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  1. Was it a surprise Serpantine won the Derby? I don't think so, Galileo colts can improve leaps and bounds very quickly, and are pretty much sure to stay 1.5 miles. Well done A.P O'Brien. I did have £3 e/w on the 2nd Khakifa Set, my main bet was Kameko and both horses are trained by A. Balding, not only that the jockey Tom Marquand is riding out of his skin at the moment and he did get 'jocked off' the favourite English King. I will NOT be having a bet in the Eclipse today, just watch and enjoy.
  2. Pleased you're enjoying your new Fostex headphones, I'm still happy with my AKG 702's which were purchased recently.
  3. Why don't I read right down to the bottom?
  4. We use a Hutter rack and can only vouch for how good and strong they are. Looking at yours and how good they look would make me wonder why you're selling.
  5. What an impressive performance by Love to win the Oaks.
  6. Really don't know how you could dem speakers through headphones Klassic. When I mentioned about the hi-end, I had in mind the amount of hif aimed at multi-millionaires.
  7. My philosophy, when you've spent it it's gone, after all it's a luxury item. Let's hope the cable performs well when watching the tv.
  8. Good sounding equipment will always be good sounding equipment. Todays hifi in general is probably more accurate, but that is not to every ones taste. Materials have improved, especially for speaker enclosures. There does seem to be a widening gap between affordable and hi-end hifi these days compared to the 90s
  9. I think it would be a great idea to use it in a little used system, better than selling for peanuts. You never know, you may need it in the future.
  10. Oaks 3.40pm Derby 4.55pm You can see the form when you click on any individual race, colours and best prices at the bookies.
  11. I've pulled the trigger on both Kameko and Frankly Darling, another one at a good price Certain Lad in the 3.00 Epsom.
  12. Well I'm leaning towards Kameko for the Derby and Frankly Darling for the Oaks. Unfortunately neither are big prices so unsure whether or not to have a bet. I'm very disappointed the powers that be have cancelled the 'Dash' on Derby day, always like a sprint handicap.
  13. You a severely restricting your choices not buying anything Made in China. Remember all those years ago, folks saying I won't buy anything made in Japan.
  14. Of course they have a bet, even seen Tabor admitting he 'got on'. We prefer backing in Group races, I believe the form is far more consistent, although this year 3y old races are obviously more difficult since we haven't trials as in in normal years.