips dac's sadly. I've read very positive things about the jolida so far. But since i would like to buy once and buy right, Iam not sure if I can get a better sound than the jolida by spending considerably more than its asking price. Please keep the suggestions going. Iam coming across lots of brand I've not heard of before. So Iam googling them parallely at the moment. Thanks
  8. Hi all My beloved tubed dac, an AMR dp-777 finally breathed its last. The Gemini engine board gave up the ghost, and AMR do not have any replacement boards to bring it back to life. This has been my favourite dac so far. It does not have the resolution that more modern dac's have. But it's phillips TDA 1541 crown chip, was very musical to my ears. With excellent tonal richness and timbre. So Iam on the look out for my next tubed dac. Below are some of my requirements as to what I would prefer to have and what i can do without. Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions : 1. Very analogue sounding. 2. Musicality..Musicality, as I listen to music for hours at a stretch. 3. No preamp or volume control needed. 4. Rich sweet and weighty sound. With a rich palette of tonal colours. 5. Sweet weighty vocals, especially real sounding female vocals. 6. Don't need DSD, MQA or eq or any filters. 7. Need usb, coaxial and optical inputs. 8. Preferably in silver colour . So far Iam looking at the primaluna evo 100 dac. As it seems to be a completely tubed dac. Audio note is an other one that comes to mind. But reviews suggest that it might too romantic a sound, besides they are very expensive and only do 44 khz bit rates. Any thing else that I should include in my considerations please. P.S : The audio mirror turbadour 3 seems to be getting very good reviews. But it is only available as a 110v model. Iam only looking at 230V models. Thanks in advance for your time.
  9. Hi sir Iam using a Logitech harmony which comes reprogrammed with millions of remotes. Please log onto Logitech harmony site and you can search there and see if your supratech is supported. If it is then better to get one of the logitech's with a touch screen. As the touch screen buttons usually memic those on the actual remote. I use a Logitech home elite pro with external IR blasters, and it controls more than 10 different equipment in my HT system. Apparently it is supposed to be alexa integrated along with lots of smart lighting options. Though I haven't tried them ever. So please check on their site and see, you might be able to get rid of the various remotes like me. All the best
  10. Wow.. looks fab
  11. newlash09

    Valve info

    I don't know sir...But the tubes in my dac, are wrapped in a thin copper sheet, then the sheet is held in place with the above dampener that you mentioned ( I always thought it was a rubber band ). Finally there is a thin peice of wire soldered to this copper sheet, and is connected to one of mounting screws on the chasis. I don't know what it all does . But thought id just share what I saw P.S : Will be nice if someone can explain the reason for the below arrangement. Thanks
  12. Even I was about to install audirvana on my macmini, till I was told that there was new king in the streaming software market. It is called as "euphony stylus ". I googled it, but the installation sounded beyond my non existent computer skills. Please check it out once, before you plonk for audirvana . Though euphony is more expensive at 285 euros for a life time license. But it also supports YouTube and air play. Both of which are unique to this platform . All the best sir