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  1. I bought a dac with very noise/mush/hash free sound. It even had switchable frequency response curves you could apply. Smoothed off the higher frequencies. Very pleasant (£2000).then after a year or so phut it failed. The maker/designer had closed down the far eastern firm which made it. I now have a very pretty confidence inspiring metal door stop. In the process of choosing and buying it I found a slight difference in sound but gave up fussing about it and just enjoyed the music. Some people are different and must have......
  2. Might but I don’t have the audible RF chain effect you are promoting. Your surmise might sell your cables but I am entirely happy with my music thank you.
  3. Some of us are fortunate enough to have no RF chain and don’t hear what others tell they hear.
  4. Maybe the TC does not hear difference in mains things or nothing to make a fuss over. I know I don’t
  5. I recently needed an HDMI cable to play with an rPi as a Ubuntu desktop. Realised I had 3 from my past but I didn’t bother trying all 3. Just used the first one long enough from rPi to TV. Very happy image. You too experienced the AoS owners friendly intolerance Sgt Pepper.
  6. a) Because what he had didn’t do enough of what he wanted? b) he didn’t realise it wasn’t any use? c) he was an upgrader
  7. I thought it was a good idea then I disconnected it and now run straight from mains. But there isn’t much wrong with my mains. It is heavenly.
  8. I read the album(s) will be released in Dec so plenty of time for outlets to become active/available. Love that album. Search YouTube for the number of versions of Peaches, some copies others respectful variations.
  9. In fact Catalina has been out for 2 days so ensure OS update is not automatic
  10. I found spending money on mains cables depressing. All these HiFi fans insisting that this cable and that will sound like night and day different. So being an open minded idiot I splashed the cash. One cable damaged the IEC socket of my amp requiring a repair. The next. were not so dramatic in their effect, in fact zero difference, but they were pretty. So if you enjoy spending then do it I’ve just ‘upgraded’ my streamer software. That does sound different. When the music’s over with Jim Morrison & Co has never sounded so convincing.
  11. Boy am I glad I cannot hear ‘’properly’ in Chronicals opinion.. I could have spent ages trying this and that and forget that it was music I was listening to.
  12. Croma

    Curious USB

    Would you care to say what was at each end of those cables to add to our understanding and appreciation? I tried WireWorkd, Supra and Maplins cheapest on an Eximus DP1 DAC and that is why we disagree in our findings. Waste of money and time. Spend on