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  1. Interest system Davey. I imagine you have to be very careful when you are changing LPs . What are the other components in your system? Neil
  2. I can only agree with this if it is a moving magnet cartridge. and it has at least the cost of a new stylus knocked off the cost when new. Treat descriptions of secondhand cartridges with suspicion. It may be brand new but have a damaged body where someone overtightened it. Could you get your money back? The AT95E is a great cartridge for the money and its a very good match for the Basik LVX. What's not to like? Neil.
  3. Sounds good to me. Each upgrade should give you a noticeable improvement and give you more and more pleasure from your LP collection. Enjoy! Neil
  4. I have never had a Trampolin fitted. I preferred to invest a in a decent wall shelf mounted on a solid wall a few metres away from the speakers. The Trampolin was originally introduced to help in situations where the LP12 has to be on a heavy support so it might provide some improvement in your situation. Many LP12 owners advocate the use of a Trampolin, even in otherwise ideal circumstances, icing on the cake if you like. However, I agree with CRE009 above, in that it is unlikely to resolve the IGD issue that you are experiencing. For now I would concentrate on finding the cause of the tracking issues. I assume that Grahams checked your arm bearings? The arm must be quite old now and loose or sticky bearings could affect tracking. I'm not familiar with your arm but I assume that the counterweight would be removed for transportation to protect the bearings. Was it correctly refitted and the correct tracking force applied? A digital stylus tracking force gauge can be very useful and you can get one for less than £8 that will do an adequate job for home use and it would confirm the tracking force beyond doubt. If you don't resolve this soon, I would be inclined to have a chat with Grahams and see if they will recheck the deck for you. Did you buy the LP12 from them? Neil
  5. Breathing on the stub deposits enough moisture to enable the counterweight to turn easier and doesn't leave a lasting deposit. Use of oils or other form of lubrication is not recommended as it could result in damage to the rubber grommet inside the counterweight. Make sure that the arm is in its support clip and grip the arm tube or headshell to counteract the force on the counterweight and the bearings will be OK. Neil
  6. I would also check that the turntable is level. Check the plinth for level side to side and front to rear. If the plinth is level and the armboard is visually level with the plinth the platter should be level as well. If checking on the platter for level make sure you remove the mat first. The LP12 operates best on a light, rigid table or wall shelf. Ideally with spikes which allow for level adjustment. Neil
  7. Hi. The first upgrade for an old LP12 has to be the Cirkus bearing. This will require a new subchassis to be fitted which may be an additional cost. Fitting will require a rebuild of most of the LP12 which you probably need anyway. Next in line would be the power supply - Hercules+Mose is an option but refurbished Valhalla should also be considered. The phono stage and cartridge are the last items to upgrade unless they have a problem that needs fixing. Best plan is to take your LP12 to a dealer for an assessment and he should be able to advise you on what needs doing and costs. Just a service on your LP12 as it stands could be a big improvement in itself. Neil
  8. A lifetime in Linn/Naim terms is a very long time. I've had some of my naim kit for the best part of 30 years and when I did get it serviced some of the caps were on the point of leaking. I used Darran at Class A as I live near Sheffield and can make use of his while you wait service - just make sure its booked in advance and he can do the work in 2 -3 hours usually. The improvement in performance was very significant and well worth the money spent, in fact I'd go so far as to say that was one of my most cost effective upgrades. You don't really notice how your kit degrades slowly over time until its brought back to nearly new spec by a recap and service. Neil
  9. Hi everyone. Yet another displaced person from the Linn Forum. Been here a few days trying to get my head around it all and it's good to see that most of the original Linn Forum structure is now in place here. I was worried that the volume of input to the Linn forum would be replicated here and make everyone's life hell. Also good to hear that other clubs are getting similar treatment - wouldn't want to be singled out as 'special'! Thanks to everyone here who has been involved in setting this up for us - sounds like Linn dropped you in it almost as much as us! Neil.
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