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  1. There is a very nice Bartok on pfm at the moment, not quite a Rossini but good non the less, but don't forget my other suggestion of Merging if one comes up for sale, worth a listen to the Terminator if you can, Good luck
  2. Thanks for this thread, I've been a believer in OCC copper cables with possibly a silver usb or coaxial, but I could be tempted to try: I'm sure it was the supplier in the second link I messaged asking why he was using those RCA plugs, if you're using silver cable then why not plugs, his reply, he thought the plugs he used were very quality, but would be happy to use any plug requested, but would come at a cost
  3. No surprise to me there was little difference in sq between your Luxman and the La Scala, I think it proves the diminishing returns rule in hifi, to which I think starts at approx £1k: See if you can get a listen to a Merging dac or dCS, sorry they are both going to be more expensive than the La Scala, then of course it would be up to you to decide if the difference is worth it over your Luxman: Neither of these are R2R dacs, but both very musical, you can forget about dCS of old
  4. Gerry (JANDL) had a very nice Prima Luna power amp for sale £700, don't know if it is still for sale since he was using it in his second system. There's also a nice Copeland intergrated in the F/S ads
  5. Don't go to the expense of a Russ Andrews isolation platform, try one of those Ikea bamboo chopping boards first, with sorbothane, spikes or whatever takes your fancy underneath.
  6. You've dug and hole South Eastern, and now you are try to scramble out of it
  7. and I'm old fashioned as well Rabski.
  8. Come one, did you get the dac? it's supposed to be very good
  9. You must know how it is Flash when you are researching a product/s, one review leads you onto another, again and again, until you've done a complete circle, picking up snippits of info here and there, I'm sure there was a demo of the Node vs a Primare streamer on YT and then it went on from there. I had about 5 shortlisted in my price range and all at good prices. It will be some time yet until I get to ;listen to the Aries, I have to return to the uk first, but it is for use where I am now. I could well have come across your thread while researching, although I'm guessing it was before I started looking for a streamer and I may well have given it a miss (wish a few others on here could do the same on threads they are not really interested in ) I will say I could have recommended the dCS Rossini, but how many people are contemplating buying that or the Node, one would assume the dCS to be better simply on what it gets reviewed alongside and any comparisons made to other equipment, similar to my recommendations and from what I already know. It would seem to me that once you get to the £5-600 range, there after you are quickly into diminishing returns. 1
  10. You could contact Ant at BTE Designs Passive Preamplifiers - BTE DESIGNS (weebly.com) he'll make you one, just tell him what you want. Just seen this [FS] - Audion Select SA (early prototype) | pink fish media
  11. That's not how I heard it over headphones, certainly the bass was punchier, but they do not have the same musical flow, and I prefer the looks of the Klipsch speakers, but everyone is different, and if you are happy with your B&W's all is well.
  12. Unfortunately I cannot stop you posting, but why would you want to spoil a thread for others with your negativity. Hi Fi is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby, on this forum it's good to pass on info and your findings on pieces of equipment, you do not seem to understand this, maybe you aren't really interested at all and all you've got in life is to spoil others enjoyment, or at least you give that impression.
  13. For me it's good to see what can be achieved with engineering, and the sound quality obtained from such an source. I know a few lucky people will be able to buy, good luck to them, if the rich don't spend it, the majority will suffer.
  14. Exactly what I thought Tarzan
  15. Well considering Psilonaught recommended the GD Audio, you could look into the Magna Audio Mano streamer, but there is also an Arcam D30 dac for sale in the private ads, well thought of on here.
  16. I use MusicBee on a mini pc, preferring it to Foobar2000 which is the only other piece of software I have used, although my brother uses Roon so have some experience with that. I was looking for a streamer that was capable of playing my external hd, directly so there would be no need for anything else in the system. I was so close to pulling the trigger on a well priced Nova Fidelity N15D, when an Auralic Aries came up for sale on ebay and I was luckily the only bidder. I had been put off the mini simply because of the need to use an i-pad to control the app, but I've had to bite the bullet and treat myself to an i-pad mini 2, to use with the Aries. From what I've read the Lightning app is very good and easy to use, although I won't be able to try it out until I return to the uk, my brother tells me it works ok though.
  17. You seriously don't expect me to go searching the net again, I was days going through streamers previously, if I come across anything I'll post a link. One thing, I do not have to post here, the only reason is that I believe my post would help the op, it is then up to them to do their own research, and if they feel it is worth going to a dem, and again if it is worth paying out for. I do try to do my own research on anything I need nowadays since I'm retired, and don't want to pay more than I have to, that philosophy is carried over to any advice given, no matter what their budget is, I have no problem with folk spending £100k+
  18. Everyone keeps going on about how cheap and how good the Pi is, then I read someone has purchased another add on bit at £260, how many add on bits do you need? I linked to a couple of streamers, Magna and Stack, comments were 'glorified Pi's' yet really for what they can do, it would appear the individual has to spend quite a bit of time and money to achieve anything near their performance. The Stack at £600 and the Magna at 1k euros don't seem bad value after all. I've been looking for a cheaper priced streamer, sound quality of course was important, but so was ease of use and cost, it is only for a holiday system. and that is how I came across both models, and even when I had discounted them on price, I still looked on the net for details and even messaged one dealer, he had more than one streamer that interested me, but he did say the Magna had been used in a multi thousand pound system at a demonstration or show, even though he stocked more expensive ones, he felt it that good. Stack appear to have decided to sell direct, reducing the price to customers and again got good reviews on the net, I thought it was therefore good value, hence my recommendation. As for bettering a pimped Node 2, I read reviews of other streamers that bettered a basic Node 2, and the Stack and Magna were seen as superior to these other products.
  19. You're not a politician by any chance Flash, you've managed to answer my question without giving me the answer to my question, which by the way was how much does a pimped Pi cost nowadays
  20. Why don't they just make it easy for people to use, ie the standard settings are the best we can do for audio sound quality, and the standard layout will suit 99% of our customers using it
  21. Looks like you wasted your your money, this is what you could have purchased for half the price
  22. I've got a great idea, all those who are not 'convinced' or simply do not believe it possible to improve your systems sound quality with add on mains products kindly leave this thread, and I promise, you will not see me on 'Measurements are the only thing worth considering when buying hifi' threads in future
  23. How does a pimped Pi cost nowadays, and don't forget to add on an hourly rate to obtain, tweak and generally faff about with, I'll be interested
  24. I'm sure they will be worth the wait, and since they must have had plenty of orders already, I guess your money is safe
  25. Just been looking at Nord Acoustics streamer options earlier Nord Easy-Stream Wireless Streamers & DAC (nordacoustics.co.uk) Can you do just using your phone?
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