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  1. I guess the crossover is THE most important part of the speaker if that's the way you go when designing a speaker, others might agree with the KISS principle: Is it possible to make a speaker like, for example those big Wilson's?
  2. I think you are correct with your assumption about crossover-less speakers Eddie, I'm using NVA Cubes, another minimalist design, and exceptionally musical, also a speaker I would love to hear is the Reference 3A Divergent – Home (reference3a.com), remember reading about them all those years ago in HiFi+. I do regret selling my Epos ES14's when moving up to Obelisk's, would have been nice to have a listen to them again.
  3. Not the cheapest option out there but you might want to look at these as well Sbooster | Audiophile power supply upgrades and more | Welkom
  4. This is the pc I purchased, approx $150, Amazon.com: Mini PC Fanless Intel Celeron N4020 (up to 2.8GHz) 4GB DDR/64GB eMMC Mini Desktop Computer Windows 10 HDMI 2.0and VGA Port 2.4/5.8G WiFi BT4.2 3xUSB3.0 Support Linux,NGFF 2242 SSD,Auto Power On: Computers & Accessories I'm living abroad at the moment, that is why it came from the US. I use and external hard drive as my library, and it is output to an Oehlbach re-clocker, then into a Topping D30. I am not streaming any music although I've just been looking into that, tried to get the Tidal free trial but it is not available to me at the moment, may just try Spotify. I have been using Foobar2000, and then tried Audirvana free trial, could not get my music to download, then read a good report on Musicbee and am now using that, slightly better sq than Foobar, but I don't understand all the options on Musicbee, so it is left as is, except for a couple of tweaks. I don't know whether I should have got a pc with 8gb of RAM, when looking at Audirvana 4gb was needed but 8gb was recommended, any more questions, ask away. Sorry forgot to answer, I don't leave the pc on 24/7, there are no special audio cards and I have managed to recently stop Windows 10 updates, they have been a real nightmare to me, stopping the audio drivers and therefore stopping me playing music.
  5. I don't use a Pi, but a fanless mini pc, running Musicbee, but I see no reason why you could not improve your dac, although I'm led to believe it is very good anyway. You've mentioned, Denafrips, maybe the Ares or Pontus would be a good starting point, you could add to that list Pegasus Musician and Soekris on the R2R front. Topping D90, Gustard X26 and Chord Qutest also spring to mind as alternatives. I haven't mentioned more expensive models simply because you might like to try/compare a purpose built streamer before splashing out £5k on a dac. I do use a re-clocker in my system, not necessary, but I thought it a worth while improvement. Alternatively you could try a usb to SPDIF convertor, then using whichever is the best input into the dac. If you did decide on the converter route, you might like to look out for a dac with an i2s input. Good luck with your search.
  6. Exactly the same for my brother, the cheaper cable comes with the conditioner and since he needed a longer lead asked about the more expensive one, was told to stick with the cheaper model and for those that are interested, just paid the difference in price between the length's of cable
  7. Give Kevin a call at Definitive Audio
  8. I've heard them at a show, dem'd with the multi driver 1000 ? speaker, giving a standout rendition of 'Coal Train' by Hugh Masekela
  9. Without knowing your budget makes recommendations difficult, if it was me, I'd like to try the one Jandl has mentioned, Holo Audio Spring, but a valve one I'd be going with this DOGE 7 Clarity – Tube DAC – DOGE AUDIO
  10. I think you know what most will tell you on here, the only way is to compare the two together, but if you were thinking of the Iota's as an upgrade over your Rotel, to get a serious improvement you may have to spend a little more, look on the 2nd hand market, there's been some great amps on here and elsewhere over the last few months
  11. I've recommended a similiar cable on here before, although I have not personally heard it:- ACOUSTIC REVIVE SPC-REFERENCE-tripleC Speaker Cable 6m 6meter From JP | eBay 8pcs yarbo Pure copper gold plated speaker wire banana plug|Plug & Connectors| - AliExpress or these 4PCS Viborg VB401 High quality Pure Red Copper Banana Connector Terminal Plug connector 4MM Speaker Wire Plug Screw Locking|Plug & Connectors| - AliExpress x 2
  12. You could try a couple of these Puritan Mains Power Cables, High Quality, Flexible, UK, Schuko Or USA Plugs | eBay You might find them slightly cheaper somewhere else
  13. I have just seen this advertised Benz micro LP mc cartridge For Sale - UK Audio Mart
  14. There's a gent in Australia who 'pimps up' Linn plinths also
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