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  1. I know nothing about it and don't use it in any form. But I agree with you if that's all there is to it.
  2. Well, since Linn invested in a new multi-million pound PCB thingummygig one can assume anything built since end of last year will have a different board.
  3. There's only ever been 2 AEDSMs. The original /1 and the /2 with the HDMI2.0 board. No other difference. The System Hub was just a rename and (although you never know, there may be something else different but who knows what? They will have better circuitry than Majik
  4. Sorry! It's an option in some routers to do with multi-casting and it can cause network issues. If it's not there then you're fine. (This is where the old forum would be so useful as it was all in there!)
  5. Doubt it, although my Marantz remote does, my TV or satellite box remote doesn't. It's to do with codes. Linn remote codes can't be reassigned. The handsets use the Remote codes developed by Philips, called the "RC5 protocol". This protocol is also used by other Manufacturers such as Loewe, Arcam etc, so this handset may control the other manufacturers products and vice-versa. If this cause any problems then we suggest with the Linn DS/DSM, or other manufacturers products, that the IR control is disabled. (At least with the Linn DS/DSM you also have Tablet and PC/MAC control using our control software Apps The codes are defined here: https://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/RC5_Codes
  6. Exakt is a different beast to Activ. So a Katalyst upgrade to your DSM using active cards will be cheaper. The Exaktbox-i is not only Katalyst but has Exakt digital corssovers as well as 8 on board amps. So it's not just an upgrade really - it's a box full of lots of tricks.
  7. Could be a network issue. Mine has been pretty stable for quite a while now but then it's on a laptop on LAN not WiFi. Usual thing to check is that IGMP snooping is off on your router. In the past I have only found it necessary to reboot the DS if there's an issue not have to go through the rigmarole you describe. Give that a try next time
  8. Only way to know for sure is listen I guess! Also may depend on sources (the AEDSM has a better ADC than the MDSM for sure). There is a massive difference between Akurate and Klimax, so perhaps it's all relative.
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