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  1. 2 hours ago, Newton John said:

    They certainly agreed to do mine this time last year, but may be less keen while they're busy with all the new upgrades. I think it depends on how many are to be done together - it may be more worthwhile for Linn if there are eight in the batch. Also, my dealer thinks that Linn will be more inclined to do them when they are less busy than at present. I am guessing that it's a question of numbers and timing.

    It might also be availability of the CNC milling machines, as earlier Solos need casework.


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  2. Passive is as valid a path as active, so long as the components are good enough. I had Aktiv Kabers with, first, LK100s, then AV5125s and finally 2250s. I then moved to Espeks, running those Aktiv with the 2250s. After some years I tried a single Klimax Twin and preferred passive with that to the Aktiv 2250s, although it was a very close run thing.

    Some years later I moved to Solos, and then changed the ‘speakers to passive Akubariks. More than happy with the system.


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  3. 2 hours ago, entdgc said:

    Am I the only person on the forum who can take or leave The Beatles? I can't remember the last time I played a Beatles track but don't object when they are played on the radio. 

    Am I going to be banned for this heresy?

    I love their later stuff, from Rubber Soul/Revolver onwards - I’ll be all over this when it’s released - but each to their own. We like what we like, and other folk having differing tastes to mine has never bothered me. I’ll still buy you a beer if we ever meet! 😁


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  4. 5 hours ago, Nestor Turton said:

    You can hear some of the new set here 


    A good thing is the Super Deluxe set contains the Get Back album mix, which should be Spector free. When I play Let It Be these days then I always go for the Naked version. Spector’s contribution didn’t spoil Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band or Imagine for me, but I was never keen on his production on Let It Be. 

    With you on  that. I've hardly played the original since Naked... came out (although the 2009 remastered release has had a bit of airplay chez MickC)...


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  5. I had nothing but trouble with a large variety of powerline plugs, including ones from Netgear, Devolo and TP-Link.

    The music server sits two floors above the front room where the hifi is - we have a small loft conversion which we use as an office/PC area - and the link between the areas was constantly dropping. It’s quite possible the issues were down to our rubbish mains wiring, but I got so sick of it that I ran a CAT5 cable in a year ago, and we’ve had zero problems since.


  6. Back when I had Aktiv Espeks powered by 3 2250s, the fans on the treble amp came on quite regularly, most likely for two reasons:-

    1) they were in an Isoblue rack with very little clearance above each amp, and

    2) the treble amp was above the other two, thus getting warmed by them as well as by its own circuitry.

    Never (yet) had the Solos complain though…


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