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  1. Bit Perfect


    Better be quick, just been reading that the Saudi's and the Russians are coming to an agreement on cutting production to put the price up.
  2. I use fm radio, especially announcers voices, in mono. Apart from that any simple music with a central singer again in mono. Early Stones or Beatles as suggested would be great.
  3. The CPAP news is good as it would help those who require intervention but not quite to the extent of a ventilator. Not so good is Some Chinese equipment not fit for purpose. I wonder where our stuff has been ordered from?
  4. Thanks for the link, will have to watch that tomorrow. Too late tonight.
  5. Modern ventilators are actually complicated bits of equipment which are computer controlled. It is not just a case of pushing air into lungs, the correct oxygen/co2 ratio has to be maintained at the correct pressures and is in fact different for best results to the ratio needed for a conscious patient.
  6. As the Govt. boast today how many PPE items they are now delivering but with medics still saying they are short and with the death of a consultant from the virus announced today this item is more than sad.
  7. On the medical side the patients will be triaged by clinical medical staff when the decisions will be made. If there were say one ventilator available and two patients needing one to have a chance of survival then the one who is most likely to survive will get the ventilator. Bleak decisions.
  8. I think it is always good to acknowledge good customer support as it is so important so thanks for the post.
  9. At the moment lockdown looks likely to go on into June. My main hope for the future is vaccination which is some time away (18 months?) but building up a good number of ventilators would, I agree, be advisable.
  10. Yes and no. The crisis will go on for longer but my concern is that the peak of infections/deaths will be in the next 4 weeks which is nowhere near long enough to design, make prototypes, test and produce thousands of reliable ventilators. There are British firms who specialise in making ventilators and indeed testing kits for the virus in this country who offered their services to the Govt. weeks ago and never received any orders. Their ventilators are being exported all over the world which might be good for the economy but at what cost? Maybe the Govt. lost their emails too?
  11. With the predicted peak in about a months time then no time to mess about. No point having a potentially superb design after the crises has died down and the need diminished with those who needed them already dead. It's all a mess, worth reading:
  12. My dad always said take a whisky, if that doesn't cure it take two, if that doesn't work you are going to die anyway. He did not even like the stuff either.
  13. Nothing wrong with my equipment!
  14. That is not artificial stimulation! It may help a good nights sleep too!
  15. Ah, the well known beer (wine) goggles, we have all been caught out that way before now......