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  1. And some people are too blind to see the problems when they are staring them in the face!
  2. After 5 years the drivers will become worn and won't sound as good as their newer counterparts, i was told this by kef employees who make the reference series.
  3. At that age i would want to replace the drivers, so not really a bargain once you have done that. Newer versions only go for around £475 which would be a better investment.
  4. It used to be HMV for cd's for me but they have scaled their cd's down so much i tend to look on eBay now. mind due now I'm streaming tidal through my innuos i don't really find the need for cd's anymore, maybe just the collections etc...
  5. I prefer a slow blow but that's just me...
  6. I love to give roon one of my favourite songs and then just let it choose the rest, I've found some fantastic music this way. (it sounds rather good as well)
  7. I would say between £650 - £750 would be about right depending on condition & age, Don't forget to list it during the £1 seller fee window and save yourself some £££.
  8. LS50's are extraordinarily good and would be my first choice followed by some classic PMC DB1i's.
  9. No not to the cloud, i use an external hard drive to back up my innuos, which is SSD.
  10. Try the Innuos Zenith MK3 with the Qutest and let me know what you think.... I use the Zenith MK3 with the Chord HugoTT and find it exceptional.