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  1. Please carry on sir Iam all ears. Had your goodselves posted this review a month back, I would have been lugging a full case of Puritan cables back home. But can still wait for my next trip to the UK for the purchase anyways The above said, i really wonder how many of those who quote theory and science to dismiss the benefits of cables, have actually tried a few different ones before retiring themselves to their anti-cable heretic lives
  2. I was desperately looking for sheilded power cables for my entire chain, as I don't need any filterance of any kind. And that is why I got curious and started the thread on Puritan mains cables in the DIY section many months ago. Anyways now, considering the reasonable cost, iam wiling to take a punt on these cables
  3. No sir...I beg to differ My system is not very transparent to changes. As I've got it specifically made to be very emotional sounding and very forgiving of poor recordings, as I listen a lot everyday. But my friends have dedicated and treated rooms, with very transparent kit. Though I've never done a AB test between power mains cables in their rooms. But I trust their ears when they say cables made a difference in their system
  4. Try telling that to some of my staunch cable supporting friends Last time I mentioned something in similar vein, almost got hung from the fan with a 2000 usd, cryogenically treated lessloss mains cable
  5. Thanks for the review sir I did get curious about them when I first read their description. And had started a thread in our DIY section a few months ago, seeking any user experiences. Glad to finally see one, and that too on a very positive note. Even I felt they were reasonably priced considering their construction and shielding technique. Will definitely be on my list for sheilded power cable upgrades in the future.
  6. They really look lovely sir And Iam sure with that excellent compliment of drivers, they must be sounding stunning too
  7. Haha...I stand corrected sir Was only born in 1978
  8. You sir Had more CD's and vinyl records in 1970, then I have today after 41 years
  9. Wow...my salutations sir What a build. They are absolutely stunning. Never could have imagined they were a DIY build. Excellent
  10. Wow...those towering speakers in oak are beautiful. Can you please share their model details.
  11. newlash09

    Valve info

    Thanks sirs @Jazid and @pmcuk...I've pulled the trigger finally Will post back my listening impressions surely:)
  12. Thanks for sharing sir But please dig out those pics if you still can. A picture is a thousand words isn't it
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