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  1. @sunbeamglsonly the wooden boxes and the labels on the back are still AV5140s. Tweeters and mid drivers were upgraded to ESPEK drivers. Bass drivers (to my knowledge) where the same for AV5140 and ESPEK and did not need to be changed. I then changed the SPKR 038/2 tweeters for OW I according to the Linn Aktive Card Selektor (Rev.22) XLS the active cards are the same for AV5140 and ESPEK and those are the ones I am using at the moment. So I think regarding going exakt with my speakers should be OK and not cause any issues. Well if I was 30 years younger and if a woman was in charge of the EXAKT designs, I could use my blue eyes and Italian charm, but now the days this worked are long gone. The dealer should also be able to provide me with decent support should I need it. But asking the forum for advice and looking at all the input I got is always not only a good option but a must
  2. Once again thanks a lot for all the input so far i do understand that going Exakt should be pretty much straight forward, and that I can simply use the standard Espek filters to start with, even so I do have OW I tweeters. Don't know how much of a difference to the original tweeters it would make, but as I mentioned, I still have the original Espek tweeters and I could give them a try if I want to. Exakt will be more detailed and revealing, maybe "clinical" and I am looking forward to hear if the pros outweigh the cons. Still being able to listen to surround will be a challenge and might not work very well. I will give it a try and see how far I can get with the given settings options the Oppo has to offer. so no need for further arguments on the delay. Once I have the setup ready I will see what I can do in my particular situation and then I will report.
  3. Thanks for al the input. Amazing. @zee9 I am following your post. Very interesting Exakt journey indeed. @sunbeamglsthx for the offer, but as far as I understood at least one speaker needs to be with you to measure it for Exakt and that would be indeed costly. My understanding also was that no serial numbers for the AV5140s/Espek is needed since they where end of live long before Exakt was introduced and therefore where never individually measured by Linn. I will try with of the shelf Espek filters and see how it sounds. I still have the original tweeters, they are in my sons Katans at the moment, so I could swap back if I like. It is an ADSM /3 so yes, it has all the necessary in/outputs for Exakt. Going for a AEDSM might be an option. @frans5508at the moment my plans are to go Exakt with the front L+R first, since stereo is always my main source and that is where my main focus is on. Going full Exakt would be nice, but as you mentioned, source first! An LP12 is still on my wish list and since the LP12 and I become 50 next year that would be my next goal. I will try to figure out if surround is still OK by playing with the delay/distance setting of the Oppo. @Paulssurround I hope that I still have a long journey with Linn ahead of me, still I doubt that I will reach your level of Linn heaven.
  4. I always tried to avoid to go down the Exakt road because I was thinking it would narrow down my options in the future. With some money to spend I tried different gear in my setup but none of those did it for me and I always came back to the conclusion that I liked my current setup better. Maybe the 30 years of listening to Linn conditioned me pretty good. So I now I am finally ready to try Exakt. My current setup is Akurat DSM 3x AV 5125 ( two are dynamik) AV 5140 (bass and mid chassis are already ESPEK and the Tweeters are Hiquphon OW-I) The 5140 are active with tweeter and mid active cards in one AV 5125d and the bass active card in the other AV 5125d. To listen to surround music or movies I do have an Oppo 205 which is doing the surround processing. Front L+R go into the Akurat ADSM analog input (Unity Gain) Center is a AV 5120 active (two mono cards one in each AV 5125d) Surrounds are Kann II (bi-amping with the third non dynamic AV 5125) As a sub I have a 5150 that is only used for surround I will borrow a Exakbox 6 from my dealer next probably next week, but I do have some questions and concerns. Is the Exakt Box a dead horse? When Exakt was introduced, Linn had hoped for a lot more speaker manufacturers to jump on and offer Exakt models of their speakers. In my opinion it is still a lot less than what Linn had hoped for. Looking at the current lineup of Linn Speakers it looks to me like Linn is not very confident in the Exaktbox themselves, making almost all of their speakers active Exakt built in, with no new passive options in sight. Setup? When I setup the Exaktbox, do I use one AV 5125 per speaker or mix it up like I do now with the active setup (tweerer and mids in one AV 5125 and bass in the other) Can I still listen to surround music and movies? given the 41ms delay that Exakt adds, how do I set this up in the OPPO, is it possible at all? The OPP Speaker Setup is now Distance to listening position Front L+R 11.25 ft Center: 11 ft Surround : 8.5 ft Sup: 11.5 ft The Oppo offers a maximum setting of 60ft. I know that these questions have been answered in the old forum or the WAM one way or another already, but it takes quite some work to look for it. Maybe some of you are willing to comment or answer to some of the questions.
  5. This is what I did and the improvement was very audible.
  6. Skeets worked grate under my 5140s. Gaias were an awesome upgrade but pricey.
  7. Listening to Indra Rios-Moore on Qobuz. A voice and saxophone that just melt in your ear!
  8. There have been some very intense discussions in some posts on this forum this year, and I always had to think about this meme when I was reading them I like this one a lot, too. What are your favorite HiFi memes?
  9. @Paulssurround Is there nothing negative to report? The sexappeal of my beautiful black ADSM seams to vanish a little more with every post.
  10. don't get me wrong, I am absolutely happy with as it is right now. And if Linn did continue working on it and came to the conclusion that what they could come up with does not improve what is already available, than that is absolutely fine with me, too. I was just curious if there is more to come, with some users requesting improvement in SO2 like the possibility for more odd shaped rooms, different ceiling heights, or adding large furniture or bookshelfs. I don't think that this would necessarily require more compute power in the front end but rather in the back end (Amazon, Azure or wherever they host it)
  11. just found this on YouTube an thought it was interesting enough to share. I have no opinion on MQA at all since I do not listen to it, so please do not make me responsible for any content in the video!
