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  1. I had nothing but trouble with a large variety of powerline plugs, including ones from Netgear, Devolo and TP-Link. The music server sits two floors above the front room where the hifi is - we have a small loft conversion which we use as an office/PC area - and the link between the areas was constantly dropping. It’s quite possible the issues were down to our rubbish mains wiring, but I got so sick of it that I ran a CAT5 cable in a year ago, and we’ve had zero problems since. Mick
  2. Back when I had Aktiv Espeks powered by 3 2250s, the fans on the treble amp came on quite regularly, most likely for two reasons:- 1) they were in an Isoblue rack with very little clearance above each amp, and 2) the treble amp was above the other two, thus getting warmed by them as well as by its own circuitry. Never (yet) had the Solos complain though… Mick
  3. I think that’s an oft-forgotten point. In various places online folk often disparage the LP12 by describing their experiences with the turntable in the ‘seventies or ‘eighties, or knock Linn amps because the LK1/LK2 setup was dire, but really they should be considering the best the company produces now. I don’t think the past matters it being a point of interest.
  4. “The World’s Finest Music Systems”! Clearly not afraid to say so!
  5. Make sure you have enough space above them. I use mine in an Isoblue rack, one each on a shelf, and the fans never kick in, although the cases get quite warm/hot after a while. Mick
  6. It's not a beta update now - I've been running it for a fortnight since it was a full release on both a KDS/3 and a MDSM/3 with no issues, although I use Roon rather than Kazoo/KazooServer. Mick
  7. I *think* (and happy to be proved wrong!) that if they’re under ‘Radio’ in Kazoo, which is where I tried, they’re from TuneIn. The Radio selection simply shows the favourites from whichever TuneIn account you’re using; if you’ve not set anything up on TuneIn it’s probably the Linn account. Mick
  8. They work fine for me (UK) via Roon, but not if I use Kazoo, so it’s possibly a TuneIn issue. Mick
  9. A wet cleaner usually reduces or eliminates static. I use that and a Zerostat and between them the static here is pretty much gone. I guess you could add a tiny piece of very thin double sided tape to keep the mat on the platter... Mick
  10. Unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to read threads there... Mick
  11. Yep, that’s fine. I seem to recall one of the Linn folk commenting on the old forum to the effect that a DS(M) can only accept its own firmware. It’s impossible to add, say, Akurate DS firmware to a Majik DS by accident. Konfig and the DS(M) will either ‘know’ it’s ok and load it, or it’ll refuse. Either way you won’t brick your streamer. Mick
  12. @zee9- released firmwares are all available here, although you may need to go through a few pages to get to yours:- https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/linn-artifacts-public/index.html#VersionInfo/Downloads/Releases/ Mick
  13. Can you play the files without using Roon? If so, it’s down to Roon - if not, Linn… The Organik DSM isn’t yet shown on Roon’s site though, although I guess it’s possible they’ve not yet updated the Linn page there. Mick
  14. The Mac Mini M1 and SSD could be a solution for me – as I'm an Apple freak since 1992 – when my system will change from CD12 + Tunebox to DSM Hub + Organik Exaktbox. How do you manage with a Mac Mini / PC : can a second SSD be plug later, and Linn app or Roon work without problem with 2 SSD ? I’m fairly sure Roon will work with as many differing folders as you like. Certainly I ran it with two different source folders for a while. Mick
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