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  1. Not so much a secondary system, rather a system with a different purpose; that being 5.1 surround sound for movie watching. The screen is 10 foot, the projector is an Epson 5040UB, 1080p. I don't care about 4K as I prioritize color saturation and that creamy film look over detail. Too much detail creates that "soap opera" effect, and I tend to not be fooled at that point. That the whole thing is staged becomes obvious. At the heart is an Oppo 103D blu-ray player fed by an Apple TV, and a Linn Akurate Kontrol AV. The Akurate Kontrol (AK) does all the processing as it is fed bitstream from the Oppo. Center channel is an Aktiv Trikan (LK140), up front Aktiv Tukans (AV5105s) that served in my main system for 19 years. Rears are passive Tukans (AV5105), with a Sizmik 10.25 sub-woofer. For movie watching and for concert blu-ray discs, this system is highly adequate. I watched "The Book Thief" a few nights ago. The scene in the air raid shelter with bombs exploding in the background was really brought to life by the sound system, especially the Sizmik.
  2. In January, 2020, I had Ron install a Woodsong plinth. He also installed a new Cirkus bearing, and tightened up the entire LP12 setup. When I got home I was amazed at the improvement. I called the next day and told Ron that he would be working on my LP12 exclusively. I just received my Klimax Radikal two weeks ago. I will visit Ron in the next couple of weeks to have him swap out the motors as I've upgraded from ARadikal.
  3. Here is an article that sheds some light on AVDC. https://www.hifiaf.com/installing-serene-baseboard/ It appears to be a damping material that is used between the sub-chassis and arm board. Linn got away from these lossy connections with the Keel, then with the Kore. I heard that the lossiness was needed with the pre-Cirkus bearing. The Cirkus turned out to be quiet enough and Linn modified the design concept accordingly. I heard tremendous improvement when I went from Cirkus sub-chassis to Kore. I think it really revealed the improvement made by the Radikal.
  4. I was just looking at the same and wondered about the "AVDC." I don't know what that is, but the use a damping material would be counter-productive. Damping would cause loss of information.
  5. It's a miracle! This whole notion of run-in (break-in) over weeks is the red flag of snake oil. What really changes in that time, the kit or the listeners' listening?
  6. Sounds like you are on top of things. I'm not familiar with Auralex isolation platform. But you obviously get the importance of "lightweight and rigid" as is Linn's recommendation. Congratulations on your upgrades, and enjoy the music!
  7. I don't know anything about how your LP12 is setup, that is, the stand it's sitting on, position relative to walls, leveling, etc. But most can eek out a bit more, sometimes a lot more, music by shoring up the installation. I found good improvements by moving a self unit away from the LP12 as it was creating a corner with the wall behind. Also, I bought a Sterritt make level that I posted about. It really made a nice difference once the deck was really leveled. I was using a torpedo level prior. Just some friendly suggestions. Perhaps you are already on top of all this. P.S. I made a couple of trips to Ft. Collins during the final few years of my working days. I visited a company that does wind tunnel testing of buildings. I did drive by what I thought was the local Linn dealer. Was temped to stop by, but alas, no time.
  8. I'm in the same situation here. I've been very patient, but lately, I'm starting to get a little anxious. I'm seven weeks into the order and word from the dealer is that everything is officially on schedule for 10 to 12 weeks. My recent experience with the Klimax Radikal was originally quoted at four to six weeks, then revised to eight to ten weeks. It arrived within ten weeks. I think I really just want to get the money spent so that I stop thinking about it.
  9. This is what I imagine; a stereo amp that would out perform two Klimax Solos. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint. You have folks with big expensive speakers that have under performed due to mediocre electronics. They get the NGKDSM, WOW! They want more. Enter new amps. Suddenly, those $100k speakers are beginning to sound the part.
  10. The thought of second-hand Klimax Solos flooding the market at giveaway prices did cross my mind. The information I got was a little bit more reliable than most rumours in that Linn had queried the dealer as to design considerations.
  11. Something just occurred to me. I recall talking with a dealer recently. He said that Linn were developing new power amps that will be better than current Klimax. Hmmm.
  12. I used to use an AppleTV device feeding a Rega DAC feeding a Kairn. Ripped CDs were sent via Airplay to the AppleTV from a desktop computer. Tidal was streamed from the iPhone. It all worked quite well and didn't sound bad.
  13. I would be very surprised if you hear a difference. I did get a set of Skeets, but that was only because I had just spent a pile of money on Akubariks and didn't want to cheap out. The 530s got the knockoffs.
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