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  1. The Craftsman is more suited for tasks like rough carpentry, or hanging a picture on the wall. The Starrett is made for precision machining. This is the level of accuracy needed for an LP12.
  2. Linn say 1.6g to 1.9g for the Akiva. Start with 1.75g. I've never owned an Akiva, so this may need to be confirmed.
  3. I used this level prior to getting the Starrett. The Starrett is obviously more accurate as the sound quality improvement was quite manifest. With Linn's main bearings, we are dealing with some of the most tightly toleranced bearings in the world. Having the spindle and bearing journal be perfectly vertical will remove lateral forces on the journal by spindle. Thus reducing friction and noise. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RCNHV5S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Here is how I did it. I did post about this. The thread is on page three of this section, and is titled "New Level (leveling tool)." Main bearing, centre of gravity of level, and tonearm pivot are inline.
  5. A better level, based on my experience. https://www.acmetools.com/shop/tools/starrett-50572?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=surfaces&feeds=shopping I believe that some have found it in the UK. I'm in North America.
  6. Welcome to the forum Glenn. I must say that it is very refreshing to have someone show up here with such a fine example of an LP12 seemingly properly set up. And with a fine looking record collection! You've really gone all in on the vinyl thing. Cheers, Michael
  7. A smiley Ivor and a frowny Gilad. We've figured it out. Close the thread!
  8. I recently had a very positive experience by using a better level. Leveling the deck is essential. Other than that, I'd say your setup is solid.
  9. Thinner means less damping. Less damping means less musical information lost. Less musical information lost means more musical.
  10. Okay. In that case, how about a commemorative turntable mat with a picture of Ivor on it? I'm fresh out of ideas.
  11. Back in the old Linn forum days, for a while, my sub-screen name was "Krystal powered by Radikal." So what you are saying is that having the mat in the correct orientation will minimize the "slip" between platter and record. This makes sense as the platter is predictably smooth, so smooth side down should provide enough grip. The record is less flat and smooth, so little fibers grip (more surface contact, more friction) the underside of the record better. Maybe? Thank you!
  12. Just two floors. Digital below, and analogue upstairs. With EMI isolation between digital and analogue, and acoustic isolation provided by the case.
  13. How about a Klimax Exaktbox-I? NG case with digital stuff, DACs, crossovers on the ground floor, and class D amps on the floor above. Would it all even fit?
  14. There was a bit more to the rumour that I heard. Linn had queried a dealer for feedback on the potential product, from a customer point of view. I heard this from the dealer queried, the actual person, that is.
  15. Just yesterday, I was looking at photos of the interior of the KDSM and had the same thoughts. I saw the HDMI board and thought it would be easy to remove.
  16. Floyd Toole stated in his book that musicians' performances in listening tests were "not distinctive."
  17. And we both have Katalyst Akubariks. I'll be coming from AEDSM, so double Wow!
  18. Monday was 14 weeks. No, I'm not growing impatient. To further pass the time, I did some comparing of ripped CDs to Qobuz. This is also to help select what music will be streamed first through the KSH. I listened to Laurie Anderson's "Bright Red." It's not available on LP. I was alternating between the two sources. At some point, I lost track of which I was listening to, and couldn't tell. I do have a bit of bias thinking that ripped CD should sound better. Perhaps a little different. Maybe a little louder. But there would be no passing a blind test on this one. Just an interesting observation, I thought.
  19. Thank you for this. This is what I was originally trying to say, but lacked the knowledge and vocabulary. Intuitively, I don't see this level of upgradability with Katalyst.
  20. So back on topic. Since Organik, and other DACs for that matter, are firmware upgragable, and I assume Linn designed the Organik hardware to be somewhat future proof, we should be able to look forward to many years of sound quality improvements. All this with hardware already purchased.
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