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  1. I'll have more stuff to share soon regards the cabs. My spray painting better be up to how it was 15 years ago.
  2. Check out the fancy usb cable We can't call it a wave but maybe a ripple
  3. Just arrived @cooky1257 monacor lol stageline my ass. What a tip off Thanks again
  4. 2 X Stageline(monacor) DSM 26 lan
  5. Bokke

    Active cross overs

    I'm not sure yet I'm collecting today and I arranged this while away for work.
  6. Over the last few months I've been on a learning journey. Things that seem so simple now were difficult to get my head around. Thanks to @MF 1000 @tuga @newlash09 @Tony_J @bencat @Psilonaught @MartinC @cooky1257 @greybeard @Shadders @steve 57 @eddie-baby @lindsayt if I've missed any out then sorry So now I'm ready to build this thread will show you the equipment and progress stand by
  7. i agree with all the responses and have also seen this at the factory -
  8. they are identical - zero difference - I've been to ATC and that's straight from them
  9. no i appreciated the sense - if you open up the benchmark it has 3 gain settings - I suspected that the pre amp had higher gain so perceived to be more dynamic thanks
  10. I watched The last dual and the sound was awesome - I put it down to the amount of sheer power behind all those speakers
  11. that's what i mentioned pages ago about the original benchmark remark but got interpreted as removing power amps - how that happened -no-one will ever know.
  12. @robincan you put pictures of the rear connections please
  13. now the biting makes sense great job there -
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