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  1. @MF 1000 And @wHIZZY...I've never heard of star quad ever. Is it a particular lay of cables sir.
  2. Iam back sir.:) The mid range and tweeters are in their sealed boxes. But I will use silicon sealant at the penetration from the drilled binding posts, to ensure a air right seal.
  3. Hi sirs... My daughter has just come online on WhatsApp. Will return here soon. Thanks for understanding
  4. Thanks sir...well noted. But I must admit I did get confused. Should I use coxail digital cables instead of RCA cables to avoid the gremlins. I probably have one coax cable at the moment.. Thus asking
  5. Thanks sir That's clear then. I plan on rewiring my speakers with transparent cables, with the amps placed behind the speakers at driver level. To keep the cable length to a minimum. As close as I can get to directly couple the amps to the drivers . I will be bypassing the binding posts too. I will drill a hole through them, and directly solder the wire to the drivers on one end, and attach to the amps at the other.
  6. No sir.. none of the amps have balanced xlr connections at the moment. So it will have to be RCA all through at the moment sadly
  7. I have lots of RCA cables I've amassed over the years . But don't know wether they are shielded or not. I have mogami Z platinums, transparent music links and Hifidelity cables too. But I don't have any clue if they are shielded or not. How to make out sir. Alternately I can buy new cables from futureshop in uk, and sell my other cables to recuperate the costs.
  8. Hi all.. Iam in need of some very helpful advise. I've always seen folks use mono block amps placed very close to the speakers, to keep the speaker cable short. And trust me I was a convert to the idea. As I approach closer to my own goal of active triamping. Iam beginning to have my doubts. Do RCA interconnects pick up more RF and EMI than speaker cables , or is it the other way around. My plan was to have 6 mono block amps, tubes and SS combined. All placed in a dedicated stand at the back of the speakers, to keep the speaker cable length under 10 cms from the binding posts. But Iam finding this will entail long RCA leads. Atleast 1.5 mtrs each side. Hence my conundrum.. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my query.
  9. newlash09

    Ooh, no

    Iam sure Mr.russ got the idea seeing that the uptone etherregen is sold out at USD 640
  10. Thanks a ton for the link sir Just what I was looking for..And seems to be priced reasonably too
  11. Thanks sir...I was just wondering if I can cut open the transparent music links, and use the inside cables for the internal wiring, as it will not entail any additional expenditure.
  12. newlash09

    Roon-why ?

    Iam ditching my entire roon setup and looking for a single box streamer that does the same thing. USD 129 every year didn't make sense for the limited local library I have, which I wasn't using much.
  13. Thanks sir The drivers and caps used are all of decent quality. Only the wiring used for the internal connection is off the shelf OFC. So was wondering if this was the weakest link in the speakers right now.
  14. Hi sir :) Iam presently using transparent music links z plus biwire cables for mids and treble. Bass is handled by a pair of highend masterclass cables. The designer of the speakers has also made DIY cables for the speakers, supposed to be the same material as internal wiring OFC copper, but construction it seems is different.
  15. Thanks for the above sir The speakers are presently being broken in by my friend, with the external crossovers in use, and with the cables that the speaker maker has also made for these speakers. I should be back home by the 10th of june all going well. And as suggested, will start up my chain in passive mode with the PMC speakers for a day or two to stabilize the amps. Will then start with the new speakers in passive mode for a few days till i get the positioning right. Then will start going active by removing the cross overs. Will initially start with biamping. And then will try triamping once the SET 300B's arrive . Will bear in mind to start the amps last as advised. Thanks