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  1. I will very soon be looking for some De Capos. Anyone looking to part with a pair?
  2. Sorry I’m in Durham. I’m happy to include UK mainland next day courier, but insurance beyond the basics would be extra. I do pack to overkill standards though. Both now sold, phew! That was tougher than I’d expected. They are both great products taht I’m sad to see go. Blame bloody Leben
  3. FINAL PRICE: Alabaster £650 It’s in stunning condition and latest spec.
  4. For swaps: An RS30eq might be nice. I’d take a Campion in Px too. I’m always messing about with cartridges too. I also like the JVC AX Z1010tn An extra pic of the minty Alabaster:
  5. Bump. Minty late model Alabaster still here. This is now my second amp, so,would also happily take a Sonneteer Campion in px.
  6. Sedley now headed for a new home. Alabaster still here for sale or swap and I’ve decided to let my silver Sedley go.
  7. Well the thread has been helpful in talking me into buying another deck and arm (with removable headshell) to play with cartridges I’ll be hanging onto this and actually using it.
  8. Edit: Apparently I’m not allowed to point out what a bargain these are, so I won’t
  9. Honestly I’d say to anyone contemplating a change of cartridge, think long and hard. The one I’ve got fitted is practically new and more than good enough. Unless you’re dissatisfied with the sound, or it’s worn out, why bother? Give me a fortnight and I’ll probably repeat the madness and buy something else, only to bottle out when it comes to the hassles involved. If I had a removable headshell it would be a different story, but then I don’t fancy faffing around changing arms either.
  10. Sloth, I’m afraid. This is the fifth cartridge change that didn’t happen because I can’t be bothered swapping out the current one and setting up the new one. It’s like ordering a slap up meal over and over and then losing your appetite. Never happens with food though
  11. Nope, you are getting the Anniversary body which is unobtanium rare and better than you’d find on a VM-750SH, which retails for £379. So this is almost £100 cheaper, has a way better body and the stylus is new and sealed,
  12. I have had a change of mind before fitting this. Gone back to MC. £285 delivered uk. Payment by PayPal F&F or BT or cash on collection Durham. The Anniversary body has a number of unique features including special damping and a solid titanium base. No offers please as this is cheap and as you can see, the stylus is a few days old and unused.
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