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  1. You might be right. It depends on what you're searching for. The AE500 range, from the many reviews, appears to contain some of the best value for money passive speakers on the market at the moment. If you are thinking of moving from floor to stand mount, then for the £1k to £2k, the AE500 will be a worthy contender. However, a more significant change may cost way more or only be possible on the second hand market which you don't seem too keen on. Actives will give a different presentation that you may, or may not, like. I'm not sure if RS allow home demos, but I'd be keen to listen at home fo
  2. Not sure if Richer Sounds stock the Acoustic Energy 500 range but if you stay passive, they are gathering some glowing reviews. The latest is for the AE500 stand mount: https://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/acoustic-energy-ae500-standmount-loudspeakers
  3. +1 on silver coated. I'm not one who spends shed loads on cables but I've always thought that cables can have subtle effects on sound. About a month ago, I tried a pair of silver coated xlr, sourced from China via Ebay - fitted them, then forgot. Gradually, however, I noticed that I wasn't enjoying listening to music as much as before and also noticed an imbalance in volume levels between left and right channels (a measured 5db difference at 80/85db). I almost got to the point of sending my speakers back to AE (boxes down from the loft etc). The sound (apart from the volume imbalance) had
  4. I once owned a pair of scm11s but would not have described them as warm.
  5. I’m no expert, either, @Griff500. However, in my experience (stand mount actives), a sub can improve sound quality overall. The obvious improvement will probably be in bass reproduction but if managed carefully, other (higher) frequencies will also gain. With stand mounts, this may alleviate the (sometimes) forced reproduction of lower sounds. I cannot comment on larger speakers except that some with experience, believe that a sub can still improve sound quality, presumably for a similar reason - by taking a load off the main speakers. If I owned a pair of large active ATCs or simil
  6. Pedro2

    Kef KC62 Sub

    Thanks for the link. Really interesting comparisons, but for me, the decider were the comments on musicality, and here, the Kef wins out. Sounds like the Kef sub is a quality piece of kit.
  7. If it’s got a pair of RCA preamp outputs at the back, there shouldn’t be a snag with most/all actives, I would imagine?
  8. I think that your title suggesting better sound is one that can lead you in two possible directions; either some incremental improvements to your existing kit or a more radical change, and whichever way that you go, as you're probably aware, it's vital to hear the changes at home. For what its worth, I used good quality passive gear until about 3 years ago, when I bought a pair of stand mount actives (AE1a). These replaced a pair of ATC11s and Nord power amp. I preferred the actives and was fortunate enough to compare them side by side at the dealers. Some may have made a different call b
  9. Latest review of AE1a: https://www.stereonet.co.uk/reviews/acoustic-energy-ae1-active-loudspeakers-review
  10. Another thumbs up for Moorgate. Bought our Rega turntable there just before the first National lockdown. Loved their vinyl room downstairs, too! Enjoy your music and your system. One of life’s greatest pleasures 👍
  11. Pedro2


    Thanks, TIU. Fortunately, I won’t be needing a carrier this time! Discovered the source of the problem and it isn’t the speakers - they remain fully functional.
  12. Pedro2


    Can anyone recommend a domestic UK parcel carrier for a pair of stand mount speakers? My AE1a may need to go back to AE and I’m wondering which service to use. Thanks
  13. Pedro2

    Kef KC62 Sub

    I can see a low pass filter on the K62 but you’d still need a high pass filter/crossover somewhere in the equipment chain to reap full advantage.
  14. Thanks for the advice, folks - I’ll double check tomorrow by physically swapping over the speakers but I’m pretty sure at the moment that the problem lies with one power amp and I suspect that it might be very slowly getting worse. The speakers are 6 months outside of the 3 year AE guarantee although I hope that I registered them online as it lengthens to 5 years.
  15. My AE1a active speakers have developed an imbalance in volume levels and it’s not the preamp signal that’s at fault (the problem remains when the L and R input cables are switched over). I suspect that the power amp inside one of the speakers is faulty although sound quality doesn’t appear to be affected. I’ve had to knock the volume knob right back on one to level match them, otherwise there’s a 5db difference at around 80db playing white noise (one 80db and one at 75db). It’s almost certainly going to involve a return to AE but has anyone experienced similar with either active speakers
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