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  1. I bought one of these last year, was actually looking for a BBQ accessory (my other hobby), but thought at the time it would be ideal for the TT !! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Waterproof-Magnetic-BBQ-Grill-Light/dp/B084P64ZLX/
  2. Ok at home, but I get told off for doing this at work.....
  3. Hi, Sorry, been tres busy, not checked in - in a while ! I would definitely recommend John for any upgrade work required, we are only allowed to focus on providing repair on Warranty and Out of Warranty Kit. (Not to say that due to the age of some of the kit that I look at, a refresh of the bulgy caps of doom isn't on the cards !) Also, where aged components are going to have an intrinsic effect on the quality of the sound delivered then they will be replaced. What we no longer offer is the "upgrade" service that Anthony used to offer. John is definitely the man to go to if you want to turn it into a wonder box of aural magic. We, like him are very busy at the moment so as a temporary measure are returning all "out of warranty" kit to MF HQ for repair when it looks like it's going to be a complex rebuild. This is adding a couple of weeks to turnaround time. Our tame ex MF engineer who is now working for MF again, but located here in our office, is currently stuck at the MF factory, so not sat next to me as usual, so that is a bit of a pain as we miss his biscuits.... (and on hand advice !). Whichever way you go it's worth doing, the M3 is a nice solid performer, even today. Cheers - Dave.B
  4. Great advice all. Personally - and I may do a dozen or so a week - I never use any sort of tool for stripping tonearm wires (caveat - I only touch the Pro-Ject tonearm wires which are very thin flexible wires with PVC insulation). I rely on finger nails. I take off about 4mm or so, twist the wire, then importantly tin the wire, then snip back to about 4mm as tinning will remove more insulation. With the tag, try and hold it with the solder tag pointing down, as it's very easy for solder to flow up the part that clamps the cartridge pins ruining the whole lot.
  5. I've got a bag of 2000 cable ties on my desk.....
  6. Loads of useful information can be found on our website : https://www.henleyaudio.co.uk/Turntable-Support
  7. Is this pertaining to anything specific, or just general late night musings.... ?
  8. Yeah, we had that problem with Airlink TX. Thankfully we're now able to source MF TX direct from the two original OEM suppliers, with no MOQ, but they're on 6 week lead time from the factories.
  9. Hi David, Just follow the destructions here : Out of Warranty Repairs. We are the UK distributor and Service Center for Musical Fidelity, and whilst we don't offer upgrades - we leave that stuff to the lovely Mr Sampson, we are quite happy working on anything from the oldest dust collectors found in the attic, to everything we currently sell. Obviously we quote before committing to any work on "Out of Warranty" kit so you are not left with any nasty surprises. If it's the same as the one I've just done then I charged £50.00 + £10.00 carriage for that job. Any questions then just ping me via Dave @ Henley
  10. Just fixed one yesterday, still a great CD Player. He had the same symptoms. Stripped the transport out, treated the very claggy dusty bits to a clean and a smidgin of grease, gave the pickup lense a good clean. Et voila, no more Skippy impersonations.
  11. It's an inverted spindle with a ceramic bearing on top. Check the platter spindle, it fixes in with three screws either from the top or from the bottom. Check the three screws are tight. Also - depending on the bearing fitted, there might be a little grub screw that holds the spindle in place underneath on the spindle holder, check that is still tight.
  12. A lot of questions can be answered by visiting https://www.henleyaudio.co.uk/Turntable-Support - anything else just ping me and email via db@henleyaudio.co.uk as I don't get to check in as much to the WAM these days - to damn busy - which I guess is a blessing at this point in time
  13. Out of interest - how did you get on..... ? From the Henley "everything" man
  14. "Any components" is a bit of a generalisation. For FETs where the collector is hot, then one assumes designers know about insulation, or at least one would hope !! The occasional live heatsink isn't unknown in the industry - you always remember discovering your first one A few years in the industry under my (generous) belt, I've tested most things from peltier coolers, heatpipes, bifurcated fin sinks, pin fins, and spent more man hours than is humanly decent testing thermal interface materials (ironically the control was always Marmite **, which smells lovely when heated in a chassis!!) ** Don't ask......