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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies. I tried the pi + usb drive thing but felt limited. Then I tried tidal. Trouble is that i have comcast and was constantly getting dropouts. So the next step was to go with a nas. I got a synology and put minimserver on it - much easier install and maintenance than a pi. plus i have 10x the space. plus i can store videos as well as back up functions.Ultimately, i would like to be able to have 'smart stations'- you know like pandora but with better quality. So much of what music used to be (talking about albums and artists with friends to discover new artists and tracks) has faded into oblivion. So exploring music is more of a chore because a random walk through cyberspace has a low yield for me. Plus I've gotten lazy. Sometimes I'm in a singing with sinatra state of mind, or a diana krall funk. But I know all their stuff and want to hear 'similar' stuff. I know I can browse my collection by 'genre' but that's like saying I like furniture made of wood - it's too coarse and inaccurate. I wish there was a way to digitally fingerprint my collection so I could easily have my own smart stations. But then again that's like playing in a closed sandbox. Alexa integration would be nice but that will not happen in my lifetime so i still have to use a tablet and kazoo.
  2. It’s obvious that most of you have good internet access. Here, i have comcast and my tidal HQ subscription was always dropping out due to bandwidth issues. So I prefer to use a small hd -4 terabytes - and this allows me to load up music from a pc and not have a pc running 24x7. Having a NAS with scheduled start up and shutdown is an attractive option.
  3. I wish Linn would simplify things and allow Their DSM to hook up to a smb share or even allow me plug a usb drive into it. But as it is, I need another piece of software running to 'serve' the music. More power consumption, more points of failure. So I have a usb drive and I think I'll just install minim server onto a pi and use that.
  4. when you go to enable the Linn alexa skill (here in the US) the page says the skill was discontinued. Ill get a screen capture for you.
  5. since Linn does not support pandora I dont think they'll open up to amazon. It seems they limit themselves to a select few providers. It would be nice if they had alexa integration.
  6. Could the moderator establish a linn sub-forum? For example, I want to ask how to get Pandora to be a service on linn kazoo so it can play through my system. I realize pandora is compressed but I know of no other way to get my stations which I have been curating for years.
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