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  1. 22 minutes ago, Moomintroll said:

    I imagine that there are many on here wondering how (or even whether) to word a response to this?

    I’m just going with “you can’t please all the people, all of the time”

    Time to move on.


    I suspect @mabrow doesn’t realise this is simply a group of enthusiasts willing to help others out, rather than some official support forum. 
    That said, I think it’s fairly clear what the forum is, so…

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  2. Dare I mention that dreaded word, Roon? I’ve been using it since late 2019 and wouldn’t go back to any of the apps you’re using. I use it across several control points - iPhone, iPad and occasionally a Windows 11 PC, with absolutely no connectivity issues whatsoever. 
    You can get a free trial too…


    EDIT: And if you use this referral link you get a month free if you take up the subscription. I get no benefit as I’m already a lifetime nember, but if it helps you you’re welcome!


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  3. 1 hour ago, StingRay said:

    I have an old ipad mini2, 2013 I think, I can update it until iOS12, some functions do not work such as Connect. I'm surprised you can't get higher than iOS10. There are some posts on the Apple forums about this, you may want to have a look on google for solutions.  

    I have an old 'spare' iPad too, but I updated it to 12.5.5 ok. I suspect @lowemj's iPad is this one:-

    iPad with Retina display | Fourth | 9.7" | A6X | 2012 | 10.3.3/10.3.4(Cellular) | Discontinued October 2014


    EDIT: Info gleaned from this page:-


  4. 4 hours ago, Sound Hound said:
    On 12/11/2021 at 17:06, zee9 said:

    "After hearing some stories of ongoing fan issues with solos (even new ones) maybe it was a better idea that the deal didn’t happen."

    As a long time Solo user, I'd be interested to know what issues might these be ??


    There’s a fairly long thread about fans on Solos here:-


  5. 16 minutes ago, Moomintroll said:

    If you asked Linn if you could register for beta testing of the Linn App, you would then install via TestFlight and that gives you access to earlier versions. I’m not sure how far back it goes though. Glad I’ve been some help.


    The betas always time out, unfortunately. There are three versions of the Linn app on Testflight currently, but the oldest - 4.3.22 - has only eight days before it stops working.


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  6. 47 minutes ago, sunbeamgls said:

    The average price increase is 14%, I saw a dealer on Facebook mention that means some items are going up by 30% - looks like Passive 350s are the victim.

    What's going on is that customers are likely to go elsewhere.

    My dusty old maths tells me that’s pretty much an increase of 50%, from £21,600 on the September pricelist. I wonder what the thinking is there?


  7. I think you may need to download the appropriate firmware, hit the fallback button on the rear and try loading the just-downloaded firmware. I've only done this once in thirteen years of DS ownership so I can't be more specific than that, sorry. I'm sure there will be others here with more detail for you.


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  8. 50 minutes ago, akamatsu said:

    Well?.....it's been three hours. :)

    Too busy playing LPs! 🙂

    Easily better though. The first album I played was Stevie Wonder's Innervisions. The bass and piano were very much improved, to a surprising level. All so much more involving too.

    I did notice, as have others, that the blue LED flashes a few times immediately after power up before settling down, and that the power button LEDs are much dimmer when the appropriate speed has been reached. No biggie at all, as I found the original change in brightness unclear at times.

    All in all, a worthwhile upgrade - thanks to Colin at WYSaH for doing such a good job (and making such 'damned fine coffee'!)


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  9. 3 hours ago, Moomintroll said:

    I expect the Kandid will be hit by the 15% rise, which would be £3691. Certainly closes the gap to the Exstatik, which could well be the game plan. The current trade in for a Kandid against an Exstatik is £1000. Be interesting to see if that increases or not.


    I can't see it doing so (much as I'd love it if that were the case!) because any Kandid traded in against an Ekstatik over the next twelve months or so will have been bought at the old price. After a year or so, who knows?


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  10. I too got to spend a little time at WYSaH on Wednesday (in the company of that fine chap, IanH of this parish) hearing the same dem - Kandid vs Ekstatik- and it’s a fine upgrade, in both musical and hifi terms. The Kandid put up a very good fight but it was clear within moments which was the winner. My Kandid will probably be due for renewal soon, and there’s every chance I’ll spring for the Ekstatik at that point after hearing what it brings to the party. 


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  11. Only gear purchase in my short-ish term future may (MAY, Colin Macey!) be an Ekstatik next year. Thankfully it’s not included in the rise this time. Other than that, not that much that I can see. 
    LP12 and KRadikal currently in for the upgrade to Radikal2 at the moment so Linn will be getting some cash from me before Christmas!


  12. I use Roon ROCK on an 8i5 NUC, with internal 2TB HDD for local files, and a subscription to Qobuz. It’s in our tiny loft conversion two floors from the kit so no worries about mechanical noise!

    Files are ripped to the main pc before being copied to the NUC to check metadata so that’s one local backup. There’s another local one on an HP Microserver which uses Microsoft’s version of RAID - Storage Spaces. Two off site backups as well - one in the cloud using BackBlaze, the other at our flat in another NUC running Roon ROCK, and I take newly ripped files there whenever we visit.

    It’s probably overkill but seems to work well for us.


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