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  1. Recently released video of this concert showing the man when he was still at the height of his UK popularity. The Rainbow was a favourite venue of mine in the ‘seventies, although sadly I missed this gig:- Mick
  2. I do feel Linn let themselves down with their control points. Such a shame - the hardware is excellent. I appreciate I may come across an a sort of born-again Christian for Roon, and that it's certainly not for everyone, but with the library I have and the types of music I listen to, it's only now that I feel I have a control point that's of a similar quality to the KDS. Mick
  3. Kazoo 4.13.65 has just appeared in Testflight. Seems ok now. Mick EDIT: And now Linn 4.2.9
  4. Sorry - a bit unclear - when I said "now gone from our systems", I meant the two systems my wife and I have!
  5. I guess - taken literally - you're selecting the item whose configuration you wish to change, but I agree, it's not necessarily clear. I only know to do that from years of using Kazoo Server, now also gone from our systems. Mick
  6. Under Windows 10, I just click on the current source (DS) and I get a range of things to tweak, including minimserver (which I installed to take these screenshots):-
  7. They look really smart. I have a preference for black 3k arrays over the silver ones, and I wish black was available for the 2k ones too. Mick
  8. EwanM put this on the dev forum earlier:- "As I hope you can understand, due to the current situation we can't give an ETA on when a fix will become available but we will do our utmost to get it out as soon as possible."
  9. Very strange then. Wonder what’s different about Twonky? I used it many years ago when I first got a DS but moved to Asset when that became available so I remember very little about it. Mick
  10. Is Twonky using tags or simply displaying the folder the files are in? It’s possible that your new album has no tags. Mick
  11. I've always assumed aliens would think dogs were the master race, as they have human servants to follow them around with pooper scoopers...
  12. Good points. I recall having a fiddly old time getting everything straight with the KK. Mick
  13. If we forget the control point for the moment, as the setup works fine when using Majik DS and Majik Kontrol, you have three things in the chain:- DS RS232 cable Pre-amp I owned an Exotik years ago and never successfully got it to perform with an RS232 connected DS. I set it up as different pre-amps (as I recall, Exotik wasn’t in the list to choose) but at best I could only get some functions to work. However, the Klimax Kontrol worked perfectly (different DS at this point, but still) so if you can do so, I’d recommend borrowing a DS and an RS232 cable, trying one at a time, to see how the KK (and Kazoo) behaves. Mick
  14. Ah yes, sorry - would help if I read posts properly. Just tried via Kazoo and get ‘Failed to load content...’ on the troublesome items. Mick
  15. I’ve been playing Qobuz stuff (via Roon in the UK) for most of the day. Just tried Sticky Fingers and it playes fine. Mick