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  1. I assume you mean in digital streaming mode. You didn’t happen to listen to a Urika II equipped LP12 did you?
  2. Streamed this one last night on Qobuz. I had put it on to warm up the system, and ended up listening to and enjoying the entire album. Sound quality was really good, then I noticed it was a high resolution offering.
  3. I've used both BJC Cat 6a (shielded), and Cat 5e (unshielded) as exaktlinks. I could not hear a difference. If there was a difference, it would not pass a blind test. I'm using Cat 5e as I prefer unshielded. It's probably my own bias, but I thought it sounded more "immediate," that is a bit faster and more musical.`There may be a reason for all this as Linn have said the reason they recommend against Cat 7,8 is the shielding can cause capacitance which could mess with the timing.
  4. I read that this morning. I sure hope things change to benefit the artists.
  5. After the Radikal, I think you will be at a good place to take a long breather, even before the Radikal for that matter. Karousel and Kore will amaze you and keep you happy for a long time. Then the Radikal will once again give you a whole new record collection.
  6. I'm wondering why you would play music through the Oppo rather than just directly into and through the DSM. Seems that a Linn DSM would be a much better source than an Oppo player.
  7. Yes. I've watched this video a couple of times. He compared it to his Akurate DSM. He was left speechless. "Once you hear it, you can't go back."
  8. Don't tell anyone, but when I had a Naim Nait 2, the two Naim speaker cables were of different lengths.
  9. If you can, stretch the budget a bit and get the Kore. I think it would serve you for a long time, if not permanently. I had Kore and now Keel. Kore is really good, and is an amazing value for the sound quality it brings. If budget doesn't allow, then your path is a prudent one. Just a suggestion. When I had my Lingo 1 rebuilt, I was without it for about four weeks. Even after such a long interval, I was able to very clearly hear the difference that the rebuild made. Karousel alone brings with it a whole new record collection. That's the best part of these upgrades, and the benefit o
  10. I was just able to finish the SO I started two days ago. It wasn't running for two days. I merely revisited it, clicked resume, and all worked within about 15 minutes.
  11. Mine was indicating "offline" while music was streaming. I power cycled the DSM and now it's "online."
  12. Listening to it now and am on the last track. Yes. I couldn't help noticing the simulated vinyl experience on "All My Love." I had to do a double take at the turntable.
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