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  1. I seriously think you are at wrong place buddy...not to mention barking up the wrong tree too We are a lot, who have purchased by auditioning and listening to stufff. So your measurements don't matter to us. I did post a query as to what stuff youve heard, and what you choose in the end. But you choose not to reply. So let's first get on with that, first
  2. You should rethink your above post. You seem to be confused, and still at the debate for the sake of it.
  3. Have you tried stuff personally, before you arrived at this conclusion. I would love to save my monies and buy something cheaper, if it matches a bartok
  4. As haughty as it sounds, but I will definitely stick to my guns, that folks who can't afford decent kit, find solace in measurements. None of the folks bad mouthing the bartok, have heard one in person. The only person in this thread who actually owns one, and is very happy with it, has stopped contributing to this thread in disappointment. So there ends my rant...if you can't afford it...atleast have the minimum decency of not bad mouthing it.
  5. You can't bloody afford a bartok...so you find solace in measurements. Shame on you fellows
  6. Well get along please Had this not been a proper british froum...i would have let loose too
  7. This whole post is a shame...and very uncivil. Someone can afford a exotic dac and he spent his hard earned money buyiing it, and everyone else who can't....start looking for excuses.. they qoute measurements... and measured by who
  8. The lady was trying to mend posts. So please explain yourselves. Thanks
  9. I would fully agree sir..each on their own journey to learn along the way I guess.
  10. So whats your point...you've never heard a bartok...and if my memory serves me right, you don't judge by reviews, but by measurements. So which measurements have you seen, that have got you so upset, if I may ask...
  11. Guess who's brought it to this
  12. I wouldn't want to give the notion that my posts are less aggressive in anyway. Though I would admit, that I think you are someone, you hasn't tried or couldn't try enough stuff. So has finally sought solace in measurements.
  13. As I said.. you definitely are knowledgeable sir But you don't have the art of masking it Your posts, though being well intended, from your perspective. Always reek of superiority to me I would rather go by the advise of someone who has tried stuff, and will speak from their experience in a humble manner. Than your incessant posting of a plethora of graphs to try and prove a point sir.
  14. It is about the way you put it across sir
  15. Haha.. thanks sir Will give it a proper shot in my next vacations
  16. Have you tried dsp or drc @tuga Atleast @flak monkeyshared her half boiled attempts at amalgamating the effects of her room. I do not debate that you are very knowledgeable. But if you haven't given it a shot yourselves. Then please give one....so that you can be more condescending of others efforts to improve their sound, having tried atleast once Posts like yours which look, like they are being posted from the imperial library, sitting atop a exhalted seat of all knowingness...without having tried anything in person...would probably discourage others to be open with their trails and experiments. Just my 2 cents....and if you've infact tried DSP or DRC, I would be all ears to know about that
  17. Thanks for sharing that sir Very well understood
  18. Thanks for sharing that sir Will go through it now.
  19. Thanks a ton sir I know that it was never meant to be a criticism My friend did mention the idea of running threaded studs, with nuts at either end, to hold the pressure at check. But it was me who was in a hurry, to see, what this very divergent design had to offer I did follow your goodselves partly sir, but got lost at the " exoskeleton style cruciform rubs across the end faces to thoroughly restrain the drivers". Can you please elaborate a little please
  20. So considering my small room size, and my future plans to go 4 way active. I've read that ripole subs don't excite the room as much, at lower frequencies, due to their cardoid pattern, unlike sealed or ported subwoofers which have a omnidirectional pattern of radiation. So decided to give it a try. Iam too dumb at these things, so my good friend did the design work for me on his CAD program for free. The basic design, was taken from the below site : http://jazzman-esl-page.blogspot.com/2011/01/ripole-subs-are-underway.html This design uses 12" peerless drivers. But mine were the below open baffle drivers : https://www.speakerbuddies.eu/en/loudspeaker/sb-acoustics/sb-audience/sb-audience-bianco-15ob350-open-baffle.html So my friend did the maths, to accommodate the bigger 15 inch drivers, while keeping the opening area ratio's in tandem. The plan was to see if I like the sound of a ripole sub or not, so we could get serious with the build, and actually glue the panels together and add bracing too. My friend did the design, and forwaded it to CNC shop, my cost of collecting the cut mdf panels, was GBP 24. I also bought a crown xti4002 amp to drive them in bridged mode. But since this was a experimental build, we wanted to be able to retrieve the drivers, if the experiment failed. My friend suggested sticking atleast the left and right cabinets together. But I didn't have the time. So I used screws ( 2 per panel ) to put it all together. So below are some pics I first built one cab : Then I wired the 2 drivers in parallel That gave me one built cab as below : So I built one more cab : Next i mounted them together in parallel, and finished the build . Having accomplished this much, I wired up the minidsp SHD from the 2nd output of my preamp, to feed the crown Xti 4002 poweramp : So how did it sound First my beloved oggy ( A shihtsu pup ) started barking then my wife came banging on the door I quickly switched off the amps. The sub was a real racket. There was no way, a few screws could hold two 15" inch drivers in opposition, being driven by a 4500 watts output power. So the whole thing was rattling wildly But while it lasted, I saw enough potential. Though I don't have the time, this vacation. I will certainly do a jolly good, robust build next year. My friend designed the subs with the exact foot print as the top of my speakers, which is 450x350mm. The plan is to build 2 of these subs which 4 x 15 inch drivers in total, to go on top of my speakers. Though isolated from the speakers themselves. Normally no one shares their failures i guess .
  21. The idea is to improve my existing DIY speakers, and learn something along the way
  22. I remember posting a thread almost a year back, about the "diffraction be gone pads". Since iam coming to the end of my vacations. Thought I'd take up something easier to faff with. I've got a roll of acoustic felt and some car vibration damping sheets to start with. And before I go smearing my speakers with felt and glue, thought I'd check, why is diffraction only mentioned in conjunction with treble. I would guess the same principle of sound travelling on the front baffle, should also apply to mid range and bass drivers. I do vaguely remember it being something to do with baffle width and height vs the wave length of the frequency. Any guidance if trying felt on mid range drivers will also work, will be very helpful. Thanks
  23. I would agree that the above corrected curve, definitely sounds better than no correction Iam too dumb to do this myself, so I used a DSpeaker antimode 2.0, which is a automated correction system in the bass region. And if I remember right, I think it was also running a series of test sweeps, through both the speakers simultaneously for the correction. Since it corrects only upto 150hz, which is below the schroeder frequency of most rooms, I was of the opinion that the output of both speakers could be summed if correcting for a single listening position. And I presume that your goodselves have done something similar. So should be alright in my half baked opinion. If iam wrong, iam sure @tugawill be along shortly
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