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  1. The American Air Force fired a rocket sled up to 6,599mph or Mach 8.6 a couple of months ago, so 1,000mph shouldn't be a problem from an air resistance perspective, keeping it in a straight line on the other hand...
  2. Little did I know that while I was waxing lyrical about my irDACii it was plotting to let me down, one of the optical inputs has stopped working, I can just about live without it, but I'd rather not, how annoying! I suppose I should see if it's got any warranty left...
  3. ... and not forgetting the spontaneously combusting BMW Mini's. Seems like a rather common problem, good job I've got that fire extinguisher to protect me
  4. I've always been partial to a custard cream, although my days off eating a while packet at once are long gone
  5. Isaac Asimov - Bicentenial Man (and other stories) I didn't appreciate just how prolific he was until fairly recently, I doubt I'll ever get through all his books or short stories.
  6. I'm having a bit of a Coldplay-fest at the moment, currently listening to Mylo Xyloto
  7. I wouldn't go as far as calling Checo a twat but he did need a punch in the face for his actions in Singapore, I excuse the second corner, I genuinely don't think he expected Ocon to be there and was probably concentrating on Grosjean trying to jump him on his left, I don't think Checo was looking to his right at all. As in previous incidents I blame the team for not telling them who was around them at the start, I think they use spotters in American racing it can't be that hard to use them in F1, surely? On a slightly related note, I fear that Sebastian Ocon (and Stoffel Vandoorne) will be without a drive in F1 next year - in fact someone on another forum said that Ocon admitted he'll take no further part in this season, utterly shocking if true - F1 needs to take a long hard look at itself if this is the case. Unlike so many other people I don't blame Stroll too much, he's a half decent driver who's used his father's money to jump the queue a bit, I think the real problem is that there just aren't enough teams, quite how we're going to solve that is beyond me and many other people I suspect.
  8. Even though I'm not that fond of the Ferrari Formula 1 team my second choice is from the Ferrari stable, the F40, a total classic, I remember spending ages looking at a cutaway of it's engine at a motorshow many years ago thinking it was an absolute masterpiece, unsurprisingly I think I've only ever seen one on the road. Just so beautiful.
  9. I love Sgt Pepper, that original must be worth a fortune
  10. Good review Mr pp, I've been enjoying my irDac2 for a year or so now and above all, for me, it's tied everything together nicely, I've connected my CDP (my ancient Arcam Alpha) my Freeview PVR, Sonos ZP90 and my TV, and dare I say I even use the Bluetooth connectivity with my tablet when I'm being really lazy, doesn't sound half bad too. I wasn't initially looking for outright sound quality, although I've been pleasantly surprised on that front, but I wanted something to unify my various components, and it's achieved that with aplomb, I think any upgrade would cost an arm and a leg, and I need them for walking and using the TV remote control!!
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