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  1. Over the last few months I've been on a learning journey. Things that seem so simple now were difficult to get my head around. Thanks to @MF 1000 @tuga @newlash09 @Tony_J @bencat @Psilonaught @MartinC @cooky1257 if I've missed any out then sorry So now I'm ready to build this thread will show you the equipment and progress stand by
  2. i agree with all the responses and have also seen this at the factory -
  3. they are identical - zero difference - I've been to ATC and that's straight from them
  4. no i appreciated the sense - if you open up the benchmark it has 3 gain settings - I suspected that the pre amp had higher gain so perceived to be more dynamic thanks
  5. I watched The last dual and the sound was awesome - I put it down to the amount of sheer power behind all those speakers
  6. that's what i mentioned pages ago about the original benchmark remark but got interpreted as removing power amps - how that happened -no-one will ever know.
  7. @robincan you put pictures of the rear connections please
  8. now the biting makes sense great job there -
  9. A lot of active ATC owners enjoy the combination of a valve pre amp connected. Whenever I've been listening it's been direct though dac as a pre amp and never found anything wrong or missing at all but then also never compared to something else. I've never even thought about valve amps and only listened to a few. But with my own speakers I can experiment the different drivers so I'm very keen.
  10. just ried to load the pictures but cant would you mind to send again? thanks
  11. Or how to listen to music without an amp connected
  12. my thing is getting the best quality for the cheapest cost while not paying for advertising and the MD's porche. thats why Gothic has my interest. If someone can open up the cables and show me why its different - I wont mind paying the extra
  13. no - I was responding to your original point about lack of dynamics/drive when using benchmark dac as a pre amp
  14. thanks George - I've been eyeing up the gothic silver since that gothic audio post many weeks ago - he posts his specs also
  15. Thanks Anyone who's starting point is pro is top in my opinion
  16. good post what makes the difference: quality of materials / connections or the measurements are perfect to the required spec? I guess all the above. Im looking for good quality AES if anyone knows
  17. if you remove the power amp then you will get no sound from the speakers Did you read what I wrote -has nothing to do with removing power amp
  18. when you have this you dont have to listen or waste money (audioquest love people to do this) AudioQuest JitterBug USB Filter Review | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum for those who just want the conclution Conclusions We can easily demonstrate that devices like JitterBug cannot work. USB is a high-speed bus. You cannot filter it without causing the data to be corrupted. So any filtering that JitterBug performs there must be well into Megahertz region and hence outside of audible band. Since data transmission to a USB DAC is highly reliable anyway, filter does no good. As to filtering of the USB power, the DAC itself has a regulator and filter of its own. Adding the tiny bit of filtering JitterBug has is like spitting in an ocean and expecting its level to rise.
  19. no - nothing happens just like the model one
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