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    Valve info

    Thanks sir But sadly the designer of my amps passed away a few years back. And these are not too famous either in the hifi realm. So please consider it a very generic question. Irrespective of the quality of the amp. I would still like to tube roll as is the usual pursuit in this hobby. So please help with your precious suggestions if you can. Thanks in advance
  2. newlash09

    Valve info

    Hi all I was looking around for some Nos Mullard EL34's. But the lowest I could find was USD 800 for a quad. Which is sadly way out of my budget. Can anyone recommend some cheaper EL34 tubes please, that seem to have the claimed Mullard mid range magic. As these amps will only be used for the mid range. And i would love a very syrupy and tubey mid range, especially for vocals. Thanks in advance.
  3. Lovely to hear that sir Hearty congratulations, very happy ending indeed
  4. I have music cast, roon as well as bluesound. I also find musicast from the wxc50 to be equally stable. One advantage that musicast has is that you can plug in your source into one, and it gets sent to the other room wxc50. Though ive never tried that.
  5. Same pinch for Stella Artois
  6. newlash09

    Sub Success!

    Hearty congratulations @Pedro2 on successfully integrating your sub I have slowly been crawling with my used purchases towards my long term goal of 3 way active speakers with 2 subs in stereo configuration. Thought I'd just discuss my bass configuration, because that is what of interest in this thread. A cheap Dayton DSP 400 acts as my active crossover, which will feed the frequencies below 350 Hz to a Dspeaker antimode 2.0 room correction processor. This splits frequencies above 80hz to the 10 inch bass drivers. And below 80hz to the 2 subs ( Iam yet to buy the subs at the moment. Have already bought rest of the stuff ). The Dspeaker antimode apart from just acting as another active crossover, has a automated bass correction system upto 300 Hz. And it seems to be receiving much praise in the bass department. A mini dsp might be cheaper, but last time I tried my hand at REW, I got lost very quickly. Thus, Iam going for a fully automated bass correction system. Will complete this project once Iam home these vacations and will post back. Thanks Edit: Iam considering Rythmik subs at the moment. As after my years of search online, I've always been advised Jl audio, Rel and Rythmik subs for 2 channel music duties. Sadly the Rythmik are the only ones in my budget at the moment. Will keep dreaming about Jl audio in my wet dreams
  7. Clean power makes a big difference. I've tried that too. But the new foo Iam hearing these days are Ethernet optical convertors. From my reading on all the wrong sites, Iam given to understand that there is noise on the Ethernet too, and it affects SQ in a big way. Though Iam still trying to see that noise on my 4k TV, when streaming Netflix
  8. Two of my friends run their systems on less loss cables. Sound mighty impressive to me. But Iam not one with the ear to discern what part of that credit goes to cables themselves. Byt my friends swear by them...always found them to be way beyond my small pockets. So if you are comfortable with the cost ..then worth a punt for sure
  9. I would also suggest that it is speaker related. Especially those that are difficult to drive and power hungry. They only fully wake up at high volume levels. In my limited experience, I've noticed that easy to drive speakers have a full some sound even at moderate to low volume levels.
  10. Hi... Richer sounds and seven oaks have package deals of these speakers with integrated amps. The amps they recommend in these packages should sound good with these lovely speakers is my guess. Though I never tried my concept 40's with a rega. But they sound lovely at the end of my marantz AVR. So as Cnoevil has rightly suggested, a marantz should be a great match. I've also read reports of people using them very successfully with exposure amps. Though ive never heard that combination too.
  11. Hi sir If you like to have a audio chain that is one mile long, you can use the usb out of the Asus, and then add reclockers and signal purifiers and the works. The sky is the limit. And I haven't even mentioned linear power supplies. If this is to your taste then audirvana software is a good place to start. personally I would just stick a SSD drive with a lush usb cable in to the mytek and call it a day
  12. Best time to learn to brew beer. Will give you the biggest sonic improvement.
  13. Can I suggest Qacoustics concept 20's to pair with the blue sound power node. An awesome combination. I gifted my first gen power node to my sister along with these speakers. Sounds lovely even today
  14. From a aesthetic point of view, DSP for bass and GIK panels at reflection points, paints a prettier picture than huge bass traps in the corner
  15. Hi sir Iam no expert at DSP, but have very successfully tamed severe bass issues in my small room with some cheap DSP. That curve you had posted is looking like severe bass problems. Usually I would expect to see peaks at multiples of 2 frequencies. But I was unable to locate them in the curve above. So Iam still struggling to under stand the main bass nodes you are having there. I would suggest dsp as the cheapest and quickest fix. I just got a dspeaker antimode 2.0 to automate the bass correction in my room further. Maybe something like that might be of help here. Just my 2 cents
  16. Wow...that's smashingly lovely sir Always loved the transrotors can't wait to find out how it sounds. Hearty congratulations once again
  17. From my experience a LPSU is a big upgrade. More than any power filters or power regenrators . I have both. But an LPSU does better than both. Then when your Good selves have time. Please buy a DC power cable from the LPSU to the NUC. My friends use some cables from ghent audio. And they claim it lowers the noise floor even further, as the cable is shielded and doesn't pick up RF noise. Though I honestly haven't tried it myself. But it's in my list . All the best sir
  18. Trust make any thread a superlative read. You are getting juicy...Iam getting out right wet
  19. newlash09

    Valve info

    Thanks for sharing that sir My present tube amps can use EL34 and versions if it. Though they are presently running KT 88 as tubed by the previous owner for more power. If the EL34 will suit the mid rnage better than the KT88. Then that would be a direction I would like to go in, as it is cheaper to reposition what I already have. And then start searching for new tube amps for treble. Thanks again
  20. From what I've seen inceiling sub woofers need hoods at the back to avoid leaking sound above. Inceiling speakers are designed to perform well open into the ceiling. My concrete ceiling to false ceiling is one foot. I never noticed it to be detrimental. But you might have to research more and see if there are audible benefits to be had .
  21. To be honest sir...unless you'd be lying on the floor in the garden room..there is no point spending too much on an inceling speaker system. I have 4 cheap yamha IWC 250 series speakers with 10 inch drivers that fill my room beautifully with back ground music. But though they do atmos duties now. And they sit flush inside with white grills and white surround frame too. I would suggest to get a cheap marantz or yamaha 5.1 channel AVR. In the settings you can set it to biamping. This will give you 4 power channels for the 4 inceiling speakers. Should you wish to want...going ahead you can always add a TV too for some visual entertainment. With the hard surfaces your goodselves mentioned in the room. The room correction of the AVR will come in handy. Just my 2 cents:)
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    Just wanted to add that dsp is about taking the room out of the equation in passive systems. And once one goes fully active, we can voice the sound entirely to our liking.
  23. Wow...that was a lovely post sir...Thanks for sharing your experiences. Much obliged
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    Very well put across sir