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  1. Hi Bigwig07, Many thanks for your thoughts. I have zero experience of class D. I did call my excellent local dealer, Jordan Acoustics, when the Rubies were launched and he said little, if any, improvement over what you have - but did say an Esoteric F05 @£8500 would definitely do the job - one would hope so! Perhaps I should listen to my wife who asks "how can you improve on that?" Not easy to justify. I am going to wait for the Yamaha as3200 to arrive and have a listen when released from lockdown (shielded). From your description, I do not think that the Rubicons will fare well with a more analytical amp- they have just the right level of detail and spaciousness for my ears. If only the PM11 was still in production.Many thanks again.
  2. H Doug and bigwig, Many thanks for your thoughts on the Rubies. I bought my 14s as a pair, so never knew which was more responsible for the improvement over the 8005 duo. Adding the TEAC and accessing MQA Tidal is a very close call with the SA14, so conclude that the amp plays its part. SACDs are still king, IMHO. KI certainly changed gear with the PM/SA 10 and Rubies - going to Nord Hypex class D and the Marantz Music Mastering - up converting CD PCM to 1 bit DSD. I have been pondering an upgrade - best described as an unnecessary itch- and had settled on the new Yamaha AS3200, but that is stuck in transit somewhere between Malaysia and the dealers. I am now thinking to wait for the end of lockdown and do some listening including class D. Look forward to your thoughts, Bigwig. The Rubies are a fine looking duo.
  3. Hi, Many thanks for all the suggestions. I think Bodgit sums it up that I should stick with what I am used too and that will be the Yamaha. Luxman and Accuphase are revered in Japan and SE Asia but are probably an upgrade too far unless source and speakers follow and although cosmetics are a low priority, the big black yammy should fit right in. thanks again and stay safe.
  4. Sadly not. It is being advertised but nil stock as yet. Same for the NAD. Normally I'd be much more patient, read reviews and then visit dealers.My wife-also very high risk - and I could be isolated for months so am going to cheer myself up with a new amp. Speakers are a different matter and will have to wait for due diligence. Agree that synergy is important and the Yamaha is most likely to deliver, or Luxman/Accuphase. Shame the E380 is only available in gold!
  5. Thanks all, The as3200 is definitely favourite - the downside being my ability to lift 19kgs into its box and 25kgs out of one. Hereditary late onset MND type problem. Putzeys designed the Nord Hypex amps so thought there is a possibility that his new one could be a game changer. Had zero experience of class D but Ken Ishawata made the switch for Marantz's high end amps a few years ago. Will check out the GATO, another Dane.Streaming not needed as TEAC excellent.
  6. Always a worry. My Chinese built Marantz AV7007 amp failed a month after warranty expired, so I bought a made- in -Japan Denon. British- built Meridian CD& Pre/Power were good for 20 years and are probably still going strong with second owner. Made in Japan Esoteric, Luxman etc a big jump.The Malaysian yamaha factory has a good reputation.
  7. Having followed Domt's threads on upgrading his fine PM11, I'm thinking stick or twist as there is very little amiss with my current setup. Realising that you need to spend at least 200% more for an undetermined 5% "gain", there are two soon to be launched contenders. I am unable to audition and as NHS "shielded" on probable lengthy lockdown.Speakers a later upgrade depending on results with the amp. Yamaha A-S3200, rightly championed by Blacksabbath and others, an analogue class A/B @25 KG, made in Malaysia, a direct replacement for my Marantz. I have only ever owned A/B since 1973 - my dad had Quad valve monoblocks before that. NAD M33.Much lighter! An advanced box of tricks, made in China - it grates but hey ho so was my TEAC and that exceeded my expectations.BluOS has plenty of fans as does Dirac Live. The big unknown is the new Purifi amp.It comes with considerable Danish design pedigree as listed here: Interesting that Peter Lyngdorf is co-founder and that he once owned NAD. Guess a raft of products will follow the NAD. Guess the obvious answer would be to wait for reviews if the Chinese plague does't get us first.Any thoughts welcome. NB. can take a while for me to respond.
  8. Thanks for the heads up on the depth. Although just fits my Atacama Equinox rack, there is a central support and the amp has a central power socket. I use Audioquest nrg z3 power leads that are not the last word in flexibility. Might have to offset slightly which would offend the eye like the rear number plate on a LR Discovery. Also end game amp for me as would be the slightest whiff of the Chinese plague, so feeling a little cavalier with some spending plans.
  9. Many thanks, Blacksabbath. Appreciate your experience as we have similar taste in amps/speakers. Will check out the deals.Being in total lockdown, having to lift that 25kgs onto my rack might be the biggest challenge! 19kg was more than enough for my dodgy back.
  10. Hi and hope you and family are keeping well. We are in eternal lockdown due stern letters about very high risk so dealer visits are a no go even after they are allowed to open . There are some deals appearing for the yammy as3000 as new model due soon. I know you upgraded from the 2100 which is approx equivalent of my Marantz and wondered how much improvement into your DALI speakers? Have had analogue only Class A/B for 47 years and am reluctant to embrace whiz bang class D - possibly my loss! Thinking NAD M33.
  11. Quote: "Contemporary well designed oversampling DACs sound more or less identical" and my daughter has revealed that she is more or less pregnant! (delighted, but not the best timing!).
  12. +1 Tellurium Q Black 2 with links. innocuous looking but mighty effective.
  13. As a big fan of KISS philosophy and in the very unlikely event that I have the urge to spend 10X £ on a streamer, the main requirements would again be a single box and full MQA certification. I would start with big brother Esoteric which shares the control app with my TEAC.ditto Lumin X1, despite the separate PS would be next, followed by the likely winner, the British dCS Bartok. All upsample, upscale or whatever and no doubt produce beautiful results. Of course, the speakers would have to come first, then amp, then oh dear the room is overwhelmed.
  14. Apologies, was original one not node2. Agree with output from my elderly Macbook pro. USB delivers a nasty digital cocktail of noise. Didn't like sharp filters either! MQA solves all that as bypasses all upsampling etc
  15. Agreed, Nopiano. Hi Timbo, As a very happy owner of the TEAC, thanks for your comprehensive analysis. I agree that the DSD512 upscaling softens the top end and conclude that an algorithm is not as good a the real thing -SACD. I tried it for several months as I agree with others that short assessments can lead to confusion. I am now in an extended listen to PCM upscaled to 8 X which I prefer, whether Lossless Radio Paradise - superb, or standard FLAC Tidal, which is generally very good but a little inconsistent at times. I am a little mystified why you would feed it output from an inferior Node2. I tried one briefly when launched and it went back - horrible noisy wallwart PS. The TEAC is a streamer/DAC and as such is excellent VFM - it has two toroidal PS and is a dual monaural with a 44.1 and 48 clocks, allowing true multiples and low jitter. Where it really comes into its own is with MQA. Second unfolds to 24/44.1,88.2 and 352.8 are rendered accurately, as are 24/96 and 192. I was a MQA agnostic, but am now delighted with the format. Thanks to RP, I stumbled on an old favourite from my youth. Journey from Eden by Steve Miller Band. Standard Tidal has the full 6.5 minute version, but the MQA one from their greatest hits sadly fades out at 3min40s. However, the MQA SQ blows the FLAC version into the weeds. The TEAC can be a discerning device depending on what you feed it. NB. I have never heard a CHORD DAC to compare. The Teac has the same chord clearway RCAs as my Marantz SA14, an Audioquest CAT 7 ethernet cable and the same Audioquest NRG Z3 power cables. Don't add anything, but might well take less away!