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  1. Here’s an informative site:
  2. I’m naff with anything plumbing -related but YouTube was great for solving a leaky toilet cistern; cost me a few quid in tools but I still saved money. It’s now a mine of useful (as well as useless) information.
  3. Looks like these might be the LS50W competition. Will depend on pricing but knowing Q Acoustics, this will be bob on.
  4. So out of curiosity, will you be tempted to listen to the new actives when they arrive (even if they're out of reach) ......?
  5. Great guitarist!
  6. You’ll find lots of useful information on the ‘active speakers reference’ thread. You’re obviously using a quality DAC so anything under £1k new might not fit the bill (sure there are exceptions) and some pro actives can be reviewed as sounding too clinical/harsh leading to ‘listener fatigue’. There are models that have appeared in the last couple of years, however, that are tremendous. Not sure what your budget is but if it’s £1k to £2k, you’ve got some great speakers to choose from.
  7. Same with mine and again, no problem.
  8. Not got a back on the right hand side where the kit is.
  9. We were using a 'tower' design prior to discovering the 'Besta' range at IKEA. With some coned feet sourced off Ebay and a couple of shelf inserts (also Besta), the unit was assembled and for very little ££. Looks attractive (I think) and it doesn't appear to create any acoustic nasties. (ps ignore the trailing cables underneath (been messing with them earlier) and also noticed an Ikea cutting board leaning against the left hand side - must move it!)
  10. I can vouch for Rick’s enthusiasm for the Lyngdorf kit. I bought a sub from Musicraft just before lockdown and he waxed lyrical about it - said that it transformed the sound of even very expensive equipment. Not sure how your Linn kit would integrate, however but it wouldn’t cost anything to go over and hear what it can do. (Alternatively, enjoy some great holidays instead!)
  11. If I were starting afresh, I’d be tempted by the Elac Navis or the Focal Shape 65. The Buchardt reviews are v impressive (for a stand mount, they appear to go very low and have a wide sound stage); however, they will push your budget limits. On the other hand, I could well end up with what I have now: AE1a + JL Audio sub - it’s a tremendous combo (see the above YouTube review of the AE1a). As others have already commented, much depends on your source and how much that’s going to cost.
  12. My wife never watches soaps (neither do I) and loves listening to music. Listening, however, is often (mostly) a shared experience so she does take a passing interest in hi fi. Listening to music as a solitary experience may well appeal more to the male psyche......
  13. Saw a review somewhere which compared these with Elac Navis and Hedd actives. Can't remember where, unfortunately. These Focal's, however, performed extremely well and did not emerge as clinical studio monitors. Not seen them in any domestic setting photos; don't look bad at all (imo). Also think their pricing is quite reasonable (circa £1000 per pair, I believe).
  14. I’ve seen the Darko review of these (A500 I think) and it’s very positive.