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  1. It won't make a difference unless the switch is first installed on an isolation platform 😜😜
  2. As stated, what did Rob Watts think of the outcome from the home visit so often mentioned in the first few paragraphs
  3. Good comedy has been destroyed by the left but can still be found in unlikely places.
  4. I may have missed it but am curious to Rob Watts home visit that was mentioned in the beginning.
  5. So I don't need one anymore as have one now
  6. Hi I've brought one of a member with power supply and all Thanks for reply
  7. Thanks one of the nice members had already sold me one already 👍
  8. There is a pair of dynaudio contour 20s available on thebwam for sale They are white though but check them out I'd take them over the 40s
  9. I'll leave the lighthouse burning brightly for you
  10. And if you don't get it right then go active 🤣🤣
  11. I've never heard him criticising but just showing the quality of parts inside and the measurements and rightly so. He hardly makes any money on it so that doesn't stand up. The measurements after the upgrade always read better. Wouldn't you like to know that a £4000 speaker has cheap parts inside similar to a wharfrdale diamond? Also if a speaker measures well and has good parts he says so. To think you can also bring up your current speaker to the next or highest level by just spending a fraction of the cost is a good thing.
  12. Keeping up with political correctness, can anyone recommend me a very good transgender pianist? 🤣🤣
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