  12. Linn did not change the Space Optimisation algorithm for SO2 since November 2019. Do they still work on it at al or do they think they already reached the climax of what is possible with SO 2. Recent software updates were also mainly bug fixing. Maybe all the development effort had do go to the new Organic DAC. I am not complaining, since my system sounds good with SO2 as it is, I am just curious.
  13. the Forester F1 (Box) made my wife happy I already owned the Silent Angel Bonn N8 switch and was only made aware of the existence of the Forester F1 trough this post on the forum. Since the feedback was diverse, but positive from the ones who tried it, I got one myself. Since a dealer who had the Forester in stock was only 30Km away which meant a 1 day delivery and there was a 14 day money back guaranty, I did not have to think about it very long. Once connected it was an immediate improvement and even more so after two days, so the Forester is a keeper. I also was skeptic at first, but I can clearly hear the improvement. I can not explain it, but I don't have to. I like it and that is all that matters to me. On the third day, when I already knew that I would keep the Forester, I had to clean the kitchen, and to do it right I had to move all the spices that we had placed in front of the kitchen window. While doing that I had the idea that the solid box the forester came in had the perfect size to put all the spices inside, so I did and then I put the box in one of out kitchen cabinets. When I showed it to my wife she found this to be an excellent solution May she never find out how much the box was......
  14. maybe we should all do a Zoom meeting while watching the presentation on YouTube!
  15. dear Sunbeamgls, thx for clarification, I was afraid that it was not that simple. I will keep the cards and the amps as they are. there is one card for each mid/base driver in the speaker, but you are probably right that one card would be enough to drive them, and that is probably the way I will go next time I do some rearrangement to the setup.
  16. Hello, this is a question to the community I could not find an answer to online. I have 3 AV 5125. Each holds a mono active card to drive a AV 5120. 2x mid/base cards and 1 treble card. Question is, can I put all mono cards in a single AV 5125 or is this a two stereo one mono card only design?
  17. Beginning of the year I acquired a Reisong Boyuu A10 tube amplifier, because I was curious about tubes and the 400€ did not hurt too much. A little later I also acquired a Linn Akurat DSM to replace my Majik DSM. I am very happy with both devices. I also do own a pair of Linn Kan II which where the first Linn speakers I owned and I just love them. I bought them 28 years ago and I only had to replace the tweeters, since the old ones aged and the plastic broke. I had not connected the Kans since I acquired the devices mentioned above. Today, due to the weather and my overall mood I got a little nostalgic and decided that it was time for some Kan sound. Not an easy decision, since I had to get my heavy 5140 out of the way (the wife demanded the basement), get the Kan stands from the attic, connect everything....... But what can I tell you, these tiny speakers amaze me all the time! Sound stage, speed. There is so much that they do right for me. So my point is if speakers were good 30 years ago and you liked them they are still good today. Sometimes you just have to hook them up again to rediscover how good.
  18. Beginning of March I upgraded from Majik DSM to an Akurat DSM. Before that I got myself a 300€ Chinese integrated tube amplifier, and I am using the Akurat as a source only at the moment. I got the tube amp only because it was fairly inexpensive and I was very curious about the tube sound. price value ratio of the tube amp is phenomenal! So right now I don't know what I do enjoy more. The new Akurate or the tube sound. And the WAF for the tube amp is awesome. My wife says now I do not need to light extra candles when listening to music! So there is my "upgrade" for little money.
  19. I do have 5140/ESPEK as well and I also filled my standard bases to make them more heavy. I did use steel powder/sand and epoxy. The weight per base went from 500g to 7Kg. Seeing that you are from Germany I can simply send you the link of what I did use https://www.metallpulver24.de/de/eisenpulver-cut-150-25kg.html https://www.amazon.de/dp/B019286D6A/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_vbHIEbJ8HM0BQ
  20. Bonus was good, but the Akurat DSM was a separate investment, apart from the other stuff.
  21. Call it luck or foresight. Before the lockdown I spent some of my annual company bonus on some Klipsch rp 600m (they will go into my sons room) and a pair of Triangle Borea br03 (they will go into my daughters room). And on a 200€ tube amp from China (for the sheer interest in tube amplification). And the Akurat ADSM is new as well. This should keep me busy for quite some time.
  22. Hi Paul, I totally agree to your argumentation, but on the other hand it is +1 for PhotoMax. I like the fact that the family has a place where all can meet and share time together. You really appreciate that when you have teenagers that usually only leave their room when they are hungry. On the other hand a decent listening session for me starts at around 21:30 when the wife and kids go to sleep. Do I mind if the dishwasher or refrigerator turn on when I am in the middle of a good tune? Hell yes!! But then I just turn up the volume a little more. The dedicated listening room without any compromises just has to wait a little longer.
  23. I ended up buying the Akurat ADSM, because tube amplification and the Tannoys are still on my list. But now I have a way better source. So far I am not disappointed. Apparently there is a lot more music in the grove than I thought there was. Simply more of everything. Yes there is a chance that I will have a new Linn dealer in the area. Some employees of the old dealer might open up a new store and that one will certainly offer Linn as well. But when and if that will happen, facing the current crises is uncertain. By the way, I was able to swap the Majik DSM for the Akurate DSM without my wife noticing the difference. That gives me a little more time to explain the deficit in our account!
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