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  1. I agree....I haven't tried the music first audio baby ref, but I have their classic with me. The best preamp I've ever heard by a very wide margin. The improvement over my active pre's was evident from pressing play And the active preamps I was using, were all more expensive than the MFA , by quite a wide margin
  2. After your precise recommendation. I will definitely check the track up sir
  3. Thanks sir...I just blew more than I planned to be honest... I was looking at kit all the while , didn't realize how much of a bleed those good records could be.... So eventually my budget for a good MM phono stage has really shrunk So not really thinking at the vida stage now sir...I think I will settle for a croft RIAA R MM phono stage or a EAR 840P without volume control if I can find one
  4. Hi sir Thanks for the above. Actually a friend of mine who is in good terms with EMT, enquired about a cart for my TD1000 arm. So EMT and acoustic signature got talking to each other from the EMT end . And EMT is providing me a TSD 15 with a spherical needle, that fits on the TD1000 arm. Being completely dumb to vinyl, this is the best I can decipher I guess
  5. Subs as in DSP are such taboo subjects for those who consider themselves purists. Iam already on my boat, and have lent out my dspeaker antimode among my friends . They admit to dropped jaws in private . But why not accept the truth. There is too much of puritan based stigma in this hobby I guess. Iam definitely going subs next, though I cannot accommodate two 18 inch subs as sir @MF 1000 But I will definitely have two subs, albeit small ones
  6. Okay sir ...Iam off to the other group , to read your listening impressions there...Fondly hope you've already posted there
  7. Thanks sir May be that explains the lack of visceral punch. I have a huge null at 60hz. Probably starts at around 53hz and is the deepest at 60hz. This was the corrected curve after running dspeaker antimode 2.0. I do have a umik1 lying with friends at the moment. But I can borrow it once back, as Iam setting sail today. And this is a dedicated 2 channel set up by the way
  8. Thanks all for the very valid advise so far. I did have my doubts about drilling the cab straight away , as the placement of the driver in the line, and line cross sectional area , along with the stuffing did cross my mind. But I was wrongly hoping that I could plonk any driver anywhere and expect dirac to straighten things up for me Do I have to use custom house sound curves in dirac to boost the lower end at the 20 to 30 Hz region to get more visceral impact. The bass driver is very effecient, as the entire speaker was designed to run off a 8w SET amp. So power won't be a problem as Iam using class D amps for bass, as long as the bass driver physically can with stand the abuse . Alternately going for a active sub is another option, as is going for seperate sealed cabinets with more drivers. Though with my non existential building skills, i would tilt heavily in favour of active subs here. But as universally suggested , I will drop the idea of adding a second bass driver in there for now. Thanks
  9. Hi all My present speakers run a single 10" driver for the bass. Was wondering that if i were to consider adding a second same driver in the same cabinet. How should the drivers be series or parallel. The cabinet is presently a transmission line if that helps. I was hoping that gremlins arising out of the twin bass drivers might be corrected by dirac live. Am I right in my expectations with dirac live. This is the present bass driver in use : SEAS Prestige A26RE4 H1411-08 - 10inch Paper Cone Woofer The idea of using a second driver came there is lot of front baffle space to spare. But if it helps increase the bass visceral impact, and probably a little more speed, then that would be great
  10. Excellent sir From the chatter online, I surmise that the sublime audio guys are running a bit behind schedule, so some patience might be required But Iam really glad your goodselves pulled the trigger. Will await your findings on the same, with bated breath. As even I was thinking of adding dsp via a minidsp SHD before the dac. And a analogue crossover after the preamp. All the best
  11. Wow..the scale, clarity and dynamics at even that distance were mind blowing. Iam a big fan of huge scale and dynamics. And these have them in spades
  12. Thanks again sir Will follow the same. And as is always a gamble I guess. I do have a reliable dealer at very expensive prices for the records that I do certainly want to have. But will experiment new albums or artists only when I find them in fairs etc ...before I ping the dealer to check
  13. Very true sir I got so excited, just unpacking these vinyl's. It is a first for me. The large cover with excellent cover art etc... I was a kid in a candy store beaming again. Apart from the price of admission..Iam very happy with experience so far. Fondly my listening experiences will only add more weight to that
  14. Haha...Thanks a ton for the heads up sir Will keep an eye out for the vinyl fairs whenever I visit the UK again. But just out of curiosity, is there a easily apparent way to judge vinyl quality, by visual inspection alone. I just spent a bomb on what are supposed to be a collectable set of vinyl, out of friends recommendation with an dealer who apparently only ever sells the best quality vinyl, with a limited selection from time to time. Albeit at eye watering prices . Since I was just about starting, I decided to splurge. But won't be able to sustain this kind of expenditure long term. So the vinyl fairs or charity shops will be a big blessing only if I knew how to ascertain the quality of vinyl. And thanks again for your generous offer for helping me with , if I find some thing enticing in our classifieds. Much appreciated sir
  15. Just to give a heads up on my journey so far. I've placed an order for an EMT TSD15 cart, through a friend who is in very good terms with the company. And runs an EMT all in one broadcast TT, I think the EMT 938 or similar. Also got a brand new EMT STX21 SUT along with all EMT cabling. Also bought 24 of my first good pressings vinyl, most of them from better records. Now Iam just short of a phono stage to go spinning But vinyl is definitely very very expensive. Much more than I had envisaged. The vinyl's themselves were so expensive. I guess I will keep them in my bank's safe Maybe I should have stuck with streaming on hindsight...20 usd a month tidal, looks less than the courier costs for the vinyl