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  1. Heh, don't watch the BBC but do listen to R6 Music. Only reason we have a TV is Rugby and Moto GP mainly, but do like the output of various select sources like Netflix / Amazon / Disney. Yeah 47 years old but I still love Star Wars, Avengers, Avengers spin offs, and things on Netflix like "Happy!" and Prime like "The Boys", both of which are truly excellent and should be watched if you like your humour dark and violent.
  2. I just moved from a WD MyCloud (terrible slow experience), to a Qnap TS-253Be with a couple of raided 8TB IronWolf drives. It's ace. You can even install and run Roon server on the NAS itself which I love. No expert, but to me it feels like an ace little home NAS, setup so all three PCs in the house backup to it, it even controls my outdoor security cameras with an app installed on it. A little Windows and Networking understanding is a good thing, especially if you're setting it up fresh and putting your own drives in.
  3. Yesternight. Aged ex dairy dry aged ribeyes from Oliver Woolnough at https://meatmattersltd.co.uk/shop/ cooked to perfection on the PKGo. My oh my, what a treat, exceptional flavour, so tender. Imagine the best steak you've ever had, then stick a Saisho label on that, this has a Dan D'agostino label.
  4. I can just about afford a poster of a ugly fast car...... I had a tidy little E1 IA in this week, just leaving today to wind it's way back to it's owner. Sounds nice now it's fixed and refreshed !
  5. Personal choice, and I may have mentioned this before, but to my ears I find the Black just a little to analytical, everything feels too perfect (if that can be described as a problem !?), if you want to sit down and listen to Classical Music all day it is probably perfection embodied, you can sit there and point at instruments on the soundstage that you hear replicated between your pink flappy aural receptors. I back to backed a Cad Black with a Cad Bronze for a while and the Bronze was the sweet spot for me. I listen to pretty much everything else, apart from classical - so this is probably
  6. Sad to see a KW500 leave the premises, but in for a loud hum on the RHC and a low level hum through the speakers that sounded freakishly identical to TX hum. Another firm favourite in this workshop. Adieu my heavy PSU'd friend Refreshed and ready to enter battle once again !
  7. Yeah, I carefully added most of the URLs earlier this year, it appears they are turning a lot of these off at the moment, or not looking after the servers. Lost a big chunk of stations a few weeks ago including the workshop fave Radio 6 :-( That was on most devices that use the now older Blue Tiger streamer PCB.
  8. Yeah, the BBC thing is right PITA, they are forcing everyone over to using the BBC Sounds App, good if you've got a streamer that you can add apps to, not good if you've got a streamer that uses it's own OS ! Obviously if you use a Phone/Tablet with either flavour of OS via BT you can add the app - no problem. That is a very simple hassle free solution if you're not an IT wizard !
  9. Are you sure you're not using a dodgy cable ...... Ducks and runs for cover (PS - I really like your cables )
  10. Heh, I grew up in a big old house backing onto the South Downs Way, as a kid we were always digging up spent and live munitions. There was a lot of training went on up there, as well as unspent bomb droppage by the winged lot on the way back from continental jaunts. Still got a box of mortar tails up in the attic somewhere. Lad at the end of our road lost most of his right hand fiddling with a fuse he dug up - you can imagine how distraught he was at that age - having to re-adjust to being a left hooker - right put him off his stroke as they would say.
  11. We use one in the office - it was an early pre-production sample, still going strong today. Nothing to go wrong really. AptX works. Bluetooth wouldn't be my choice for a High End Hi Fi setup, but for general day to day listening it's more than capable. At home I use a Stream Box S2 Ultra - which will be out of your reach if that's your rough budget. But for an undredandtwentynicker extra you could have it's less endowed younger sibling the Stream Box S2. A true internet streamer in the same sized box controllable via web / app etc https://www.henleyaudio.co.uk/products/Stream-Box-S2
  12. Dave Brown


    I wonder if they're going to do a Tesco's Value Range MDF version for those of us strapped for cash.....
  13. Stuttering can also be down to processing power on the device you are streaming from (or lack thereof), especially if you're streaming HiRes files. If it settles down then this seems likely. Even underpowered dedicated steaming devices can suffer from this - especially when transmitted through the ether by magic waves.
  14. Thread swerve, but those of you with the Stream Box S2 Ultra might be interested to know that Firmware 1.069 is out now. Upgradeable from the system menu. Remember to have Qobuz and Tidal login details to hand as the update will zap those. - New User Interface. - New Tidal and Qobuz integration (requires new login after update). - Improved speed and performance. - Many smaller bugfixes (including CD Ripping database fixed).
  15. This is something I hear a lot..... especially at home......
  16. oops, now can't work out how to delete a double post..... am I mis-remembering something or just going bonkers.....
  17. Italian/Swiss producer, had a big dance chart hit with a track called Children back in the mid 90s.... catchy tune..... .... or am I mixing him up
  18. Heh, I've only raised concerns from a QC point of view and fed back your experience to HL and the team. I've had the factory Audit the stock they have, and feed back their findings to our SMT.
  19. Definitely a Thumbs Up Smiley Face thingy for Hasbean, been using them to keep the workshop awake for about 5 years now, really passionate about their coffee, hugely ethical, amazingly helpful (I get them to knock the grind back a notch when I buy ground coffee for our shonky old espresso machine). Some fantastic blends and a website you can loose yourself on quite easily, reading the in depth reviews and articles.
  20. That green reminds me of a bathroom suite my gran had back in the 70s. Just needs a crochet doll sitting atop for the full effect.
  21. My faves have to be pork knuckles from our local butcher, about £3 each and enough meat to feed three quite nicely, I do em on the BBQ on a rotisserie, cracking crackling.
  22. Henley Audio unfortunately need to report that on a recent shipment into the UK, a quantity of Pro-Ject Audio Systems turntables were stolen in a night-time breach of a shipping trailer. While parked overnight in Aylesford, Kent, a shipping trailer booked by Transbritannia as part of a regular stock shipment to Henley Audio was broken into and nearly 70 turntables were stolen. Unfortunately we now need to assume that these products will be made available for sale in the UK through an unauthorised source. Due to the fact the product is stolen, we are publishing the serial numbers of the af
  23. They are a good bunch over at Analogue. I heard mention about that, the job didn't come to me but our young padwan. What's the issue with the case, was it the one where the finish covering the spot weld marks was at question ? I wasn't involved, and didn't see it, but can certainly make sure it's fed back to HL via our SMT, if it hasn't been already.
  24. I bought one of these last year, was actually looking for a BBQ accessory (my other hobby), but thought at the time it would be ideal for the TT !! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Waterproof-Magnetic-BBQ-Grill-Light/dp/B084P64ZLX/
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