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  1. Yeah it’s concerning when we begin to see this as viable exercise.
  2. Secret user name exposed!
  3. Just slide sideways on the couch.
  4. Google it………… carefully.
  5. Browsing or “shuffling” is the only time it gets a bit annoying, or playing different tracks on Spotify. There can be big differences in volumes. Definitely improves the focus though you’re right.
  6. It's a revelation I tell ya, burn the remote and set your volume free!
  7. I picked up a Lavardin ISX and didn’t opt for the optional remote control. The intention was to maybe pick one up at a later date. They ain’t cheap and I’ve since found out the receiver has to be factory installed and a completely different volume pot fitted. The saucy price isn’t just for the handset as some reviews had suggested. Anyway it’s made me realise I was a bit compulsive and trigger happy with the volume, sat there with remote in hand constantly adjusting. It’s actually remarkably liberating to be free from it. Just set album at desired volume at beginning and walk away. Try it for a week, remote control abstinence, it’s great. Instant dynamics upgrade. Now I get those knob feel reviews, much more satisfying! :)
  8. Yamaha CDS300. More like a studio workhorse than a budget cdp. Silent in operation, reads quickly, has a very useful usb input, and works away on poor condition discs. Has shamed some very pricey dacs used as a transport by sounding mostly identical through it’s analogue output. Has grown with each system upgrade and gives no sense of holding the system back. Picked it up for about £100 a couple of years ago. Must get another for parts.
  9. Pretty much describes Proac tab 10 to me, agile and rhythmic, more so than Harbeth, and generally more budget friendly too.
  10. Haha, my entire system weighs less than a quarter of one of your speakers! Very nice system you have. Did a bit of digging on the A80 reference you're interested in. It's essentially an IS reference without the integrated pre amp. If 35wpc is enough for you, your speakers are very efficient, then maybe just try the integrated IS reference which do come up frequently enough. Or you could try an ISX reference for a whopping jump up to 50wpc. Who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.
  11. I'm afraid my system may not provide much that's comparable with yours. I'm using proac tablette 10 and a basic yamaha cdp. I've had bigger and far more expensive systems but this destroys them for sheer enjoyment, all in an appropriately sized room of course. The Lavardin power amps seem to be a bit of a specialty alright. Even on their own website you have to do a bit of digging to find out about them. I'm guessing custom orders so 2nd hand would be a rare find. The ISX does not run hot, or warm even after several hours but the power amps are very different so who knows? I've not had experience with separate pre and power set ups, would a lot of the sound quality not be defined by the pre rather than the power amp?
  12. Please try a Lavardin ISX. As nice as I'm sure the Bel Canto sounds, and as counter intuitive moving from 120 wpc to 45wpc may feel, there's something fairly magical about the ISX/ Tab 10 combo. They compliment each others strengths exceptionally well. I've also read elsewhere of other tab 10 users finding them better with lower powered amps than higher. It's more than that though, synergy here is spot on. I had a fairly lengthy listening session today and album after album was just flowing and alive like I've never heard them.
  13. Given your small room and usual listening volumes I think you’ll be fine. 30wpc falls nicely in the middle of Proacs recommended power. Beauty of the tab 10 is they’ll grow with future upgrades if do upgrade in time.
  14. I haven’t used them with less than 45wpc myself which works great, but you might be ok depending on how loud you want to play. If at all possible try to look at a Lavardin. Very over budget but I’ve seen 2nd hand for ok prices. Great synergy with the tablette and unlikely to require further upgrades later.
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