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  1. Beginning of March I upgraded from Majik DSM to an Akurat DSM. Before that I got myself a 300€ Chinese integrated tube amplifier, and I am using the Akurat as a source only at the moment. I got the tube amp only because it was fairly inexpensive and I was very curious about the tube sound. price value ratio of the tube amp is phenomenal! So right now I don't know what I do enjoy more. The new Akurate or the tube sound. And the WAF for the tube amp is awesome. My wife says now I do not need to light extra candles when listening to music! So there is my "upgrade" for little money.
  2. I do have 5140/ESPEK as well and I also filled my standard bases to make them more heavy. I did use steel powder/sand and epoxy. The weight per base went from 500g to 7Kg. Seeing that you are from Germany I can simply send you the link of what I did use
  3. Bonus was good, but the Akurat DSM was a separate investment, apart from the other stuff.
  4. Call it luck or foresight. Before the lockdown I spent some of my annual company bonus on some Klipsch rp 600m (they will go into my sons room) and a pair of Triangle Borea br03 (they will go into my daughters room). And on a 200€ tube amp from China (for the sheer interest in tube amplification). And the Akurat ADSM is new as well. This should keep me busy for quite some time.
  5. Hi Paul, I totally agree to your argumentation, but on the other hand it is +1 for PhotoMax. I like the fact that the family has a place where all can meet and share time together. You really appreciate that when you have teenagers that usually only leave their room when they are hungry. On the other hand a decent listening session for me starts at around 21:30 when the wife and kids go to sleep. Do I mind if the dishwasher or refrigerator turn on when I am in the middle of a good tune? Hell yes!! But then I just turn up the volume a little more. The dedicated listening room without any compromises just has to wait a little longer.
  6. I ended up buying the Akurat ADSM, because tube amplification and the Tannoys are still on my list. But now I have a way better source. So far I am not disappointed. Apparently there is a lot more music in the grove than I thought there was. Simply more of everything. Yes there is a chance that I will have a new Linn dealer in the area. Some employees of the old dealer might open up a new store and that one will certainly offer Linn as well. But when and if that will happen, facing the current crises is uncertain. By the way, I was able to swap the Majik DSM for the Akurate DSM without my wife noticing the difference. That gives me a little more time to explain the deficit in our account!
  7. I am sort of at a crossroads where I could either stick with Linn or go in a different direction. End of last year I auditioned a tube amp/Tannoy Cheviot combination and I did like it a lot. I was planning on auditioning it at my home to see if I still like it there. The combination I have in mind is a Prima Luna Integrated Amp with the Tannoys and use my Majik DSM only as a source. (about 10000,- € for the amp and the speakers) Now I got news from my local Linn dealer that, after 35 years, they will close the shop for good at the end of March. I could get an Akurate DSM or an Akurate Exakt Box 10 for 30% of the list price (so 6300€ for the ADSM or 5600€ for the Exakt Box) Of course I have to make up my mind quickly because they will not put the devices on hold for ma for long. So now I am a little bit in a predicament here. I know this is a stupid first world problem , still I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.
  8. No, it just looks like that because the original sticker from Hiquphon covering the front of the tweeter is still on. I left that on for the time working on the speaker.
  9. the grill is glued to the speaker at six points, all four corners and one on the left and right of the long side, in the middle. The glue points are the size of about a 1cent coin. I think in the end I was using a slotted screwdriver to to gently loosen each glue point. Maybe use some rubber between the screwdriver and the body of the speaker to not damage the wood. When the grill was of I removed as much of the old glue from the grill as possible without damaging the fabric. At the end I used hot glue to put the grill back on, but if I had to do it again I would probably use a thin hook-and-loop fastener.
  10. I have some spare Kan II's here as well and ended up using "Other" Linn speakers in SO1 and got some decent results. Have not tried them in SO2 yet. Let us know what Linn has to say. @zee9 just a side note: after 20something years the plastic frames of the original tweeters were fractured at several points, so I replaced them with Hiquphon OW1-92 which was a big improvement!
  11. Hello , I got some Klipsch RP 600m bookshelf speakers today to play around with. Since they are not listed in Konfig, do you have any recommendations what speakers to select for SO or just use others?
  12. This review has a picture of the rear of the 301
  13. remember that someone mentioned that the Selekt has WiFi antenna built in that is not used yet. Maybe they do activate it now in firmware and you can use the Eggs as speakers for the Selekt.