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  1. Colin fitted mine too, a couple of months back. And a very nice job he did too! Mick
  2. Is there a chance you could get the Solos updated with Dynamik at some point? Mick
  3. “There are only two types of music; good and bad” - Gioachino Rossini.
  4. It's an excellent piece of software - I use Wavelab Essentials to 'pretty up' the resulting files, as I got that free some years ago with the purchase of a sound card (remember those? :-)). I can hear no difference between the LP and the recording - other's mileage may differ, of course. Mick
  5. If you have a device to use as a server, minimserver offers the ability. A much more expensive route would be to use Roon... Mick
  6. I think a Naim device has to be in the system, or at least that was the case when I tried it some years ago. Interesting to read reviews of the iOS app where users have connection issues. Not just Kazoo then! Mick
  7. It did seem odd that Linn would announce this before it was ready to go. The folk at Linn seem to keep things close to their chests, only announcing stuff when its release is imminent.
  8. It might have made things *slightly* better had Linn kept the connections at opposite ends, but put them on the sides instead...
  9. It doesn’t specifically need Intel - I ran Roon for eight months on an HP MicroServer, which has an AMD CPU. There’re versions for QNAP and Synology NASs, but it’s possible they *do* need to be versions with Intel processors, as you say. Mick
  10. I’m not much of a classical listener, so Roon doesn’t have to work so hard for my music. I have read some folk complain about Roon’s handling of classical music, but it’s always possible these folk are in a great minority. Despite some of their niggles, I’d still see Roon as a nice way to handle classical, and certainly better than Kazoo Server or Asset. Mick
  11. That’s a nicely vague reply! “We’ve not actually bothered to read your request. Here’s a standard reply”!
  12. It might be worth contacting Krescendo as they probably have such items pass through their hands from time to time. http://www.krescendohifi.co.uk/products.html Mick
  13. I”ve heard folk claim it’s better than the CD12 - if that’s the case it’ll certainly beat a Unidisk 1.1...
  14. dBpoweramp Music Converter is a good ripper/tagger too - works on Windows and OSX:- https://www.dbpoweramp.com/ Mick EDIT: I see @kelly200269has pipped me to the post!