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  1. It’s a couple of years old but has the holes for mounting the 7” kit so certainly not the first version. Mick
  2. I thought I’d read somewhere that it was made at Linn’s factory on the CNC machine which they use for Klimax cases, but finished at SME. Mick
  3. I’ve cleaned over 200 LPs on my Audio Desk machine with nary a smudge! Mick
  4. You’ll need a media server to, erm, serve the files. Kazoo Server will do what you need, and there is a version for Macs on this page:- https://www.linn.co.uk/uk/support/software-apps Mick
  5. It’ll be interesting to hear a comparison between Katalyst KDS/M, an upgraded-to-Organik KDS/M, and the new version, when the time comes. Mick
  6. Interesting pricing. Klimax Organik Exaktbox £15k, Organik upgrade £5.4k. Given that the old KDS/M boxes are £15.8k, I wonder if the upgrade will be a similar price (that’s if it ever comes to fruition, of course)… Mick
  7. When I tweaked the room size slightly some years back (I moved from a not-quite-long-enough tape measure to a laser measure and found dimensions were an inch or two out here and there) I did find all features disappeared, and I had to add windows and the door again, possibly other things (floor/ceiling materials?) too. Mick
  8. I love Two to Tango and Splendido Sundance, but I can take or leave the rest of the album, particularly Spanish Eyes! Mick
  9. Back when I used Kazoo and the Linn app, I had Lumin installed on iPhone and iPad as well. Any time the dreaded ‘waiting for rooms’ message came up, I’d try the Lumin app. It worked every single time. Mick
  10. I’d be interested to know what changes Linn had to make to counteract Apple’s changes (in fairly non-technical terms). Mick
  11. It doesn’t. I think Kenilworth was discussing issues he had with a previous ADC. I successfully recorded several LPs with my KDS muted. Mick
  12. Looks like the Linn app has been updated to 4.2.27 (newer than the version currently on Testflight!) and I’ve just checked it. No more ‘waiting for rooms’. Not sure if Kazoo’s been updated yet. Mick
  13. This might need raising with Linn. I don't use Kazoo any more and haven't for ages, but I just wanted to check something yesterday. I had 14.4.something on my iPhone, which worked perfectly, but the iPad Pro had 14.5 beta and all that did was give the 'waiting for rooms' notice. How does the Linn app fare? I'me presuming the same, as I think that and Kazoo are similar under the bonnet. I think any Apple users here, who also use Kazoo, should hold off updating, or maybe try another control point for the time being - Lumin, I guess. It does seem strange, though - I'm sure Linn must've been trialling the beta for a while, so I'm surprised there's been nothing about it... Mick
  14. Last year I put all my vinyl into my Discogs collection - the ‘value’ of some items was quite a surprise! Mick
  15. I was using a QNAP HS-251+ at our weekend flat, but replaced it recently with a NUC running ROCK/Roon, so we’re unaffected, but it’s scary given that it seems to affect people without any interaction. Originally when I was still using the QNAP I left remote access available so I could copy stuff to the drives from home, but one week we went to the flat and there had been attempts at logging in as admin, which came from Russia, so I shut remote access down. @Baba Yagamentions turning remote access off - I wonder if that was all that was needed to prevent this happening? Mick
  16. I saw this mentioned on the Roon forum. I think the security issue has been fixed in firmaware now, although that’s no help to anyone affected. I guess it’s just more evidence that a sensible backup strategy is imperative. Mick
  17. He does seem to be blaming Linn in this post, for the results of his own decision to buy secondhand (or rather fourth or fifth hand!), trouble which he could have avoided by simply going new via a dealer. He appears to have decided not to do so because he felt it wasn’t worth it, rather than due to financial circumstances:- https://www.hifiaf.com/lingo-saga/ Also, and it might be somewhat snippy to say, but given that he’s an English professor, I was surprised to find as many grammatical errors in his blogs as I did! Mick
  18. Chap who runs the site has been also posting on pfm about his adventures for some time now - interesting read. Mick
  19. There was a comment on pink fish the other day to the effect that even with Bandcamp the artists don’t always do so well, as the labels sometimes put the artists’ music on there and take a slice that way. Clearly this wouldn’t be the case for artists without labels though.
  20. I read that, in the UK, a fifth of streamed music was rap. Having said that, it probably just reflects the fact that younger folk don’t buy much, if any, physical media at all. I’m in my sixties and use Qobuz, where I find a huge amount of stuff that appeals (including Nirvana’s albums - I was listening to The Story of Simon Simopath recently). It’s worth bearing in mind that although 20% of streamed music is rap, that percentage doesn’t reflect what’s available. Qobuz claim to offer over 70 million tracks and is a source of constant fascination for me, listening as I do to recently released albums, music from the ‘sixties, and a huge amount in between those points in time. Mick
  21. It wasn’t Thursday you went, was it? Just that my KDS suddenly became a totally uninteresting hifi product mid-morning on Thursday, but I couldn’t work out why…
  22. Indeed, but I’ll need the money to cover the cost of the new KDSM, as suggested by Suffolkboy, and some nice single malt to go with it!
  23. Brilliant! Oh, er, I don’t suppose you could lend me £100k? I’ll pay you back as soon as I can, honest!
  24. I don’t have a NAS as such, rather it’s an HP Microserver running Windows 10, with an SSD for the OS, and five HDDs, three of which are 4TB, the others 2TB. I use Windows 10’s Storage Spaces which is, I guess, a version of RAID 5, but which allows a mixture of drive capacities. I use this as backup for music and documents etc., with Ashampoo Backup Pro 14, and as a PLEX server, and it runs well. I also have the data in two other places locally, and in the cloud with BackBlaze, which is a service I moved to after CrashPlan changed their business model a few years back. Backups are run automatically (I need this as I can be very forgetful!) and I’m very happy with the setup. Mick
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