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  1. My comment about where are you going to put them was referring to you having you racks full already, maybe more racks needed, they could of course sit on the floor next to your speakers, you would only need a 1m pair of speaker cables and by chance I have a pair for sale.
  2. Looking at those 9's on the website and then in your photograph, one doesn't realise how big they are, and how bloody gorgeous they look in a home environment.
  3. I think those Doge amps look great value for money, I recommended the 5 to someone, there's a few clips on YouTube, and I'm not sure if you would lose more money when you came to sell than any other valve amp. I'm using a Chinese valve amp now, rated 35w, sounds more like 60-70, paid approx £500, the headphone amp is worth that alone, I'm not kidding, lose money if I came to sell, of course, but if I only kept it for 2 yrs it will have cost a fiver a week. Don't know about working with your speakers, but you could buy a 100w ss amp and that still not work great with them either. Whatever yo
  4. I hope so Jerry, but where are you going to put them?
  5. My apologies I did not realise you were not in the uk, which of course puts a different complexion on things. My worry would be with the bass, I heard a pair at a show a few years ago, but the room was enormous. Good luck if you do go for them, and let us know how you get on.
  6. Those Ushers are selling for a good price, but if I were you I'd hang on until a Pair of Estelon's come on the market, which doesn't seem to be that often, maybe there's a good reason for that.
  7. Great system, pleased you have finally found your goal. I'd love to see a better photo of both your tt's
  8. I'm taking you over budget here but there is a pair of stand mounts also available on ebay for £3k, which would allow for a good sub-woofer. Monitor Audio PL300 ii Speakers Mk2 Brand New Never Used 5 Year Warranty | eBay I'll be honest and say I've never heard these, but have heard JAS speakers before, I think you are getting a lot of speaker for the money, and to my eyes look good. JAS AUDIO ODIN Floor-standing Loud Speaker - Ex Display - MINT Condition | eBay
  9. I honestly don't believe pair of MA PL100's would be overkill for your Leema, what gives you that idea? Your amplifier might be your next upgrade, but have a look at what fellow Wammer JANDL100 uses for his £13+ speakers. Have you heard the PL100's?, I also mentioned a pair of Tannoy mini's, I'm sure many on here recommend them as well, especially since you've already said you wanted a 'lively' sound. If you don't see anything immediately that takes your fancy on ebay and forum sales, there's no rush, items always seem to come along. About 4/5 weeks ago, I was only thinking how good it wou
  10. How many inputs do you need, better split that into digital and analogue. You say in a later post you have shopped at Richer Sounds since the 90's, it does not mean you cannot buy from somewhere else, they only go so far up the food chain. If you keep buying from them you will be forever moving sideways. Take a look at the 2nd hand market as I suggested, here's an ebay list of bookshelf speakers £750-2400, there's even a pair of MA PL 100's, an excellent speaker for £1899 bookshelf speakers | eBay I also typed in standmount speakers and there is a pair of Tannoy Prestige Mini's from P
  11. I've never said the Focal's were not a great speaker, they were, my brother kept his for 10/11 yrs, he purchased them for £5700 when the new price was £7200, and they were just over 1 yr old. This however does not stop them depreciating and a thirty year old pair of speakers do not retain 30%of their original value. I have no idea about the N801's, but if they were 30 yrs old and the owner still wanted 30% of their original value I would not be purchasing them either.
  12. A very good dac by all accounts, I hope it's to your liking.
  13. And then we are left with not knowing what you eventually purchased
  14. You obviously like Tannoy's tannoy prestige | eBay How could anyone argue with Magnapan's when the 0.7's can sound this good (2) MAGNEPAN SETUP SECRET REVEALED ! - YouTube Two fantastic amplifiers you have there, so really the worlds your oyster when it comes to speaker options.
  15. I think you have received good advice, you are limiting yourself going to Richer Sounds, not that they are not a good dealer, but perhaps looking into the 2nd hand market you would be able to improve your hifi rather that what appears a sideways step. I like the MA 100 gold's and they would be a good buy, search on ebay and also look at the 200's, I know these cost more, but you could always upgrade your amplifier at a later date, then you are really moving up the ladder. I've also checked ebay for speakers costing £750 - 2000 PMC Twenty 23 floorstanding speakers in walnut, with boxes |
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