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  1. BTW, i am from Belgium too.
  2. I totally agree. So the Evoke needed less space behind the speakers than the Special Forty?
  3. Like you say, the context was very clear and i know what back and front wall mean in standard terminology.
  4. From the Dynaudio Special 40 manual: "To reduce possible influences from the back and sidewalls, ..." Almost every manufacturer (and many reviews) uses the term back wall in their speaker setup guides. Perhaps you should contact them to correct their mistakes.
  5. That is from the point of view of the listener. I was talking about the point of view of the speakers.
  6. I have been able to listen to the Special Forty in my setup for several days and i have to say i was really impressed. They were placed about 20 cm from the back wall and that worked very well. I also read a very positive review of the Evoke 10 but it says the Evoke 10 needs to be placed further from the back wall to sound good. So i don't know if that is also the case for the Evoke 20 which i have not been able to hear. The feedback i got from Dynaudio suggests that the sound quality of Special Forty and Evoke 20 is very similar. Last week i saw that Unison Research now also makes a more compact speaker that looks very interesting to me: the Unison Research Max Mini Does anyone has experience with the bigger (horn using) speakers from Unison Research? The best speakers i ever heard were the JBL Everest D66000 and these use a big horn. Dynamics were incredible with this speaker.
  7. In real life they look much nicer than on photos, especially the red birch version.
  8. Thanks a lot for the useful feedback. I am sure now what to do.
  9. Nobody with experience with the new Dynaudio Evoke range?
  10. Thanks, i will update my equipment list. I can not use floorstanding speakers. The speakers need to be placed on a cabinet (on Auralex propad monitor isolation pads).
  11. B&W 705 S2, PMC Twenty.22, ATC SCM19, Monitor Audio Gold 100 (previous version) and Dynaudio Excite X18. I currently have a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto Home.
  12. I think the main reason is that the finish/build quality of the Special Forty is better/more expensive. If you look closely at the Special Forty, you can see the finish consists of all pieces birch of 1.5 mm width. That must have been very expensive. Quote from Darko about build: "The manufacturing process used to create the Special Forty’s veneer is more elaborate than we might expect: 1.5mm-thick wood slices are cut from birch wood in Finland. Each slice is coloured red or grey without paint (lest it obscure the wood grain) before many hundreds of slices are glued and pressed together to form a solid block. This block is then cross-cut again to create thin slices of veneer, this time though at ninety degrees to the original layers and so creating a pseudo wood/pin-stripe effect."
  13. I heard the Special Forty in my own setup.
  14. After listening to a pair of Dynaudio Special Forty speakers i am very tempted to buy a pair in red birch. But i am wondering if the newer Dynaudio Evoke 20 will offer similar performance / similar sound signature for a lower price. The Evoke 20 has a larger woofer and larger cabinet. Did somebody already compare these two models? I cannot find any review on the Evoke 20. I am currently also not able to listen to a pair of Evoke 20.