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  1. ‘However there is no way they would produce the sound pressure of an additional subwoofer. ’ Depends on what you mean by sound pressure. If you want to feel the pressure, something like this might rattle your fillings
  2. Pedro2

    Rega P2 mods?

    Just received delivery of a cheap electronic stylus tracking gauge from Amazon. It revealed that the shop setting on the arm that I have been using since Christmas was quite a bit off (1.2 g instead of the 1.75g as recommended by Rega for the Elys). Got to say that the sound quality has just improved by about 25%!
  3. Am contemplating this upgrade on an RB220 (together with internal and external rewire) by OL. Will post my findings when done.
  4. Pedro2

    Rega P2 mods?

    I take it that you were impressed with OL! I’ve got a nearly new P2 with RB220 arm that is almost certainly going to get the OL treatment. As a matter of interest, what cartridge were you using with the Rega?
  5. So might I unless you pick up an upgraded Katalyst machine where the digital volume control is just fine (Akurate and Klimax level only, though).
  6. I can see both sides on this one. I really rate our own Linn Akurate DSM as it tends to work well for most of the time and sounds rather (very) good! However, it was bought second hand and then upgraded. Buying new from Linn tends to be a wallet emptying experience. Their abandonment of the forum and a certain cavalier approach to customer service didn’t impress me too much - just a personal view.
  7. Pedro2

    Rega P2 mods?

    Just read about Origin Live’s Rega arm modifications and the reviews are very positive (especially the RB250). Anyone any experience of these? Ta
  8. Just a thought for anyone with more than one way of listening to music at home (I.e more than one system). I often find myself listening (or half listening) to the relatively simple (cheap) system in the kitchen/diner rather than the main system in the living room. The living room system almost demands my total attention and sometimes I don’t want this. The kitchen system is much more ‘take it or leave it’ and I can get on with other things ( cooking, reading, talking etc). Can’t work out if this is down to the room or the sound system, or both but wondered how common this is.
  9. He had a beautiful style of playing. One of the greatest! Upstairs is filling up with some amazing talent. RIP
  10. Pedro2

    Rega P2 mods?

    Thanks for all the suggestions and links, folks. I’ll be mulling over the various options in the weeks/months ahead. The upgrades obviously go from the cheap and simple (new belt - already bought) to more serious (Funk Firm arm). Will keep you posted on any mods and what, if any, effects they have on sq.
  11. Pedro2

    Rega P2 mods?

    I agree with your thinking although the proof of the pudding is in the hearing (and I've not heard one). It would be worth comparing side by side. Have used the shop in the past, having bought my AE1a speakers off Bob at Inspire. Seems like a good guy and the service is very friendly.
  12. Pedro2

    Rega P2 mods?

    That's some modification kit! I'm intrigued but wonder what exactly it does to the sound and at over £300, it's a fair proportion of the cost of the P2 complete. That said, if it were to provide P3 performance or beyond, definitely worth considering at some point.
  13. Pedro2

    Rega P2 mods?

    Not sure if this is the right place but just in case it is, has anyone modded a Rega P2 (or similar) and with what kind of results? I’m thinking along the lines of sub platter and acrylic platter, feet and belt etc. I appreciate that there’s a trade off between spending on a model as opposed to upgrading the whole deck but would appreciate your collective thoughts on the matter. I’m very happy with the deck and cartridge (Elys2) but have got a slight ‘just out of lockdown’ hi fi itch and wondered if the turntable could serve to scratch it! (Don’t want to part with the deck; just wondering if any mods are actually worth doing).
  14. Pedro2


    or simply don't appreciate a high resolution system because they've never actually heard one...
  15. Got one of these off EBay although there are cheaper (as well as more expensive) options available. Didn’t really think I’d hold onto it though as I thought the signal quality reaching the speakers would suffer. I was wrong. Doesn’t appear to be any audible loss of detail etc and if there is, it’s more than made up by the benefits that it brings. Works in the analogue chain (takes analogue input and feeds analogue output) so you need to fit it in somewhere between pre and power amp.