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  1. In my ignorance, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a gaming router until recently… I do play some games, but no online or multiplayer ones so they didn’t even enter my consciousness. Mick
  2. I’ve used a variety of ISP provided routers over the years - mostly from BT as they’ve been my ISP since the ‘nineties, but occasionally ones from Netgear - and as far as I can discover the BT ones do support IGMP over wired connections, but not over wireless ones. I’ve only ever had my DSs connected physically. The only things that use wifi here, when I’m playing music, are the control points. I don’t know if that’s an issue or not, as any server I’ve used has always had a wired connection to the network and thus the DS too. Mick
  3. I can’t comment on BubbleDS as I only have iThings as control points (I’ve heard many good things about BubbleDS though), but I do know that the Lumin app uses OpenHome too, although who’s to say Linn’s and Lumin’s implementations are identical? Mick
  4. I’ve always thought Linn’s discovery could be more robust than it is. I’d have ‘waiting for room’ on both iPhone and iPad, but could immediately move to the Lumin app on both devices and all would be fine. Move back to Kazoo or the Linn app and they’d be back to ‘waiting for room’. I’ve never had connectivity issues in 22 months of using Roon on the same networks and devices. I’ve always done my best to follow Linn’s best practices for networking, but always had intermittent discovery issues. If I was new to Linn and had just spent £30k on the new KDSM I’d be quite angry if I had connectivity problems - maybe that was a driver for the teams to improve things. Whatever the reason, I’m pleased they’re looking into it now. Mick
  5. As I’ve been using Roon for almost two years, I no longer regularly use Kazoo/KazooServer/Asset etc., but I do run up the betas to try out each time a new one is released. The latest beta of the Linn app has this as one of its changes:- “New network discovery system to improve the speed and reliability of system discovery.” That might be a solution for anyone suffering the dreaded “waiting for rooms” dialogue, and does show that the folk at Linn consider work in that area was needed. The new system requires that any DSs on the network be at Davaar 81 or higher. Mick
  6. I don't know, to be honest - mine are recent enough to have had Dynamik fitted from the off. Maybe @ThomasOKcould say? Mick
  7. Is the Dynamik upgrade for Solos still (again?) available? I can't see mention on the latest pricelist I can find. I know, however, that Linn have performed a volte-face in the past, so hopefully they've done so in this instance too. Mick
  8. Have you tried swapping left and right cables at the rear of your ADSM, to see if the problem changes channels? Mick
  9. There were quite a few big names that took some time to allow their music to become available on streaming services - The Beatles and Led Zeppelin to name two - so I could see a time when those with enough clout decide to withdraw their music from streaming again. Mick
  10. I recall comments on the old forum (from users rather than Linn folk) that two Radikal PSUs weren’t as good as one. Never tried it myself, but if it is indeed the case, I’d love to know the reason. Mick
  11. It’s certainly a step up from the Akurate version (when I made the move I went from the earlier Majik styled case, but I doubt that’s hugely different from the current Akurate one). Also, the machined case looks so much nicer! Mick
  12. Peter Green was wonderful. We even managed to see him live 12 or more years ago, supporting John Mayall. Green’s was the best part of the evening! Mick
  13. I love early Mac. I also like the Buckingham/Nicks version (although not as much), but look on them as different bands. Mick
  14. Could you put the spreadsheet up again, please? I grabbed the first version which was really interesting and wanted to download the final one but it’s now showing as unavailable. Ta Mick
  15. As I recall, when I had Espeks, it’s only the ‘outside’ card that matters. Mick
  16. The one time I tried from my KDS I only noticed a change in volume, nothing else. Could you borrow a pair of XLRs from your dealer to try out? Mick
  17. We had a rewatch of all of Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister a few years ago (I still have them all on disc) and it hasn’t dated at all. The same devious machinations seem timeless. Mick
  18. There are a great many films I know very well that I love to rewatch every so often - the films of Kubrick, Tati, Welles, Laurel & Hardy and many more. The films hold no surprises but I’ll still happily sit and watch them. For me it’s not about endings, it’s the journey. I’ll probably watch a familiar film every month or so. I’m the same with books - I’m an avid reader but will still reread a favourite every so often, although not as frequently as I revisit some films. To each their own, really. Mick
  19. Looking at the pictures it seems as if Ruben has KazooServer installed. I wonder what the file format is? Maybe they’re protected Apple files… Mick
  20. What server software are you using? If it’s KazooServer, you can add directories via Konfig. Mick
  21. It might be worth requesting it via the helpline but it’s doubtful it’ll have an effect. I recall a comment on the dev forum by a Linn employee to the effect that hardly anyone had requested it so it was unlikely to be added to the firmware. Mick
  22. ‘Pause’ and ‘stop’ worked until fairly recently. I *think* it was something Linn changed in a firmware updtate removed the remote transport buttons from interaction with Roon. Mick
  23. You’re quite right about ROCK not allowing Plex to run. Roon is the only thing that runs on ROCK. Mick
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