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  1. I’ll respond to that with my own experience. I use iPhone and iPad but for fully fledged computing it’s always been Windows based machines rather than Macs for me, for the reason you give. Friends and family who’ve gone for Android have done so, to a man/woman, for reasons of cost. “Why buy Apple when I can get the same features for much less with Android?” is the response to any questions of how decisions were made. I’m recently retired, but worked in digital transmission and switching for all my working life, and have no fear of tinkering, yet still chose Apple, for reliability, security and the ease of the Apple ecosphere. Some years ago, when working in a team of twelve engineers, we were offered new phones. Six of us chose the then current Apple model, the 4S, and six the Samsung. Eighteen months later, when the time came to renew, all twelve chose Apple. A very good friend, who has an MSc in satellite engineering, and has designed and built satellites, runs a complex but very reliable network at home - like me, though, while his computer is a Windows box his portable hardware is Apple. I appreciate the old saying that “the plural of anecdote isn’t data”, but my experience and that of friends and colleagues would suggest that being tech-minded has little to do with choice of mobile OS. I do dislike the ‘Apple is cool’ thing, though - their kit is simply (in my opinion, of course), well designed hardware, not something magical. Mick
  2. You’re clearly right, otherwise these third party apps wouldn’t be able to play FLAC either. iTunes *will* copy MP3 files though, but that may be a throwback to earlier days of MP3 players.
  3. It is odd that iThings don’t natively support FLAC, when they work fine with MP3 files. I guess that may be partly due to how ubiquitous MP3 is, or at least was. Also even though FLAC is free, implementation would have a cost, with no clear benefit to the company. Mick
  4. Just had a look at MusicStreamer - it’s very good. I’ve forked out for a copy - thanks! Mick
  5. I had a very early one of these for a while - there was even a button labelled 'Laserdisc'... EDIT: 'Laser' rather than 'Laserdisc' though... EDIT2: Possibly later rather than earlier, I guess...
  6. Of course it’ll work! I’ve signed up with three gyms - I’m getting incredibly fit just by sitting here. Mick
  7. This is all true. The guy whose LP12 this is has a thread running on pink fish wherein he describes his upgrades and components. Mick
  8. Yep. Developers had a while to sort apps out if they wished to do so - it wouldn’t have come as a shock. Software can’t be supported forever, otherwise I’d still be stuck using Wordstar under DOS. Mick
  9. Kairn plus LK100 would make for a nice setup. You could go for a Kairn Pro if you have no wish to run a turntable. Mick
  10. It’s nice that you have easily available greenery. We’re stuck in suburbia, although there are several nice parks within reach. We also have a flat on the south coast which we’ve not been to since before lockdown commenced - very much missing the sea and the surrounding countryside there. Mick
  11. At the start of lockdown we were going out for regular walks but local routes seem to be getting busier and busier, and it’s much harder to avoid people, so it’s the garden and a dusted-off exercise bike now. Mentally we’re ok - we both enjoy music, films and books, all things accessible without leaving the house. I’ve been trying to reduce my ‘to be read’ pile to fewer than one hundred books, but that’s not happening as I’m still buying them faster than I can read them! Nice feeling to have so many unread books though - once I finish one, it’s like having my own library to choose from (we have thirteen bookcases filled to overflowing...). Mick
  12. I’m not sure it’s as simple as that. I just ran Kazoo up and I have the 320kbps stream set there (via TuneIn) but that doesn’t work. Mick
  13. As I understand it, it’s only Tunein that’ve stopped it, so you if you can use minimserver you can set up radio using custom URLs. Or, if your wallet’s feeling expansive, it works fine through Roon. Mick EDIT: Maybe it’s time Linn moved on from Tunein - there’s already been the hassle of losing BBC stations in the UK back when the BBC Sounds app arrived.
  14. I think others have found something similar. Here, the pause button does (or did, the last time I tried it) pause the music, but the play button won't restart it. Volume works ok of course. I tend to leave my phone nearby with the screen on, so if I need to pause or skip a track, I can do it within moments. Mick