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  1. So, i played it save and made a fresh install and copied my music to the new installed ssd. Sound differences....i would say yes, in a positive way that i feel like theres more feel to the music, more spacious sound and detail..its hard to compare but the impression is there.. Dead quiet in the living room now, startup at the blink of a eye, so all positive things and a nice upgrade with a brand new samsung evo 870 4T ssd.
  2. sure..lets see what happens, thanks for the help!
  3. I think backup and restore would be the easiest way to do it?
  4. Got a answer on the ticket i raised from support Asustor about replacing the hdd.. there's no way to clone a HDD with ADM for single volumes. Mirroring is only for RAID1 or above you have to create another volume with your new HDD in Storage Manager. The new volume will be named Volume2. Then you create shared folders for volume2 in Access Control and you copy/paste your data via File Explorer. You can also schedule them in Backup and Restore - Internal backup
  5. Thanks Nestor, i will find out as soon as the ssd arrives, but even if there's no difference soundwise, at least i have the volume expansion, and a faster and quieter nas..and as i said i made a very good deal on the ssd. Minimserver i use some years now, bought the full license recently and i never use the nas as backup, but have 2 external, better safe than sorry Thanks for the link, could be helpfull
  6. Thanks man, very helpfull..next week the ssd will arrive, let's see what's happen then!
  7. i decided to order the ssd today as mentioned before...if is there no difference of soundquality at least its a nice volume expansion and a lot quieter in the living room. Doe anyone know how to swap the hdd into the ssd without any loss? I'am using a asustor as3102t (lovely budget nas) nas with one hdd installed witch i want to replace.
  8. My Asustor nas is stored in the living room about 5 meter away from the set...that would sure be a advantage. Changing my netgear 108T switch for a meraki and blue jeans cat6 cables made for me a very nice improvement. Still in doubt, so any contribution is welcome..thanks already for the reply's..
  9. I would like to know if some menbers here experienced differences regarding soundquality comparing ssd vs hdd as nas drives in there setup.. I can expand my storage in my nas with a brand new Samsung Evo 870 4T ssd drive at a good bargain...
  10. You must go settings, click on linn account (next to privacy) see picture..
  11. Still the same here too, just changed one absorption value.. circle keeps on spinning.
  12. Same here, since yesterday evening. closing and restart does not help this time, on a windows 10 pc and android tablet same thing.
  13. Thanks for the comfirmation! i'm glad its not the dsm that went wrong..
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