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  1. Ah ha! Progress! Unlike the Homeless thread, the 'Letters' thread was merely locked instead of being hidden from view! Furthermore, we finally get an admission from a moderator that this is a music forum in addition to a Hi-Fi forum! Hooray for progress! Unfortunately, there is still room for improvement. Probably. Klassik does not understand why the 'Letters' thread was locked instead of merely moved to the Car Park. We're all members here if we're posting to this thread. We can all read and post in the Car Park. Why not just move it to the forum designated as being "no h
  2. Well, I think it goes without saying that one could cobble together a better performing system from individual components, but there are some all-in-ones which can provide very good performance overall and I suspect the above Hitachi is one of those. Often, the included speakers are the limiting component in those all-in-ones, but those can be replaced. Sometimes that requires using some sort of proprietary speaker connector, but some all-in-ones use regular bare wire spring terminals or something like that which makes it easy to use different speakers. Ole' Klassik prefers individual c
  3. In the US, it has been said that Sundays at 9am, or whatever time on Sundays Protestants hold church services, is the most segregated time in the US. This is because there are white Protestant churches and black Protestant churches. Someone more knowledgeable in this London might be able to tell you which Protestant denominations are most segregated by race, but I know the various Baptist conventions are quite segregated. From what I can gather, this seems to be self-segregation as it seems that black worshipers would rather have their own services than have an integrated service. Even fro
  4. From that article: That's what I've heard about Germans hanging onto physical media more so than other western countries. I think Japan is the same way even with their small homes which might make it difficult to collect physical media. In fact, I wonder if they still have CD rental shops in Japan like they did even a few years ago. Of course, while the Germans might be slower to give up physical media, they are surely moving towards streaming like everyone else. If people like Andre Rieu, well, good for them. I hope that audience is compelled to listen to 'real' classical
  5. Very nice. I wouldn't be surprised if it shares some internals with the 1983 Hitachi 30 wpc stereo receiver I have, use, and quite like. In some ways, it's my favorite receiver of few I have even though it's the least powerful. Does the cassette deck work on that all-in-one? It seems that Hitachi gear from the early 1980s, cassette decks and VCRs in particular, were usually pretty well-built, but were usually done in by poor quality belts. I reckon with some good quality replacement belts, they should be very reliable. YouTube user DrCassette (Jonas from Germany) recently did
  6. I could post some vintage ads of Bond's men's briefs from Australia which would make you forget about the Mormon magical underwear. On the topic of the Mormon underwear, maybe I should put my amplifier in Mormon underwear. From the above Wikipedia link: It also seems that early versions of the Mormon underwear were rather breezy. I have no idea if someone wearing an 1840s Mormon undergarment past or present would be sent to Mormon hell (which would certainly have caffeinated beverages ). Those religious types never really explain what happens to adherents of ol
  7. Have you ever tried to keep it in Mormon magical underwear...err...temple underwear? Yeah, Klassik hasn't either. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_garment They look like something hostages would wear. As for the comment above about not discussing politics and religion at a pub...discussing those topics are my favorite reasons to attend a pub! It beats discussing USB cables and how they sound.
  8. Probably not for the old guy in the lavender shirt though.
  9. No, there aren't many young people at classical concerts around here either. The younger classical music fans are probably watching classical music videos on YouTube or using other streaming sources. That probably goes along with the idea that the CPO head was saying about the recorded music crowd being somewhat different from the concert crowd. Granted, both audiences are probably made up of middle age and older folk, but at least there are some younger people listening to new recordings (probably not on CDs though ). As for the obscure music, well, it really doesn't make sense to re
  10. Ah, so you get the religious door knockers, eh? You'd think that Klassik would be getting visits from all kinds of religious door knockers here in Texas (and the Mormon and JW churches aren't all that far from me), but it's been years since one of those religious types have knocked on my door. Or rung my door bell even. I figure that this is because Klassik likes to lounge about the house naked. I suppose if they ever did knock at my door, Klassik could easily point them away. On the topic of American religions, I did know a few Mormons when I was in school years ago. We even h
  11. 6 versions of the work! Who knows how many more you've added since 2009 when you made that post! Klassik has the E flat Piano Quintet, Op.44 on CD performed by the Beaux Arts Trio in a Philips Duo album which also includes the E flat Piano Quartet, which is also very good IMO, and the three Schumann Piano Trios. The three piano trios don't get much discussion, but I find them, especially the first two, to be very good. They're accessible and they don't drag on like some Romantic works. Although the piano trio recordings in the Philips set were recorded in 1971, they sound quite good
  12. I appreciate that Naxos and other classical labels who do well in recent times have taken the approach of recording obscure music rather than recording the same warhorses over and over again. It seems that many who still buy classical CDs want recordings from obscure composers and obscure works from known composers. Furthermore, adding these obscure works to the catalog helps Naxos market their streaming service to universities who like having all those obscure recordings. Naxos certainly took an interesting approach to things years ago and are benefiting from their outside the box strategy
  13. As things stand right now, the New York Giants are in first place in the NFC East with a 4-7 record pending the result of that Eagles game. Of course, their recent 3 game winning streak has come against some of the league's flyweights, the Eagles, Bengals, and Washington Football Team, but it's nice to see them playing meaningful football after Thanksgiving. Things get tougher for the Giants next week as they have to play Seattle and the Giants might be without their quarterback, Daniel Jones, as he had to leave today's game with a hamstring injury. Colt McCoy is the Giants' backup. Colt
  14. Tell your wife that you were researching buying her a Tiddy Bear for Christmas. It's a strap you put on car seatbelts to try to make them more comfortable. Granted, ole' Klassik has never found seatbelts to be uncomfortable so I don't quite understand the point of the Tiddyy Bear. Well, there were those motorized seatbelts we had in the US in the early 1990s, but we won't get into that disgraceful topic. Also, I thought these were called 'Titty Bear' and so that's what I typed in as a search topic when researching this post. I suppose I'm not surprised, but I got some interesting
  15. Klassik


    Thank you for your donation of wisdom. Klassik does agree with you though. That's why Klassik is here to spread the good news of MMT. Admittedly, Klassik might be a mediocre messenger in this regard.
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