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  1. That's very odd. The only issue I've had (and not recently) is dropouts in the rip itself - I've never had issues with the system sound at all. Mick
  2. I’ve just tried here on my Klimax Radikal/2 and there’s very faint noise for a couple of seconds at startup, which is presumably the belt slipping as the platter gets up to speed, but once it’s running there’s nothing I can hear at all. Mick
  3. I bought a copy in the year of its release. I still have it but it gets no airplay here nowadays - my preference is for the early incarnation of the band, when the lineup included Peter Green. Mick
  4. Dare I mention that dreaded word, Roon? I’ve been using it since late 2019 and wouldn’t go back to any of the apps you’re using. I use it across several control points - iPhone, iPad and occasionally a Windows 11 PC, with absolutely no connectivity issues whatsoever. You can get a free trial too… Mick EDIT: And if you use this referral link you get a month free if you take up the subscription. I get no benefit as I’m already a lifetime nember, but if it helps you you’re welcome! https://roonlabs.com/r/pyom7YVBHkaYh1u10Fwebw
  5. I have a transparent LP - by Tangerine Dream - and always enjoyed the way the grooves kind of beat against each other! Mick
  6. I have an old 'spare' iPad too, but I updated it to 12.5.5 ok. I suspect @lowemj's iPad is this one:- iPad with Retina display | Fourth | 9.7" | A6X | 2012 | 10.3.3/10.3.4(Cellular) | Discontinued October 2014 Mick EDIT: Info gleaned from this page:- https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-250001726
  7. Looks like Songcast no longer works on recent Apple and MS operating systems, although @Warrencould use Airplay. Mick
  8. The betas always time out, unfortunately. There are three versions of the Linn app on Testflight currently, but the oldest - 4.3.22 - has only eight days before it stops working. Mick
  9. My dusty old maths tells me that’s pretty much an increase of 50%, from £21,600 on the September pricelist. I wonder what the thinking is there? Mick
  10. I was going to recommend Roon too. I trialled it two years ago and it only took me a few days to realise it was the control point that suited me perfectly. No regrets in the ensuing time either. Mick
  11. I think you may need to download the appropriate firmware, hit the fallback button on the rear and try loading the just-downloaded firmware. I've only done this once in thirteen years of DS ownership so I can't be more specific than that, sorry. I'm sure there will be others here with more detail for you. Mick
  12. Too busy playing LPs! Easily better though. The first album I played was Stevie Wonder's Innervisions. The bass and piano were very much improved, to a surprising level. All so much more involving too. I did notice, as have others, that the blue LED flashes a few times immediately after power up before settling down, and that the power button LEDs are much dimmer when the appropriate speed has been reached. No biggie at all, as I found the original change in brightness unclear at times. All in all, a worthwhile upgrade - thanks to Colin at WYSaH for doing such a good job (and making such 'damned fine coffee'!) Mick
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