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  1. I meant physically too big for my room. I think anything bigger than my beautiful new matt-black integrated Akubariks would be a little over the top. On your next move decision, I think I'd go source first and get the Klimax. When I swapped my Akurate Hub for the Klimax (into 242s) the improvement was significant, to say the least. If I were up for a holiday at the moment, Serbia would be high on my list of places to visit. I hear that it's beautiful. Vic
  2. Yep, I'm in the queue for the new Klimax System Hub and not a little frustrated at the waiting time. But, hey ho, anticipation, they say, is part of the fun. And my temporary old-style (2018) Klimax Hub is still generating the tingle-factor every time the system is fired up. I wonder if Linn prioritises certain products on its production line, or if the single-station-build system produces items in order of orders received, so to speak? And if Linn has a list of favoured dealerships who get priority? Who knows? Still, as life's inconveniences go, having to wait for a great piece
  3. I'm intrigued by your upgrading path Nikola, side-stepping "source first" in favour of what will be top of the range speaker set-up. Or are you not done yet? I considered 350s for my system but thought them too big for my room. I'm wondering if Organik boards will be available for my Akubariks down the line, and when/if they are, it would certainly be interesting to compare systems. (Not that I can get to Serbia to do it!) Happy listening. Vic.
  4. I thought I would post my reactions to a recent upgrade (as it's others' reactions to theirs that I enjoy reading here.) As I reported above, I am now listening to new integrated Akubariks fed by a Klimax System Hub (2018 version) - the latter to be replaced by the New Generation Klimax when it's built. Unfortunately, quoted delivery time for it is 10-12 weeks. Mind you, I was quoted 4 weeks for the Akubariks and they were built, delivered and installed in 9 days! The system is exceeding expectations by a considerable margin, and while I'll try not to gush (again) I'm finding
  5. Further to the above, my new Klimax/Akubariks system shifted up a gear last night with a playing of Mahler’s “Resurrection” symphony (Vladimir Jurowski with the London Philharmonic Orchestra on Decca.) I thought it worth sharing because this music would put any system to the test. While the music won’t appeal to all tastes, its variety, its use of the interplay between different sections of the huge orchestra, competing, contrasting and complimenting in turns, reveals how well, with this level of complexity, a system can recreate the realism of a good seat in an ideal concert hall
  6. Day 11 – Tuesday morning, and no, I hadn’t dreamt it: there they are, a Klimax System Hub next to all black (mat) Akubariks, in front of which last evening a life-long pursuit of musical nirvana achieved something of a sense of arrival. (Over the top? Hang in there.) Eleven days ago I was told that my order for integrated Akubariks to replace my 242s and stack of black boxes would take around four weeks. Then last Friday, James at Hidden Systems told me that much to his surprise, my ordered speakers had arrived and could they be delivered and installed next Monday? Reader, I’ll lea
  7. I'm confused. (It doesn't take much.) There seems to be four types of Klimax System Hubs available at four price levels. What's the difference - in simple terms?
  8. No, 'Troll. Four weeks quoted for the Akuraiks, six to eight for a new Klimax Hub. vic.
  9. I have just listened to the Saint-Saens Organ Symphony (Louis Fremaux CBSO) through a borrowed Klimax Hub into my 242s active with Exactbox and Akurate amps. I'll surpress the gush - but wow! I've known this music, and this version since my first piece of "hi-fi", but the Klimax produced something of an epiphany. (Okay, I gushed.) This is a serious bit of kit indeed, to my ears. It will feed active Akurariks when built and delivered (four week wait, I'm told.) Not sure what to expect from the Akubariks - more of the same but with a little more focus and detail prerhaps(?) Once ag
  10. Why is this site not taking off with the interest and variety of the old Linn forum? There was clearly a need for such a platform. I would have thought that by now we would be well on the way.
  11. In a few days it will be my turn to host three fairly far-flung friends on our rota to audition each others’ systems for the first time since the days of our callow-ish youth. The four of us have a lifetime of audio nirvana-chasing and although our quite infrequent get-togethers are in pursuit of real ale in authentic country pubs, not since our early days have we had listening sessions together. My three chums have broadly followed the Naim route so I’m the odd one out. But the most enlightened, obviously. In anticipation, as well as selecting bottles of ales acceptable to these b
  12. Tee Hee! Or it could be that there's a freer rip-off environment here in the UK. Some of them must be salivating at the opportunities coming their way soon.
  13. I have a lot of sympathy with this post. (With the exception of dealer experience. Perhaps I've been lucky to have been supported by first, the much-missed Bob Griffin, then for a while, Peter and his team in Leicester, and latterly by Chris at Hidden Systems.) But what helped me most over the years was my trust in the advice and experience of countless Linn users on the old forum. While my present Akturate system continues to impress and often amaze me, Linn as a company has gone down in my estimation with its shabby treatment of existing customers like me. It's not helped by the convicti
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