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  1. I read the AI instructions. They specifically recommend against using their fluids with ultrasonic machines. Edit: I now see that they do offer a fluid formulated for US cleaning machines.
  2. Before I got the NG Klimax DSMH, I had earmarked Laurie Anderson's album "Life on a String" as a test album for DS, as it isn't available on LP. So my judgement couldn't be clouded by my LP bias, and I am very familiar with the album. I remember putting it on after the NG Klimax got home. I did enjoy better resolution, tune, more musical, all that. Last night I played it again. This time, with the rack tweaks, there was much more resolution. I was hearing so many sounds I'd never heard before, in a big way. I'm now thinking that the source component for DS can benefit from a proper stand similar to how the LP12 benefits. An Audiotech stand for the NG Klimax DSM would be beneficial and worthwhile.
  3. If I find that my system lacks bass, I just put on a different recording and there it is. I'll have to break out the Daft Punk album today.
  4. This echos my experience in various aspects of system setup. The driving principle in my system setup is precision in all aspects. Tracking force is one very good example, as you pointed out. Another is leveling of the LP12. Also, speaker setup having both speakers be exactly symmetrical, dead level, rock steady, etc. I've used the example of making a 1% improvement from 2% off to being 1% off is way different from a 1% improvement from 1% off to being DNO (dead nuts on). It's a huge distinction.
  5. I think this would be a good path forward. Quadraspire claim a sonic improvement is to be had. Let us know how it works out.
  6. The Valhalla was the first upgrade I made to my 1975 LP12 soon after I acquired it in about 1991. It was a fantastic improvement. I distinctly remember putting on Tears for Fears, "Seeds of Love" and the track "Woman in Chains." It left such an impression that I ended up using that track as a first listen to subsequent upgrades. I think you are in for some musical fun. As for cartridges, I wouldn't fret too much over it. An Audio Technica AT95 or Nagaoka MP110 would be where I would look first. No need to spend much money.
  7. I do have a vague recollection of this. Hopefully so, and hopefully he'll be along with his impressions.
  8. I stumbled upon these products a while ago. I was curious, but never gave them a try. I'd be interested in your findings.
  9. I've been thinking about what you have done here. I think the difference is that the spikes are situated on the frame, rather than on the shelf. The shelf will vibrate, especially when not damped by a heavy hifi component sitting on top. I used to model everything as perfect rigid bodies. But reading the Naim Fraim copy now has me modeling the shelves as less than rigid. It seems the shelves will vibrate, but can be locally damped. All unused shelves should be removed.
  10. I recall using the top edges of the speaker cabinets and lined them up even with each other. There is also a tiny Linn logo on the 3K arrays that others have used. The laser level itself is placed on a tripod out in front of the speakers. I put mine just behind the listening position (sofa). Here's the level that I used: https://www.amazon.com/Self-Leveling-Laser-Level-Construction/dp/B07RPW69HF/ref=sr_1_53?crid=10063Y33GOCXW&keywords=laser+level&qid=1642437883&sprefix=laser+level%2Caps%2C338&sr=8-53
  11. Your effort deserves more than just a thank you trophy. I personally thank you for providing this valuable, and entertaining resource. Keep up the maintenance as I'm sure many will appreciate it.
  12. If it were my house, I'd move the TV more off centre to the right. Until it was on the other side of that window.
  13. I'm thinking that if a dealer were to ask Linn for the torque values for the Akubariks upper and lower bass drivers, they may be more apt to provide this information. I would treat any values provided by Linn as upper limits.
  14. As the spikes slowly sink into the plywood, the LP12 went slightly off level. I corrected this. Just when I thought sound quality couldn't get any better. Always check level first.
  15. I tried making this point early on. I don't think there is any way of reliably expecting the same numbers to result in the same torque value with different drivers in different hands. Unless we all calibrate our SR drivers with each other's. So there would be no point in discussing if 0.8 is more musical than 0.9 across time and distance. All recommended values can only be useful as starting points from which to make further fine tuning adjustments. This is how I'm using the values given here.
  16. I used to call them "baby bariks." Similar form factor to the Akubariks. Your query is an interesting one. I'm hoping someone in the know comes along. In the meantime, crank up that bass!
  17. Let's not forget the 530s. One of my favourites. That's a tough one. At least it is if you don't know the answer. Which I don't. There has to be a reason. There may even be a good reason. And I'm with you on the smile inducing musical bass.
  18. I had my Krystal set at 56 dB of gain, rather than the default of 50 dB. I also had the Kandid set at 56 dB, but changed it back to 50 and increased the volume offset (Konfig, sources) to 5.0. There was little or no difference.
  19. It may be both. I think we all find that it takes a side or two of an LP for the music to smooth out and open up. I've thought about and tested in order to figure out what is running in. I think it's the cartridge. I've pretty much isolated it to this.
  20. And from the looks of the used market, those lucky folks who now own our old SO racks aren't letting them go.
  21. No misunderstanding. I did have a Sound Org rack. I wish I'd never sold it.
  22. I listened to about a third of this yesterday on Qobuz (over 5 hours of music in total). Brian Eno, "Music for Installations." It is available as a 9 LP box set, $187. Tempting. This is his complete collection of music written for art exhibits spanning decades.
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