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  1. Hello Chris, I've had the NG Klimax System Hub for 17 days. I came from an Akurate Exakt DSM. So I must qualify everything I say with that fact. I'm glad @Moomintroll was able to give you the old Klimax to new Klimax perspective. The NG Klimax DSM (hub) is so good. I have a Klimax LP12. I would say that the NG KSH is better streaming digital than the Klimax LP12 into the AEDSM. Also, the only thing that would beat the NG KSH streaming is the same with a Klimax LP12, and even that might just be a matter of personal preference. This is a huge revelation that may take time to become conventional wisdom. But I think it will. I would go so far as to say that a Linn system with the NG KSH will out perform any Linn system without a NG KDSM. Again, qualified as I came from Akurate level. I would recommend that anyone serious about all this and that has the means to get into a NG Klimax DSM. I would even say sell everything, and get the Klimax hub with a pair of 520s, 530s (used would be the real bargain). The NG KDSM is a paradigm shift. Cheers, Michael
  2. So come October 30, my LP12 will be demoted from full Klimax to faux Klimax.
  3. I'm also a fan of Monsieur Gainsbourg. Did you happen to see the biographical movie about him? It came out several years ago. I thought it was excellent! https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gainsbourg_(vie_héroïque)
  4. I wasn't expecting that photo to pop up. In here you will find a description of all that is new with the Radikal. Further down and on the New Radikal kit thread pricing info is available. I bought a Klimax Cased Radikal in July. I have the kit on order. I've heard of accommodations being made for those who have made recent Radikal purchases.
  5. Also October 30. I was told November ship. The delay is shipping of parts, so I imagine Linn are building and shipping as they get the parts.
  6. If North America is behind Germany in the queue, I'm complaining to Linn!
  7. I'm envious. Now why was I told not shipping until November? Maybe that's shipping to North America. I'm thinking this upgrade will be much more than subtle.
  8. A lot! Below is what Linn have to say about it. Since SMPS technology is relatively new to hifi, it stands to reason that improvements would be made. https://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Dynamik
  9. Indeed you are well taken care of. So the music can continue. This is what is important, as you know.
  10. Here's an alternate suggestion; get a Majik DSM. I think it will outperform any system you create around the Majik-I. I recently bought and tested out a Majik DSM/3 ($2200). It was fantastic. Please see my signature for what I usually listen to. The newer stuff is really good.
  11. @Chris 1970, I'm sorry that this is such bad timing for you, with your new Klimax kit on the way. Of course, it could've been worse timing. I wish your Komri a fast recovery. Salut, Michael
  12. In the spirit of staying on topic, I must point out that accurate and stable speed is paramount.
  13. John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers referred to Vini Reilly as "the best guitarist in the world." Perhaps it was after he heard this album.
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