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  1. Errrrrmmm, ok We all have different ways to keep ourselves entertained I suppose
  2. Go for a preamp/dac with gain settings to match the power amp. Not in concrete but your volume dial should be between 10pm and not much higher than 0200
  3. Bokke

    New power amp

    Why not save even more money and go with Nord then?
  4. I hope you've brought the new cables from audio quest?
  5. Well enjoy and tell us about them when they arrive
  6. Hey BS Did you have the 6s before?
  7. With that in mind are products like blusound vault, innous, roon rock etc illegal products?
  8. I'd go ATC scm20asl pro
  9. You'll need a dac if you don't have one or it's not integrated into your amp. Once you have that then I use jriver to rip CDs and send it through usb to the dac - dac to amp or active speakers, depending on your set up. As for storage I keep them on my hard drive in my laptop but I also have an external SSD for back up. You could also buy a steamer like a node 2i and attach the external SSD to its usb and connect to amp that way (as it has a dac built in)
  10. Just skimmed through it quick and they both measure a drop in frequency to be fair
  11. Ok thanks But I was wondering the name of the reviewer that said it did need eq so I can read it.
  12. Which review needed the eq?