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  1. Oh well. Guess I'll need to up my budget and be a bit quicker next time!
  2. Don't fret about it Gel. It will take a bit of time to get off the ground again. And keep it periodical if that's what keeps you happy, no need to post 20-30 times a day tough I do like seeing your hot deals, you can certainly sniff a bargain out.
  3. Hi, Would you accept £250 for the tonearm? Been on the lookout for a nima for a while but £300 is a little more than I was hoping to pay.
  4. As per no piano's advice mail community@futurenet.com. They sorted out my issue, which was similar, within 10 mins.
  5. Hey Bigboss, You are absolutely on point with everything you say but save yourself the key strokes. Not worth it unless you are considering a new oven.
  6. Well my first encounter with the future group mods went swimmingly and bodes well for any future problems. I emailed at 22:32 tonight explaining my access issue, had a mail back at 22:41 with a temp password and it's all working fine now! 9min turnaround!
  7. Well my first encounter with the future group mods went swimmingly and bodes well for any future problems. I emailed at 22:32 tonight explaining my access issue, had a mail back at 22:41 with a temp password and it's all working fine now! 9min turnaround!
  8. I'll also be back, well, when they finally sort out my access I will. I've only ever been a casual enthusiast who straddled between hifi and AV, wigwam is a little too hifi focused for my taster and av forums is the opposite. I liked the balance in the WhatHiFi forum and will hopefully see it thrive again.
  9. It's saying my old password is wrong but it's not, it's still stored in google password manager since the demise of the old forum last year. Very frustrating but hopefully just some teething troubles and it will be fixed soon.
  10. I've tried to reset my password a few times but I'm not receiving the mails with the link. I tried to set up a new temp profile in an attempt to reach someone to help but I'm not receiving the link to confirm my account. Forum isn't going to be much fun if no one can join it! T
  11. Yip, great run. I had a tenner on it :-)
  12. Day one finished for me. Place pot was down after the first race. Had £10 win on hardline also down the swanny. Got three places in my lucky 15 though. So £26 spent in total, roughly £25 won. Can't complain. Lucky 15 selection was Fakir D'Oudaires 4th Us and Them 2nd (Cheers NSM) Veranda Blue 5th :-( Stormy Ireland 2nd Doubt I'll get a bet on tomorrow as I'm in meetings all afternoon.
  13. I'm very much a part time gambler but do bet on pretty much every race at Cheltenham. I will be following this thread with great interest. It's brilliant that you put so much effort into sharing your expertise. Cheers Tony
  14. I'm a full on cable sceptic having tried various interconnects and speaker cables over the years and been unable to hear a difference. However, I used to live in an aprtement block and decided to buy a Tacima mains filter for no other reason than I wanted a well built extension block with surge protection and it seemed to fit the bill for not a lot of £s (think it was about £25 at the time). I didn;t hear any difference whatsoever in my system. What I did notice is that it cleared up the noise in the picture of my Sony TV which had been irritating me for a while. I wasn't night and day difference I just realised i wasn't seeing any more picture break up or artifacts on the LCD screen. I then plugged the TV back into to the old lead, which was still in the same positon and the noise returned. I should add my cables were like a snakes nest at the time. I can only think of the following reasons The old extension lead was faulty in some miniscule way but everything else plugged into it seemed to work ok. The interference was no longer being picked up by either the antenna coax or the TV power lead because of the slight cable reroute. The tacima was filtering out the interference before it could interact with the coax or TV power lead. I had a dirty mains supply and the Tacima filter was cleaning it up a little (to my mind unlikely as the TV spec should be able to handle any UK mains supply without issue) All I know is that it worked and was plain to see within 5 mins of watching the TV whilst paying proper attention for any unwanted artifacts in the picture. I had just assumed the builders has skimped on the aerial provisioning and I had a crap picture. I don't beleive cables can add anything to the sound but I beleive if there is a genuine problem with interference some sort of filter could help.
  15. Thanks PP, If I was going for a cart then I'd hit the dealers, as it's a phono stage I've been steered toward I'll either go for the Yaqin if I can find out a bit more about it or try the second hand market via a couple of local dealers or on gumtree. That way I get to see it in action before I buy it and don't lose too much if I decide to move it on. I'm not a huge fan of 2nd hand purchases on the bay or other postal type sites as I like to check everything is in order prior to handing over the cash. I'm probably paranoid right enough.....
