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  1. I’ll give the Hedds’ a quick listen this morning but will give longer feedback sometime in the next couple of weeks. I’ve decided to disconnect the sub (plus active filter) to start with to get a better picture of how both sets of speakers sound without any bass support. The Hedds look rather nice in white - it gives them a more ‘domestic’ look than their studio heritage would otherwise suggest. They also look slightly smaller than the AE1a (I’ll post photos later of each side by side).
  2. The Hedds’ have arrived a day early! Won’t have time to give them a listen until the morning…
  3. For what its worth, I once owned an Audio GD DAC some years back - paired with a squeezebox touch (yes - several years back). It was better than the internal SB DAC and built like the proverbial brick outhouse. It never caused me any problems and I sold it on without difficulty after buying a Linn Majik DSM.
  4. I'd have to cut holes in the ceiling to fit these in!
  5. Hi. I'm using an active crossover (Behringer CX2310) which has variable settings for both AEs and the sub. I've found it to be a neat, simple and relatively cheap option. Only drawback is the Behringer's utilitarian appearance (with its Christmas tree lights!)
  6. You’re right about the AE1a presentation in comparison to the SCM11, although they’re far from pipe and slippers warm! What will be interesting is whether the difference in amps will affect their flavour (type AB or type D) as well as how the mid range is projected. I’m anticipating a more laid back mid with the Hedds. I’m also intrigued as to how the top ends will compare (AMT tweeter / metal AE) as well as the high pass filter in the Hedds which makes for an easy sub integration. My only problem this week is that work will get in the way (grr) so proper listening sessions may take a few weeks. Don’t want to enter the ‘running in’ debate here, thanks
  7. Wow. Just had a look at Hedd Towers! I take it that you've got rather a large listening room. I've just pressed go on a pair of Type 05 mkII - they should be with me by Wednesday - will spend a week or two comparing with the AE1a - both sets of speakers will be paired with a JL Audio sub. After this time, either the Hedd's will be returned for a full money refund or the AEs will go on Ebay. This is the first comparison I've done with the AE1a since I bought them over 4 years ago (they were compared in the shop with my passive ATC SCM11 and the AEs came out best). I have been very happy with them so far, with only the occasional minor gripe, so for another speaker to improve on them (at a similar price point) is going to be a tall ask. I will post my findings for anyone who might be interested.
  8. Hedd Type 07 review extract from German pro site Amazona - “With the HEDD Type 07 MkII and the three siblings of the new MkII studio monitors, Klaus Heinz has achieved a masterpiece. The innovative lineariser is now integrated into the loudspeaker and ensures frequency and phase linear sound reproduction independently of the computer. Once you have heard the difference, you will never want to enjoy music any other way. The optional ported and closed operating mode (CoP) is an additional unique selling point, as is the possibility of setting up a phase-linear satellite-subwoofer system with the corresponding HEDD subwoofers. The fact that this is only necessary at all at very high volumes is due to the impressive low bass that the Type 07 develops in normal use and especially with extended LF range. HEDD from Berlin shows impressively what can be achieved with inventiveness and passion for good sound. For the performance on offer, the current price of just under 1,600 euros per pair of speakers is more than justified. You have to try them out!“ And another lengthier one here- https://www.klauseulenbach.de/2021/04/11/hedd-type-07-mk2/
  9. Interested in Hedd type 05 (similar size, slightly more expensive, feature rich from back panel, AMT tweeter, and incorporate a high pass filter at 80hz for easy sub partnering).
  10. I agree. Piercing is not a word that describes these speakers - I’ve had mine now for over 4 years and could not live with speakers that have an ear bashing treble. They also play loud enough for most small/medium sized rooms and the sound only hardens slightly when volume is high and listening position close. They are certainly no worse (probably better) than my previous speakers (ATC SCM11 passive) that have a well earned reputation for playing at volume without breaking sweat. As I now combine the AEs with a sub and they only handle frequencies over 80hz, the sound is big, detailed, and exciting (when required). It’s also delicate and refined, when called for. For the money, they are really impressive and deserving of the numerous positive/glowing reviews. As a final ‘note’, the treble issue is interesting as I’m aware of a slight emphasis very occasionally and I believe it’s down to the music being played and how it’s been mastered. In the Darko video (Hedd 07), he mentions a David Bowie track on Station to Station (I think?) and states that it will sound harsh on most speakers, but not the Hedd’s. I’m intrigued, and want to do my own comparison (Hedd 05 with AE1a) although it will be with my own track choice (I don’t own the Bowie CD that Darko refers to).
  11. Darko recently compared the Hedd type 07 + sub to the KEF ls50 wireless + sub, and found the former more laid back in their presentation. He stressed that the Hedds never strayed into the harsh top end zone, but were also slightly less exciting than the KEFs to listen to. It’s horses for courses really. I’m determined to get a listen to the smaller Hedds (type 05) and compare them to my AEs. I’m hoping for an interesting comparison, especially as the Hedds have a high pass filter built in (should make integration with a sub so much easier than with most other methods). The Hedd type 05 (in white) retail at around £1300 per pair, whereas the AE1a sell for £1100. Both sets of speakers are of similar size.
  12. For what it’s worth, my own recent foray (back) into vinyl may be of interest. I bought a Rega P2 with Elys cartridge a couple of Christmas’ ago. It sounded pretty good and came close, at times to the Linn Akurate streamer - but not close enough to tempt me away from digital. Recently, I’ve embarked on a labour of love, restoring and upgrading an old Thorens TD160 turntable from the 1970s. It’s cost quite a bit in new parts (and my time) but it now looks and sounds great. I’m now reaching for vinyl as much, if not more, than digital (I’m also still using the Rega arm and cartridge, although the latter will probably get changed when Santa visits next). Enjoy your Rega and maybe dip your toe into older decks at some point in the future - there are far worse ways to spend your time and money on.
  13. I have set myself the task of flogging a collection of cables, phones, and other assorted ‘quality/tat’ before any further HiFi purchase takes place ( I’m not sure how well I’ll stick to this).
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