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  1. You must go settings, click on linn account (next to privacy) see picture..
  2. Still the same here too, just changed one absorption value.. circle keeps on spinning.
  3. Same here, since yesterday evening. closing and restart does not help this time, on a windows 10 pc and android tablet same thing.
  4. Thanks for the comfirmation! i'm glad its not the dsm that went wrong..
  5. I noticed also this.. i made a new calculation at Space from my reference settings without changing anything, just hit the button and made the calculation, when comparing then both there seems a lot of bass missing at the new calculation and not little..very odd
  6. Hi, This morning i wanted to make some changes to Space, but when i click my account i been re-directed to the official Linn webpage and can not enter my account. Anyone notice this also? EDIT. Seems to be offline for a while but it's back now..
  7. Well, the Meraki has been settled now for about a week and must say it adds a certain refinement to the music, also the impression hearing more details and more depth to the music, general impression that the biggest improvement comes when streamin Qobuz compairing the Asustor nas..nice upgrade for little money
  8. Hi, Maybe a stupid question, but... When i want to change my MDSM for a AEDSM do i have to make a new space configuration all over again or can i use the one made with the MDSM and load it into the AEDSM? When in the future i choose active speakers from another brand and connect the AEDSM with toslink does space optimalisation still works?
  9. Hi Paul, I was talking about another blind test...sorry only dutch.. https://www.alpha-audio.nl/review/zeven-switches-voor-streaming-audio-getest-blind/
  10. Well, by coincidence today i came across a brand new Cisco Meraki 220 8p switch on ebay, i did a low bid and to my suprise the seller accepted it..this switch was in a group of 7 blind tested on the dutch website "alpha audio" and rated on the same level as the silent angel and near the sotm switch..so i will find out soon
  11. Same feeling here.. However my system sounds fabulous for the moment i got the same impression that sometimes i miss something in the music, but i can't put my finger on it..but i'm still ok with that (for now)
  12. So, ordered the iso mini pucks and tried them out for 2 days and must say my system never sounded so good now, even the little sharpness-hardness on voices has disappeard. Music sounded more relaxed, more depth, definition, clarity...another leaque compared to my pre Gaia-isopuck system. Really thinking now it still make some sense start saving some money for the Orea pucks.. Had to adjust space v2 to increase the low energy from 70% to 65%
  13. IsoAcoustics, the technology explained.. IsoAcoustics Technology Explained | IsoAcoustics
  14. I'm also wondering if there is a big diffence between the pucks and Orea...would it worthwhile to save the money and buy the Orea later or buy the pucks now.
  15. Iso acoustics advice is to place then directly under the chassis, i'm curious if that makes a difference..
  16. Thats impressive, Paul Did you already have the time to compare the orea pucks against the pucks-mini pucks? Iso acoustics say that the orea brings a slighty improvement compare to the pucks but then it must be a steal at a fraction of the price of the orea, i think Bring the mini pucks the same soundquality as the pucks but are just a bit smaller?
  17. Now i'm curious...been using for ages qudraspires qx25 feet under DSM and Exaktbox..i tried some finite elemente ceraballs, masterbase and some other rubber feet, but all been beaten by far by the quadraspires.
  18. Looking back from my youth to now, there's one album thats survided all these years and been played regularly over time is Pink Floyd "The Wall". One of my many favorite albums but with this one i have some special memories..
  19. So, been playing all my favorite demo tracks for 2 days now and all i can say is WOW.. Sometimes impressive how good now, Playing Rogers Waters "Three Wishes" The Genie was not in de recording anymore but somewhere in the room talking to me..very scary!
  20. Thanks everybody for the advise and help in this matter..much appreciated Now it's time to enjoy the music! 
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