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  1. I do not own Linn speakers or sub but I do appreciate my Akurate’s application of Space - I’ve reverted to using v1 as it only affects the sub and you can dial in settings that have bigger impact. I now have my sub volume at a reasonable settings - before with version 2, the sub gain was very low. With Space turned off, the sound is awful - masses of boomy, mushy bass. I do appreciate, however, that some may find using speakers full range without a sub, may sound better with Space turned off.
  2. Pedro2


    Anyone seen this guy’s YouTube channel? I only spotted it from a Darko link but just watched a couple of short clips. Very easy viewing/listening and appears to do what it says on the tin; it’s about cheap(er) audio (but not necessarily inferior audio).
  3. I now own Hedd actives and you can choose ported or sealed (there are bungs and DSP settings to accommodate both). I’ve tried both. I prefer sealed.
  4. I’m not sure how to change the title but it could now read Will Spotify CD quality be here before …… (insert your own date)
  5. +1 for Hedd. Ive used Acoustic Energy AE1a speakers since their release in 2017 (I think) - their many glowing reviews are well justified. However, just before Christmas, I trialled the smallest Hedds (Type 05 mk2) and they are now a keeper. I don’t believe that good active monitors can’t sound good at home. The Hedd’s for example, are revealing, smooth and reproduce the tonality of voices and instruments accurately. They are also not fatiguing. One other plus for studio/home actives is that they are usually amazing value for money (e.g top notch speaker + power amps built in for £1300). One potential downside is their appearance - many actives have a utilitarian styling, although there are exceptions - the AE1a in walnut are stunning. Enjoy your Event Opals. I’ve never heard them, but the reviews all speak volumes.
  6. Pedro2

    Kef KC62 Sub

    +1 for the D108. I’ve owned one since March ‘20 and it’s great for music. What are you combining it with as you’ve not listed your kit in your profile?
  7. There’s some great stuff that mostly isn’t heard in the mainstream, but I believe that the mainstream is largely populated with a blend of autotune ‘mush’ (can’t think of a better word). I also believe, rightly or wrongly, that the raw energy and originality of emerging rock in the 60s and 70s is hard to replicate today. Having said that, there was a lot of crap about in the 60s and 70s too.
  8. It’s a resounding ‘no’ then Happy New Year everyone
  9. 3 days to go - it’s not going to happen
  10. +1 for Buxton. We live there and love it. Not stayed at the Crescent yet, but watched the steam rising off the outdoor pool the other day as a light snow was falling - looked great. Hope you have a lovely time.
  11. Latest Hedd Type 07 mk2 review here: https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/hedd-type-07-mk2 A detailed review. Well worth a read
  12. Pedro2

    Qobuz alert

    Yes - seems odd to say the least. I won’t be in a rush to share any bank/card details at the moment
  13. Didn't realise that your speakers lowest usable sound is 72hz - that's quite high, even for a stand mount (v small home cinema satellite speakers usually end at around 80hz). Using a sub below 70hz is a great idea. Problems arise when main speakers go lower or much lower and subs either overlap or are only used below 40/30hz. Using a sub up to 70hz, 80hz or even higher, allows the mains to show what they are really capable of but with most speakers, you need to separate the frequencies (a Linn Exakt Sub box will achieve this, but it's expensive).
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