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  1. A few months ago it was on Belgian television, very good documentary and fun to watch indeed! It catches nicely the spirit of that time..
  2. In No Particular Order.. Beck -Mutations Rolling Stones -Excile On Main Street Nick Drake -Five Leafs Left Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert The War on Drugs -Lost In The Dream The Cure -Seventeen Seconds Bob Dylan -Oh Mercy Air -Talkie Walkie Led Zeppelin -Led Zeppelin Hooverphonic -The Magnificent Tree Rory Gallagher -Live In Europe Melanie De Biasio -No Deal Miles Davies -Bitches Brew Hadouk Trio - Live At FIP. Iron Maiden -Killers Bruce Springsteen -The Rising Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds -Jubilee Street Neil Young -Harvest Nirvana -Unplugged Ryan Adams -Gold
  3. I do consider to dump Windows 10 for Linux mint, i installed Mint on my wife's pc because it was really going slow with window its flying But tried to install Konfig on Linux with the "Wine" application for running Windows apps on Linux, but it failed.. anyone any idea how to install konfig successfully on Linux mint? I use my wife's pc to experiment for the moment..
  4. There is a UK website from Blue jeans cables, i payed no duty nor tax fees delivery to Belgium.
  5. I went from a Wireworld Starlight cat8 (2m) to Blue Jeans cat 6a and it blew it right out of the water...despite the Starlight was a very decent cable regarding SQ and very well build, the Blue jeans brought back the music and foottapping which was lacking sometimes with the Starlight.. No regrets and sold the Starlight, cabled the whole system with Blue jeans cable cat 6a and with money left in my pocket..
  6. John Mayer - Paper doll Laurie Anderson - Washington Street Matt Bianco - Ordinary Day Jimmy Smith - Basin Street Blues Kasia Lins - Liar Paolo Conte - Happy Feet and many more...
  7. Linn development forum, Linn ios app, topic "UI suggestions" third post response from Linn...
  8. Thanks MickC,. I discoverd that slider already, but how do you turn the system on without pushing the play button..the music start playing right away?
  9. Nice improvement over Kazoo despite the "white" look, but i understand there will a choice for a darker background soon. But i am missing a on-off button??
  10. Yeah, i could do that..but then i'm afraid that the windows do not fit in anymore in the bays and i have to adjust then als well and i do not know if that's a good idea because one of the bays is right in the middle of my speakers centered..anyway it's was a lot of work to do properly and it's sounds very good Maybe on a cold lonesome winterday...
  11. Almost same experience here...i put 3 large windows bays aprox. 1.44cm wide, 23cm deep into the calculation now and moving the slider back to default 80/20 to get better(greater) results. More defined and deeper bass. The bays are 1.99cm height and the room is 2.45cm, a pity that is not possible to adjust, but i'm not complaining .. the result is very nice
  12. You can move the slider at optimisation preference more towards shorter decay time to increase the low level energy in your room.. I increase it from 80% to 55%, its really whortwhile doing..brought my system to life!
  13. So2 for fantastic! Finally got the exaktbox I back this week and been able to play around with he new space..great and massive improvement! Thanks Linn for the free upgrade!