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  1. Once everybody on the forum trusts measurements then the ones that already do can rest and possibly listen to a cd
  2. The cd made sounds great. Small amount of noise went through to the speakers on start up but disappeared after a few min. A very good buy imo
  3. Ja but whether you like them or not they play a very important part of the equation. It's starting to get very unbalanced on here like 2 different religions, fighting Measurements are important and how it sounds just as much
  4. You've had good practice recently 🤣👍 Btw last week I fired up the nad all good
  5. Long shot on eBay as I've seen some advertising boxes
  6. Great piece of kit I also had one
  7. These are great been reading for years now love the balance they provide to the bs
  8. As you say lacking in bass depth - I'm confused as to why you are researching streaming system to rectify?