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  1. I truly don't know which amp my money is on, will be very interested in your findings.
  2. You've made some very good changes over the last couple of months, bet the system sounds tremendous now.
  3. What is wrong with 4mm cable unless 8+metres are needed?
  4. Well considering Belfast Auctions claim to be expert packers, if you have not yet already, send them photos of the miserable effort they made of the job and ask them to describe how their thinking could lead them to a conclusion that the packing was adequate. If you have no success, can you write a review on their website or elsewhere, showing photo's of how well a vintage amplifier, worth £XXXX was packaged for delivery. I would also be asking Parcel Force why a vintage amplifier (electrical item) was left outside in the rain? Why do you need insurance when these companies employees have seriously let them down, insurance should be for accidents, which these were not.
  5. Your system deserves better than that, I'm sure someone mentioned Atlas Equator, if I looked more, sure to find a pair cheaper Atlas Equator (OCC) Integra RCA Interconnects - 1.0m Pair 5055581869312 | eBay This could have also been yours for a similar price to the Linn's Neotech NEI-3003 MKIII OCC Copper Interconnect RCA Audio Cable 0.5m, 0.75m, 1.0m | eBay If you wanted to go cheaper, Mogami with a decent plug would have also been a good buy My brother's old Linn Blacks were either given away or thrown in the bin, good luck with them though
  6. Don't think the 9's were originally classed as 'surrounds', you'd be hard pressed to find something better for 50 quid, and new! Here's some 9.1's Wharfdale Diamond 9.1 Speakers | eBay
  7. My only experience using a dac as a pre amp was with my brother's dCS Rossini, it sounded great with both a VTL (valve) and Accustic Arts mono's (ss) power amps. His ARC pre was no longer needed and sold, which suggests to me, if the volume control on the dac is a 'good un', maybe you no longer need a pre amp.
  8. You could look at making your own speakers cables from OCC wire advertised on ebay and coming from Japan, or alternatively Wireworld Helicon OCC-7N Copper Speaker Cable 2 x 3m Terminated | eBay A nice interconnect here if 0.5m will do you NEOTECH SOLID CORE UP-OCC COPPER 22 AWG 50CM AECO GOLD RCA CABLES INTERCONNECTS | eBay
  9. You could be spot on if using a Windows pc, especially if still getting updates from Microsoft
  10. McIntosh! doesn't the man have any taste
  11. Definitely not JBL Control 1's, they need more power to sound any thing like, Wharfdales could be an option
  12. Nearly the same for me, not that long ago a nice Aarvik amplifier was on offer to bids, I placed the first bid and with one day left no one else had made a bid and it was removed along with my chance of a bargain.
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