  16. Hi Folks, Thanks for all of the tips. Consensus from seems to be phono stage first,. I'll start researching your recommendations and keep an eye on the 2nd hand market to see what comes up. I'm still loving the look of the Yaqin and have read some positive reviews so would be interested in hearing from anyone who has owned or heard one. @bigfool My Yam does have pre-outs and I already have a Technics SU-C800-U pre and SE-A900S Power Amp upstairs in a loft cupboard. I can use this to comapre the Yam phono stage as well as the benifit of adding an additional amp for the front two. Unfortunately I just dont have any room for it in my listening space, well I do have room but a divorce will be on the cards. If it's a substantial improvement I will consider going for an additional power amp but it would need to be small enough to fit in my AV Cabinet. Thats probably going to be further down the line though and I willl need to punt the technics to fund it which will bring a tear to my eye.
  17. Cheers guys.I doubt much thought has went into the phono on the yam. ~Will take the advice and go for a cart or a phono..... Great advice which obviously comes from experience.. Just need some recommendations to shortlist,
  18. Hi Uzzy, Thanks for the reply. I've already had a look but there is little information available with regards to the phono stage performance. Some reviews mention it has one and that's about it. I have an old (vintage???) technics pre/power up in the loft so will bring that down and have a bake off when I can get a free afternoon. If it changes anything then I'll know where to focus my attention. I agree with your views that AV amps will always be a compromise, that's the nature of the beast. I'm a little worried Yamaha may have just chucked one in there to tick a box as vinyl is the big thing right now and they've not really focused on performance. Cheers for the opinion on sub £200 phono stages. I'd rather buy something half decent than buy twice. Looks like a new cart is the way to go if the amp swap out doesn't provide any revelations . Though I'm not sure how to get my ears round one as you can't really demo them that easily afaik. Thanks Tony
  19. Hi J Mac, Thanks for the response. I'm really enjoying the sound but if I had to pick fault it would be a little bloated in the bass. As I don't have anything to compare it to and, I've not owned a tt for 20 years, I don't know if it's the phono stage in the Yam, the cart or the table itself that's causing the flabby bass on some tracks. That's where I'm hoping to see some improvement. Any carts in particular you could recommend for my setup? The arm is a rega rebuild. Thanks Tony
  20. Phono Stage or Cartridge Upgrade Hello all. I have recently purchased a used Rosksan Radius 5.1 with an Origin Live OL1 tonearm and an A&R C77 Cart. At the moment it's going via tha phono stage on my Yamaha AV Amp RX-A1070. I'm loving getting back into vinyl and now have an itch to see how much better the sound can get within reasonable cost. I have approx £200 to spend. My first thoughts are either to upgrade the cart or get a dedicated phono stage. What do you think would get me the best bang for buck? I was looking at the Yaqin MS23B as I really like the idea of trying out valves in the amplification path. Does anyone have any experience of this particular amp? I know nothing about carts so have been looking at all the names often recommended on various forums. Would £200 on a cart be overkill for my arm and/or turntable? If not what would you recommend? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Tony
  21. Quick description of some of the displaced members.... No offence meant... Plastic Penguin:- Good guy. Always liked to stretch out a post whenever possible to keep the masses waiting in anticipation. Why post once when you can string it out for a week? Walter Matthau from the odd couple. Black Sabbath:- Nice guy. Won't always get the punchline... Gel:- What can be said..... Loved reading his posts. Particularly the just bought, just sold, no taking back, changed my mind ones. What a character. Hope his health stays tip top. Big boss:- Probably nicest guy on the forum. Always happy to help, never condescending, Chebby:- Very knowledgeable but a bit of an stickler at times. Loves nothing better than to correct PP in a public shaming usually over a minor inaccuracy. Jack Lemmon Cno:- Always tried to give good advice. Good guy. Spiny:- Quick to take the mick but usually not without justification Drummerman:- I'm not being racist but... Major Fubar:- Again seemed pretty reasonable though did have one run in with him where he was being a womble. Don't hold it against him though. Musicraft:- Perennial salesman Davidf:- Seems genuinely good guy. Missed loads out, these were just the few that came to mind in the first instance,
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