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  1. I will give the optical ethernet connection a go. Which SFP module would you recommend for use with the KDSM? Would the following be a good choice? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U77VPX2/ref=emc_b_5_t
  2. I suspect these things are system dependent. There are so many variables involved. It is possible that Linn simply wants to give users the choice, especially as some its competitors do.
  3. When your friends did the comp, how did they use the HDMI section? Did they use the HDMI inputs, or the outputs, or both? And what did they connect to those inputs/outputs? I imagine the question, and extent, of sound degradation might be related to the answers.
  4. I haven’t figured out how to pin Playlist, or to switch input to Playlist with the new 022 remote without turning the DSM off. Does anybody know how to do this? (On the new black 022 remote the input buttons of the old remote, which included Playlist, are replaced by Pin 1-6.)
  5. I don’t understand what the RCA output transformer does in this case. Does it increase the output level for the RCA outputs?
  6. Thank you for your reply Paul. Following your recommendation, I got Vicoustic bass traps some months ago. They really helped with a problematic corner. I left the corner as a 90° corner in SO2; I was wondering if you (or others) had found a way of getting even more out of them via SO2. Thanks again.
  7. Mine was held up at US Customs at Memphis, TN for over a week. It arrived at the dealer today. It looks like the Linn stickers are intact. Will pick it up tomorrow.
  8. I have a question for Paul and others who use Vicoustic bass traps in a corner behind a speaker: Did you change the description of the corner in S02 from (A) in the picture below to something like (B), and if so what material, and what level of absorption, did you specify for the bass trap? Thank you for your help!
  9. I reduced the quality of the photo of the last page, and can now upload it:
  10. The March 27 item from Hifi+ was a news release that echoed Linn. The May issue that just came out contains a (very positive) listening-based review.
  11. Review by Alan Sircom just published. The review ends with the sentence: “Let’s not mince words; this is the best streaming audio component I have ever reviewed.” (I tried to attach a picture of the last page, but the file turned out to be too large.)
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